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Review of Homepage - Smart Contact List App

Between our contacts app, social media profiles, personal and professional email IDs, and our connections are spread across multiple platforms and devices. Won’t it be nice to have an all-in-one contact management system? Well, the HomePage Smart Contact List iOS app promises that and more. Join us as we explore and review the app and all its nuances.

Keep Your Contacts Up to Date with HomePage’s Smart Contact List App

HomePage flips the whole concept of ‘contact list’ on its head. You don’t have to worry about updating contacts and bringing every other detail on the same page.

Each user takes responsibility for their contact details. And as they add or change something, your contact book is auto-updated.

Designed to resolve the chaotic scenario completely, HomePage offers more than just a contact list. The address book management app proudly and seamlessly wears multiple hats.

Contacts & Connection 

The cloud-based smart contact list system consolidates contacts from all your email accounts, social media, and address books. It boasts:

Get Contacts from Email Accounts and Social Media Profiles to your Device
  • Easy to share Contact QR Code
  • Real-time contact update
  • Link all Social Accounts
  • Brings all contacts to one place
  • Divide between Contacts and Connection; Contacts – see email and phone number & Connections are privy to your Wall posts
  • Varied account type – Individual, Public Figure, Business
  • Search others who are using Homepage

Messenger Services 

The HomePage also offers a simple & efficient communication system. Similar to iOS Messenger & WhatsApp, it shares instant messages over the net.

Send Messages to Contacts Using Home Page Smart Contact List App
  • Message your contacts from within the app
  • Send voice messages, photos or docs, etc
  • Star, Flag, or delete conversations

Built-in Social Media Platform 

The app also boasts a wall-like system where you can ‘share what matters with who matters to broaden your networking prospects.

Share Images and Posts on your Wall or Social Media Profile
  • Share images and posts on your Wall
  • Directly share your posts on other social networks
  • See what others have posted
  • Like or share other’s post
  • Add users to Favourite
  • Decide who could see your Wall

A Smart Contact List App Features That Impressed Us The Most

The feature list mentioned above is indeed quite vast and impressive. However, two features particularly stand out for me.

Real-Time Contact Update

Nowadays, we are always on the move, switching cities, countries or companies is pretty common. And with that, our primary phone number and email address are also subjected to change.

Which makes it difficult for an old colleague, friend to contact you. In the long run, we inadvertently lose that connection. This is where the HomePage can play an important role.

It updates contact details in real-time to all of your Contacts and Connections. So, you will have the latest information on a fellow HomePage user always. Indeed an excellent and helpful feature to stay in touch with your contact, wherever and whenever.

 Closed Group Social Media

Did we really need another social media platform in our life? We surely need this one, because it is more personal and private than others on the block.

You can divide all your known into Contact and Connections. Only people in your Connection list will be able to see the photos and videos you post. They can also interact with you via those posts.

And no one apart from this closed group will be able to see your activities. You can decide which details do the people in the Contact list can view.

Change Contacts and Connections Settings as Per Preferences in Home Page Smart Contact List App

Who Should Use HomePage App

I would love to say everyone and anyone who has issues with contact management can use this app. However, the HomePage app is a community app, i.e.not just you, but the other person should also have the app.

And the app is relatively new, so not many people would have it on their iOS or Android devices right now. Upon testing and exploring the app, I realized that it would be great for any office environment, influencers, and people with prominent extended families.

Imagine a colleague is shifting jobs or a relative is constantly on the move; you will always have their up-to-date phone numbers, email, and social media links with HomePage.

How Safe or Private is This App

An obvious concern, after all, you are sharing your contact details with a free-to-use app. The HomePage boasts a well-defined and transparent privacy policy posted to their main page; you can check it out here.

But what I really appreciate is their intent to maintain privacy while being a free app. As per the developers, when they decide to monetize things, a “Truth in Advertising” campaign will be rolled out.

Under which, they will not track your activity at all. But they will upfront ask you what companies or industry ads would you prefer. It seems like a healthy plan for both advertisers and users.

Personally, I really love their way of smartly finding the balance. You get your privacy, choice of ads, and they get the investment needed for running the app.

Final Verdict

The HomePage is a pretty decent & simple to use contact management app. I won’t call it the perfect solution, but it seems to be on the right track. As mentioned earlier, it is a relatively new app and does need some experience and improvements.

For instance, the overall interface seems a bit slow at moments. Plus, the QR contact card is only readable if the person has the HomePage app. If it could be a bit more universal and can be read/seen on iOS and Android devices, irrespective of the app, that would be a great win-win situation.

Overall, I feel the app has a lot of potentials. And it needs our support and feedback to become a perfect candidate, so try it out once!

Price: Free

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