Best iPhone 8 Battery Cases: Powerful Match for Your New Smartphone

You would like to have one of these top 10 battery cases for your iPhone 8 to power up your smartphone fast and securely. With up to 230% additional extra juice, these battery cases are exactly what you would want to never let your device go out of steam. Head over to explore the mighty external chargers!

The iPhone 8 with 1,821mAh battery (compared to the 1960mAh battery in the iPhone 7) should typically last for a day. But the smartphone can’t live up to your billing if you play power-packed video games or watch some of your favorite movies. That means you need to juice it up more often. To let you easily charge your device without obstructing the usage, we have decided to make an adorable list of the best iPhone 8 battery cases (head over to this post to explore best iPhone 8 Plus battery cases.)

Most of these battery cases provide more than 100% power. They are lightweight and sports compact design. As many of them are available in multiple color options, you won’t have difficulty in choosing a suitable companion for your iPhone 8. Ready to take a peek at these top 10 battery cases for iPhone 8? Let’s explore them all along with me!

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Best iPhone 8 Battery Cases

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#1. MILE

MILE Battery Case for iPhone 8

Mile’s battery case is predominantly a protective case made of soft TPU rubber. A notable feature of this case is you can bend its charging port at 60 degrees while you are installing the case. This relieves you of worrying about the broken port.

Advanced sync through technology used by Mile allows you to sync your iPhone to computer without removing the case. When you connect your phone to your computer, your mobile will be charged first and then the case. Enjoy 150% extra battery life!

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USP: Advanced sync through technology
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#2. Alpatronix BX170

Alpatronix iPhone 8 Battery Case

Alpatronix BX170 battery case has got both stylish design and the needed power to offer an efficient charging solution to your device. The 3200mAh rechargeable battery delivers more than 100% additional battery life to your iPhone. The double-layered of construction is endowed with enough strength to resist impact.

The scratch guard adds more muscle to its armory. The raised bezel doesn’t allow the screen to come in contact with the surface when placed face down. Moreover, BX170 is available in three color variants like black, red, and gold and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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USP: Dual Layer Protection
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ZANYA iPhone 8 Battery Case

A notable feature of Zanya’s battery case is it supports Apple Pay even as the case is installed on your iPhone. It saves a lot of your time and efforts as you can use Apple Pay without removing the case.

Another important feature is that you can insert lightning headphones and earbuds while your phone is protected by this battery case. This 3000mAh battery case gives you extra battery to watch videos and listen to your favorite music.

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USP: Supports Apple Pay
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#4. Ainope

Ainope Battery Case for iPhone 8

Ainope presents a battery case with 5000mAh capacity. The internal Li-ion battery gives your phone enough power to charge your iPhone 8 more than twice fully. This means you can rely on this battery case if you are planning a short trip of two-three days.

It is difficult to keep a slim profile of battery cases, but Ainope has made it successfully in this case, which weighs only 5.8 oz. Ainope’s smart security chip protects your device from short-circuiting, over-heating, and over-charging.

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USP: Longer battery life
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#5. AexPower

AexPower iPhone 8 Battery Case

AexPower high-capacity battery case boasts 4500mAh capacity to give your phone an additional charge. A noteworthy feature of this charging case is its on/off button, which allows you to turn on and turn off the case.

For your health and safety, AexPower has made this case from grade A+ battery cells with CE and RoHS certification. Your iPhone is protected against short circuiting, discharging and overcharging. This two-piece case is easy to install and operate.

USP: Two-piece case
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#6. Tech Care

Tech Care iPhone 8 Battery Case

This light and the portable battery case is made of high-quality polylium material, which protects your iPhone. The built-in polymer battery adds a huge capacity of 240% to your phone so that you can continue playing music and games on your iPhone.

If we talk about numbers, this battery pack gives you 35 hours of extra talk time, 20 hours of Internet surfing, and nine hours of gaming on your iPhone 8. Its soft silicone frame keeps the battery case thin and adds only 0.18 inch of bulk.

USP: Bulk-free design
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#7. Hunsuetek

Hunsuetek iPhone 8 Battery Case

Hunsuetek has crafted this battery case with special sensory design and internal safe chips. Your iPhone is protected against the perils of over-heating and over-charging. The Li-polymer rechargeable battery gives you 28 hours of talk time, 98 hours of music playback, and 22 hours of video playback.

Convenient design of this case lets you insert your phone easily. While you are charging your iPhone, you can check the battery status of the case with four LED battery level indicators.

USP: Special sensory design
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#8. U-good

U-good Battery Case for iPhone 8

Unlike other battery cases, which do not fit in your hands (because of their bulky profiles), U-good has manufactured a slim battery case that comfortably fits in your hands. The case doesn’t slip off your hands even while you are walking through crowded places.

Since the case provides 100% extra battery to your iPhone, you can use your device for two days once your phone is 100% charged. This lightweight case (77g) is easy to use while making calls or listening to music.

USP: Minimum thickness
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#9. Sunany

Sunany iPhone 8 Battery Case

Sunany looks pleasing to the eyes with the ultra-thin design. This battery case comes with 3000mAh battery which is quite decent to add more power to your iPhone. The refined linen body snaps seamlessly on the iPhone.

The matte finish adds more charm to it; offering an enhanced grip. Smooth flannel inside safeguards the smartphone against scratches and abrasions. Superior IC technology prevents short-circuit and overheating.

USP: Compact design
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#10. Feob

Feob iPhone 8 Battery Case

Feob is known for making high-quality battery cases that add more battery life to your iPhone when you are away from traditional power sources. This ultra-slim and lightweight battery case add 260% power to your iPhone 8. By using this case, you can enjoy 36 hours of talk time, 30 hours of web browsing, 33 hours of video playback, and 6 hours of 3D gaming.

With its advanced sync through technology, you can charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously. Since Feob has removed excessive bulk from the case, you can keep it always installed on your iPhone.

USP: 260% extra battery
Check out on Amazon

That’s all for now.

Your favorite?

So, this is my finest collection of the top battery cases for iPhone 8. Hopefully, you have liked exploring them. Which one has caught your eyes? I guess it’s the one that provides plenty of web browsing time. It would be really cool to know its name and the qualities you have liked in your favorite case.

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