Best iPhone 8 Battery Cases: Powerful Match for Your New Smartphone

You would like to have one of these top 10 battery cases for your iPhone 8 to power up your smartphone fast and securely. With up to 230% additional extra juice, these battery cases are exactly what you would want to never let your device go out of steam. Head over to explore the mighty external chargers!

The iPhone 8 with 1,821mAh battery (compared to the 1960mAh battery in the iPhone 7) should typically last for a day. But the smartphone can’t live up to your billing if you play power-packed video games or watch some of your favorite movies. That means you need to juice it up more often. To let you easily charge your device without obstructing the usage, we have decided to make an adorable list of the best iPhone 8 battery cases (head over to this post to explore best iPhone 8 Plus battery cases.)

Most of these battery cases provide more than 100% power. They are lightweight and sports compact design. As many of them are available in multiple color options, you won’t have difficulty in choosing a suitable companion for your iPhone 8. Ready to take a peek at these top 10 battery cases for iPhone 8? Let’s explore them all along with me!

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Best iPhone 8 Battery Cases

Note: All iPhone 7 cases will fit well iPhone 8

Best iPhone 8 Battery Cases

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ZTESY iPhone 8 Battery Case

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A battery case as vigorous as ZTESY deserves to be on your radar. Lashed with a mighty 5, 000mAh battery, it provides over 200% additional power to your smartphone so that your marathon run of play or extended video time never has any hiccups. Aside from offering a lot of juice to your device, it also shields your smartphone from usual threats like short-circuit and overcurrent.

Dual-layer construction keeps your smartphone safeguarded against nasty falls. Besides, 360-degree bumper design adds more protection to it. And, LED indicator keeps you informed about the remaining battery level.

USP: Dual-layer construction
Price: $34.99 on
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#2. Alpatronix BX170

Alpatronix iPhone 8 Battery Case

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Alpatronix BX170 battery case has got both stylish design and the needed power to offer an efficient charging solution to your device. The 3200mAh rechargeable battery delivers more than 100% additional battery life to your iPhone. The double-layered of construction is endowed with enough strength to resist impact.

The scratch guard adds more muscle to its armory. The raised bezel doesn’t allow the screen to come in contact with the surface when placed face down. Moreover, BX170 is available in three color variants like black, red, and gold and comes with lifetime warranty.

Moreover, BX170 is available in three color variants like black, gold and rose gold and comes with lifetime warranty.

USP: Dual Layer Protection
Price: $89.95 [$29.95 on]

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#3. Nohon

NOHON iPhone 8 Battery Case

It’s the powerful 5,000mAh battery and the slim design that makes Nohon a worth giving a serious look. With this battery pack, you get 18 hours of talk time or 20 hours of web browsing time. Despite being so thin, the cover does have the strength to endure impact.

With the snap on design, you can comfortably install and remove the case. The exact cutouts for camera, port, and speakers enhance its form factor, while responsive buttons offer tactile feedback. It features four LED power indicator shows the battery level. Furthermore, it comes in multiple color options including black and red.

USP: Built-in magnet
Price: $89.99 [$35.99 on]

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#4. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone 8 Battery Case

This battery case from Maxboost is highly efficient and powers up your iPhone with rapid speed. Boosted by a solid battery of 3200mAh, the case offers more than 110% additional charge to your iPhone. As for design, it looks quite decent with the compact look.

You can rely on it to keep your smartphone protected from accidental bumps. The smooth finish feels very comfy in the palm. Sync-through technology allows you to sync your device with the computer without having to remove the case. Using the included micro-USB cable, you can charge both your iPhone and battery case simultaneously.

USP: Sync-through technology
Price: $69.99 [$19.99 on]

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#5. Vproof

Vproof iPhone 8 Battery Case

The biggest highlight in Vproof is the robust 5,000mAh battery that delivers a huge 200% of additional power to your iPhone. Despite having a slim design, it’s strong enough to defend your iPhone against accidental damage. Soft Rubber head makes it a lot easier to install or remove your iPhone.

The smooth finish helps the case fit all the contours of your palm; thereby reducing any slip-up. With the built-in magnetic metal, this battery case also works with a magnetic car mount. You can conveniently sync your device with your computer without needing to remove the case.

USP: Magnetic car mount support
Price: $35.99 [$25.99 on]

Buy it from Amazon

#6. Gixvdcu

Gixvdcu iPhone 8 Battery Case

Gixvdcu is a brilliant mix of style and protection. The 4500mAh rechargeable battery is good enough to provide more than 200% extra charge to your iPhone. The dual layer protection ensures the device remain shielded from accidental falls.

360° scratch-guard further reinforces its construction. You can simultaneously charge both your smartphone and the case. It comes with advance internal chips that prevent short-circuiting, overheating/charging. You have three attractive colors to select from: black, red and rose gold. Additionally, Gixvdcu battery case is backed by a solid 18-month warranty.

USP: Advanced internal chips
Price: $42.99 [$24.95 on]

Buy it from Amazon


ZVOLTZ iPhone 8 Battery Case

This elegant looking battery case from ZVOLTZ is highly efficient. The 3100mAh battery offers 100% additional power which is not bad for normal use. Two-layers of casing empower the structure so that it can withstand shock.

Sync through design ensures you don’t need to remove the case to sync your iPhone with your computer. Four LED indicators allow you to check out the remaining battery level. Furthermore, this impressive battery case comes in two color combinations: black/gray and champagne gold/clear.

USP: Highly efficient charging
Price: $59.99 [$32.99 on]

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TQTHL iPhone 8 Battery Case

TQTHL battery case comes with the form-fitting design that settles on immaculately on the iPhone. With 4500mAh battery onboard, you get a lot of additional juice. It features an on/off button on the back to let you easily start and finish charging.

Protective IC circuit makes sure threats like overcharging or short circuit remain away. The covered buttons offer better feedback. You have several color options like black, blue, red, rose gold, black, and gold to choose from.

USP: Protective IC circuit
Price: $32.99 [$22.50 on]

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#9. Sunany

Sunany iPhone 8 Battery Case

Sunany looks pleasing to the eyes with the ultra-thin design. This battery case comes with 3000mAh battery which is quite decent to add more power to your iPhone. The refined linen body snaps seamlessly on the iPhone.

The matte finish adds more charm to it; offering enhanced grip.  Smooth flannel inside safeguards the smartphone against scratches and abrasions. Superior IC technology prevents short-circuit and overheating.

USP: Compact design
Price: $29.99 on
Buy it from Amazon

#10. iPosible

iPosible iPhone 8 Battery Case

What has caught my eyes in iPosible is the ability to deliver 230% power to iPhone 8, due mainly to the colossal 4500mAh battery. Bolstered by 360-degree protective bumper design, it has got the armored structure to thwart the impact of any bumps.  The other notable feature of this power pack is the advanced internal chips that shield your smartphone against overheating.

5V/1A output is sufficient to charge your device with decent speed. The low-profile design may not appeal to the eyes, but it just does the work fine. There is also an LED indicator to easily keep a tab on the power status.

Furthermore, you can choose iPosible in three colors: black, blue and red.

USP: 360 degree protective bumper design
Price: $39.99 [$22.95 on]

Buy it from Amazon

Thats all for now.

Your favorite?

So, this is my finest collection of the top battery cases for iPhone 8. Hopefully, you have liked exploring them. Which one has caught your eyes? I guess it’s the one that provides plenty of web browsing time. It would be really cool to know its name and the qualities you have liked in your favorite case.

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