Best iPhone X Battery Cases in 2019: Add Extra Juice to Your Smartphone with Aplomb

Charge your pricey smartphone elegantly! Explore these top battery cases for iPhone X in 2019 to ensure your smartphone never dies down in the midst of exciting video time.

The iPhone X boasts gorgeous edge-to-edge OLED display which is excellent for media watching and playing high-octane games. However, it lacks a robust battery (2710mAh) that may not last the full tilt especially when you would use your smartphone extensively to make the most of your favorite videos.

That means you would need some extra juice to keep it powered up. Have a look at these best iPhone X battery cases to charge your smartphone in style and continue to get the most out of it without any interruption.

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All of these battery covers have an impressive design. Hence, they can also be used as a standalone case with your smartphone. Most importantly, they add tons of battery life to your iPhone X so that you have a lot of additional playtimes!

Best iPhone X Battery Cases in 2019

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#1. Trianium Atomic Pro

Trianium Atomic Pro iPhone X-Xs Battery Case

Atomic Pro from Trianium is easily one of the best battery cases for iPhone X. Though this cover may come with just 4000mAh battery, it can be trusted to provide over 100% efficient charging. For a basic requirement, it should good enough.

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Another quality that makes Atomic Pro stand out is the bumper design. Thanks largely to the shock-absorbing frame, your iPhone X will have the dependable shield against drops. On top of all, Trianium provides a reliable lifetime warranty.

USP: Shock-absorbing bumper design
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#2. Smiphee

Smiphee iPhone X Battery Cas

With 4000mAh capacity, you can get almost double the battery life on your iPhone X with this battery case. You just need to slide your iPhone X in the case to get started. Press the power button on the back of the case for three seconds, and you are all set. Also, if you wish to use headphones, you don’t need to remove the case. Just plug it in and enjoy the music. To charge the case, you need to plug in the charger and it will start charging; no need to remove the case, but make sure you use the original 5V1A charging cable.

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Besides charging capabilities, the case is hard enough to serve the traditional case features like protecting your iPhone from scratches and normal bumps and falls. Lastly, there are three beautiful color options available.

USP: 4000mAh battery
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#3. Taeozi

Taeozi Battery Case for iPhone X-Xs

Featuring a pretty compact form-factor, “Taeozi” battery case appears to be an excellent option. The cover has got a more than decent 5200mAh battery that can provide enough extra charge to keep your device running extensively.

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Due mainly to the sturdy casing, the case has got the needed cushion to disperse shock. So, your smartphone can stay safe both from impact and scratches. Aside from protection, Taeozi battery pack comes in a couple of attractive colors like black and rose gold.

USP: Solid battery in a slim form-factor
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#4. iPosible

iPosible iPhone X Battery Case

iPosible has manufactured a compelling battery case for your iPhone X. This 6500mAh battery case can charge your device a couple of times making it a perfect companion for your iPhone X when you are planning a two-day outdoor trip.

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Using its advanced sync-through technology, you can charge your iPhone and the battery case simultaneously. Moreover, you can also sync your iPhone data to your Mac or PC even as the case is installed on the phone. This battery case is strong enough to endure daily wear and tear your phone might face.

USP: Advanced sync-through technology
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#5. Smtqa

Smtqa iPhone X-Xs Battery Case

“Smtqa” is the sort of battery cover that ticks off most of the essential boxes. What I’ve found appreciable in this case is the slim form-factor coupled with the solid battery of 5000mAh.

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The company claims that it can deliver over 200% extra power to your smartphone. If that translates into reality, you’ve got an absolute beast. Besides, Smtqa features a 360-degree scratch guard to withstand shock.

USP: 360-degree scratch guard
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#6. Feob

Feob Battery Case for iPhone X-Xs

Feob has crafted an ultra slim and lightweight battery case. Normally, users avoid using battery cases just because of their bulky profile. But Feob has made a slim case, which is easy to use. You can put your iPhone X in your pockets and travel bag comfortably.

Get 180% extra battery power for your iPhone and enjoy long talks, videos, movies, slideshows, web browsing and more. All this while a powerful battery case from Feob is charging your iPhone.

USP: Ultra-slim case
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#7. VinPone

VinPone iPhone X Battery Case

“VinPone” has presented a battery case that promises to offer more than 150% extra charge. And looking at the 5, 200mAh battery, I do not doubt its capacity.

With the certified chip onboard, it provides secure charging to your device. Talking about design, VinPone looks durable. Courtesy the hard PC and the soft TPU material; the cover has got the additional strength to survive bumps.

USP: Durable construction
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FNSON iPhone X-Xs Battery Case

Time to enhance the hands-free media watching! “FNSON” comes with a built-in kickstand to provide a much-improved movie watching experience.

That aside, it has got 4200mAh, which is said to deliver up to 150% battery life. For normal usage, I think it should be enough. As for durability, FNSON features an extremely rugged casing to disperse accidental shock.

And with the sync-through design, the case can allow your device to connect to your laptop without any inconvenience.

USP: Built-in kickstand
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IVALUX iPhone X Battery Case

If you wish to have a battery case with good-looking design, you shouldn’t overlook I.VALUX. Courtesy of the modish design, it makes a fine pair with your smartphone. Despite being so slim, it can deliver up to 13 hours of movie time.

It features four LED power indicators to let you easily check out the power status. Made of high-quality material, it’s very sturdy and has got enough strength to absorb shock. Furthermore, you can pick this stylish battery case in two colors. Black and red/black.

USP: Good-looking design
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#10. Swaller

Swaller iPhone X Battery Case

In quest of a battery case that can offer tons of power to your smartphone? Swaller can be worth a close look as it’s got everything you’d want to ensure your device always remains life and kicking! Featuring robust 4,000mAh battery, it’s equipped to power up your device faster. With the strong built-up, this battery case is fully capable of enduring impact.

The neat cut-outs and responsive buttons allow you to use your device without any issue comfortably. Lastly, it is available in three impressive color variants.

USP: Powerful battery
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#11. Alpatronix

Alpatronix iPhone X-Xs Battery Case

Alpatronix has manufactured a battery case that boasts a lighter design. It is slim and also light in weight. This charging case hardly adds any weight to your elegant iPhone X. Without adding excessive bulk, this case offers extra power and extra protection to your iPhone.

You can keep your iPhone X always charged with this 4200mAh powerful battery case. Before you can use this case, you need to press the button to power on/off. Keep your eyes on the battery level indicator, which reflects four levels of battery status.

USP: 4-level battery indicator
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#12. Xooparc

Xooparc iPhone X-Xs Battery Case

Xooparc is simply a great battery case that scores high points on all aspects. It has incorporated 6500mAh battery which can provide almost double charge to your smartphone. The slim-fit design looks nice on the iPhone. Sync-through technology allows you to sync and charge your device to the computer without any issue.

With regards to protection, the battery case can withstand impact; offering reliable defense against bumps. More importantly, Xooparc offers three bright and vibrant color choices to suit your style.

USP: Vibrant color choices
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I guess you have chosen one of these battery packs for your smartphone, haven’t you? Which one is it and what are the qualities you have liked in it? Let us know that in the comments below.

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