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Best iPhone Travel Guide in 2024

We’ve compiled something that we hope resembles an “essential list” for people traveling with iPhones and iPads. If you are an iPhone user on tour, read this iPhone Travel Guide. When I tell you that your iPhone (and your iPad) is both an asset and a liability when you’re traveling, that’s a vast understatement. On tour, you have to take care of your iPhone. In return, it can help you take care of yourself in various ways.

You have to charge your iPhone without power outlets (that’s where power banks come). You might have to carry a kit bag that can handle all the cables, earphones, cases, and more. And you will need some cool apps to help you when looking for routes, directions, and places to visit.

1. Power banks for iPhone

Power Banks for iPhone

To keep your smartphone powered up throughout your travel, a power bank can be a huge asset. Modern power banks come in a wide variety of designs and battery capacity. Besides, they are more portable and efficient, like never before.

Most power banks come with dual USB ports to let you juice up multiple devices at once. And if you prefer turbocharging, go for the ones that feature a USB port and fast charging. Thanks to the multi-protection system, they are fully capable of providing the desired safeguard to your iOS device against common threats like short-circuiting, overcharging, and overcurrent.

Check out our post on the best iPhone power banks for tourists here.

2. Battery Cases for iPhone

battery cases for iPhone x

If you don’t like to carry power banks or want a unified solution, a battery case can be considered. It cannot just work as an efficient charger for your iPhone but also offer it the needed safeguard against bumps and scratch.

Moreover, several battery cases come with more than 6,000mAh battery to offer more than 200% extra charge to your device. Therefore, you will have several hours of talk time, web browsing, and even playtime.

The best thing about a battery case is that you can conveniently charge your device without stopping your run. With just a press of a button, you can start and end charging. As many of them feature a slim profile, choosing a good-looking match for your iPhone isn’t a big ask.

3. Travel Cases + Kit Bags for iPhone and iPad

Best iPhone and iPad Travel Kit Bags

A kit bag is something that helps you keep your iPhone/iPad along with its accessories and headphones, battery packs fully organized and safe in one place. Besides, you can comfortably carry your gadgets and even be able to access them quickly.

Thanks to the abundance of options, choosing a better option is pretty simple. If you have to carry both the tablet and the smartphone, pick out a more spacious sleeve like the one from Tomtoc. It features a front pocket to let you securely carry things like your headphones, chargers. Should you want to have an ultra-portable solution, choose a well thought out travel companion like Rainbow.

Here’s a list of some cool iPhone/iPad travel kit bags.

4. Best iPhone Kickstand Cases

USAcases Kickstand Case for iPhone X

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a case that offered the needed protection to your iPhone while also working as a stand to let up prop up your device for comfortable media viewing? Yeah, that would really be great.

I like using kickstand cases for one prime reason—enhanced hands-free calling. They come in various designs, so choosing a fine option is never a big deal.

If you give more priority to protection, go for the one that sports a bit muscular profile. Should you wish to flaunt your iPhone in style, slim and sleek cases are always there to live up to your demand. To pick out a more suitable option for your device, have a look at our roundups.

5. Headphones for iPhone

pollini headphone for iPhone

Music is an inseparable thing from life. Hence, you wouldn’t want to put it on the backtrack during travel. It will perfectly complement your high spirit and keep you rejoiced throughout.

Today, Headphones come in a plethora of new designs. You can instantly pair them with your iPhone and light up your music time.

With advanced features like the ability to connect with multiple devices at one go, ensure you enjoy music to the fullest. Besides, the top-notch noise cancellation technology offers crystal clear sound quality so that your hands-free calling doesn’t come to a halt even at a crowded beach.

6. Portable Wall Chargers for iPhone + iPad

Portable Wall Chargers for iPhone and iPad

Most travelers carry the Apple chargers with their iPhones/iPads. And in most cases, this should be more than sufficient. But if you’re looking for something with dual-USB ports to simultaneously charge your iPhone and iPad, there are some options to pick from. Carrying a dual-USB portable wall charger has its own advantages: some of these are very handy and smaller than the iPad power brick, and these can also charge your other gadgets that can be powered through a USB port.

Best Portable Wall Chargers for iPhone

7. Short/Mini Lightning Cables

Best Short Lightning Cables for iPhone and iPad

I can’t tell you how frustrating long cables are when you have to pack them. That is why, on some tours, mini charging cables for the iPhone are far better than the usual ones. I’m not a fan of short charging cables, really, but they’re convenient. They’re much safer to handle than the long ones, which are too sensitive when you coil them inside the backpack.

Note that with short lightning cables, you lose some flexibility when you have the iPhone connected. But it’s great if you’re looking for something small, tiny and portable. Most notably, you reduce the risk of a charging cable gone kaput. And they’re really cheap.

Best Short Lightning to USB Cables for iPhone and iPad

8. Travel Apps: Offline Maps

Google Maps iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

An offline map is a must-have if you’re traveling to some new place. There are many great offline maps on the app store that come with a variety of features. For instance, some apps let you download maps of an entire city or locality so that you can access it even if there is no network.

Google’s official maps app lets you save maps, too (as cached data). This is good too (and in most cases, good enough), but I’d probably go for other dedicated offline maps. To get a fine option, check out this list of offline maps for iPhone and iPad.

9. Travel Apps: Tour Planners

Essential iPhone Travel Apps

If you’re planning your tour, you might also want to check out travel planner apps for the iPhone. There are some great apps here, like TripIt, Kayak, etc.

With a travel planner app installed, there’s a lot of helpful automation. For example, TripIt can automatically make your travel itinerary based on the ticket confirmation emails you get (once you link the app to your account). From tickets to hotel reservations to even local transport, apps can help you plan your tour in style.

Check out some cool travel planner apps for the iPhone here.

10. Travel Apps: Translation Apps

Best Language Translation Apps for iPhone and iPad

Don’t want a language to become a barrier while communicating with foreigners? Translation apps can be of great help. They let you instantly translate languages. You can take advantage of a voice-to-voice conversation feature to communicate freely in foreign languages.

Using the text-to-speech feature, you can easily understand the speech of any native’s pronunciation. With the help of the phrasebook, you will be able to use commonly-used expressions swiftly.

Best iPhone Translation Apps


There are some other apps like Dictionary and Weather that can be very useful for durable travel. Have a glance at the top lineups and pick out better options.

That’s all, folks!

Over to you:

All the very best for your wonderful journey. Let us know your favorite holiday destinations and the things that fascinate you about them.

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