The iPad sleeve case is probably the easiest solution to protect your iPad Air, to put it inside something that is safe and to carry it around securely. Obviously, an iPad sleeve case is not the safest case cover but it’s the most convenient one.

There are a variety of sleeve cases for the iPad that are up on the market. Some of these are the traditional sleeve – single-purpose, hold the iPad and that’s about it. Some go beyond and let you put a little more into the sleeve.

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Best iPad Sleeves for your iPad Air and other iPad models

Round-up of the best iPad Air sleeve cases (that, in some cases, fit other iPads too).

1. Dockem iPad Air Sleeve

Dockem iPad Air Sleeve

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The Dockem iPad Air sleeve holds a slim profile. It’s a synthetic leather sleeve. There are no clasps or belts to keep the iPad securely inside but it has a very thin profile that fits the iPad Air perfectly. With the Dockem, you have a professional-looking sleeve that fits any corporate environment (unlike a few black or colored sleeves that exhibit a cool look). The Dockem is available not just for the iPad Air but for older iPad models and the iPad mini too.

Price: $9.99 ($7.99 on Amazon while writing this)
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2. rooCASE iPad Air Sleeve

rooCASE iPad Air Sleeve

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If you prefer something ‘cool’, the rooCASE is one of the best possible sleeves you can get for your iPad Air. Agreeably, it falls on the right extreme of being too cool for a sleeve design but the thing makes it pretty easy to carry the iPad around. It comes with a shock-absorbing bubble foam interior that’s unique in the world of sleeves. And you can keep the charging cables and earphones too.

Price: $29.95 ($21.85 on Amazon while writing this)
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3. Built iPad Sleeve

Built iPad Sleeve

Built comes with a Neoprene solution to keep your iPad Air safe. The thing with neoprene is that it’s probably the lightest solution that also very decent and perfect for a gadget as good as the iPad. This Built iPad sleeve fits almost all iPads and that’s about all it does: there are no features pushed into the sleeve and that makes it do a perfect job. The sleeve is very flexible obviously and the reviewers point out how snugly the iPad fits into it.

Price: $29.99 ($9.99 on Amazon while writing this)
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4. CaseCrown iPad Air Sleeve

CaseCrown iPad Air Sleeve

CaseCrown’s iPad Air sleeve is a synthetic sleeve with a zipper. This makes sure your iPad is secure at all times no matter how you carry the sleeve. The design also includes a diagonal zipper-compartment where you can put the cables and earpods and even other things. CaseCrown is not exactly a thin sleeve but it sure comes is a perfectly-secure sleeve for the iPad Air.

Price: $34.99 ($5.09 on Amazon while writing this)
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5. Tom Bihn iPad Sleeve – Cache

Tom Bihn Cache iPad Sleeve

The Tom Bihn Cache is a sleeve for both iPads and laptops. The specs include soft rushed tricot interior and a polyester exterior. The foam padding provides a soft place for your iPad Air. Pick the right size from the order and you have a high-quality soft sleeve for your iPad that fits the gadget snugly.

Price: $30.00
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6. Charbonize Sleeve

Charbonize iPad Sleeve

Charbonize is a product line that takes its cue from carbon and charcoal in color and texture. The case is actually vegetable tanned leather and wool felt for the interiors. It adds a little bulk but it’s one of those stylish and professional cases for the iPad that you can flaunt everywhere. Arguably, it’s a luxury product that comes in two color variations.

Price: 86 Euros
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7. Incase Neoprene iPad Air Sleeve

Incase Neoprene iPad Air Sleeve

Incase Neoprene is one of the most straight-forward and most simplest of iPad Air sleeves ever. A soft interior (faux-fur), tough but equally soft exterior with a zipper is all that makes up the Incase Neoprene iPad Air sleeve. Yet, it’s the quality that matters and I think this one’s a good choice.

Price: $29.95 ($18.97 on Amazon while writing this)
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8. Suoran iPad Sleeve

Suoran iPad Sleeve

The Suoran iPad Air sleeve is the only 100% wool sleeve on this list and it comes with quite a collection of materials. It’s not one of the traditional sleeves though; it has an interesting design. The woolen sleeve makes for a very soft interior and exterior. You can keep an iPhone too (or other accessories) in the sleeve.

Price: $28.49
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9. Mivizu Shell Sleeve

Mivizu Shell Sleeve for iPad

The Mivizu Shell iPad sleeve is a nylon, waterproof sleeve case. The design is actually a bulky one but if the sleeve is all you use to cover your iPad and carry it along, the Mivizu is a good choice. An accessory pocket on the front lets you carry a mini tablet, or an iPhone etc. The iPad Air will fit very snugly though (you might have to push it in hard).

Price: $29.95 ($14.95 on Amazon while writing this)
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10. Just Air iPad Sleeve

Just Air iPad Sleeve

Just Air is a zipped case for the iPad which comes with what the company calls ‘air chambers’ all inside the sleeve. The zipper keeps the iPad tucked safely inside with the air chambers protecting the iPad from usual bumps or shocks. A good thing about this is it’s light-weight, flexible and tight-fitting.

Price: $29.99 ($11.99 on Amazon while writing this)
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