Best Battery Cases for iPhone X in 2023

Best Battery Cases for iPhone X in 2022

The iPhone X boasts a gorgeous edge-to-edge OLED display, which is excellent for media watching and playing high-octane games. However, it lacks a robust battery (2710mAh) that may not last the full tilt, especially when you would use your smartphone extensively to make the most of your favorite videos. That means you would need some extra juice to keep it powered up. Please have a look at these best iPhone X battery cases to charge your smartphone in style and continue to get the most out of it without any interruption.

  1. iPhone X Battery Case by Smiphee 
  2. Portable Protective Charging Case from OMEETIE 
  3. Yacikos 6500mAh Battery Case by Yacikos 
  4. LanLuk Battery Case with Qi Wireless Charging Compatible
  5. 4200mAh Portable Protective Charging Case from FNSON 
  6. NEWDERY 6000mAh Slim Battery Case
  7. Swaller Ultra Slim Charging Case 4000mAh 
  8. 4200mAh Battery Case Cover by Alpatronix 
  9. Xooparc Battery case [6500mah]

1. Smiphee 4000mAh Portable Charging Case for iPhone X

Smiphee iPhone X Battery Cas

With 4000mAh capacity, you can get almost double the battery life on your iPhone X with this battery case. You just need to slide your iPhone X in the case to get started. Press the power button on the back of the case for three seconds, and you are all set. Also, if you wish to use headphones, you don’t need to remove the case. Just plug it in and enjoy the music. To charge the case, you need to plug in the charger and it will start charging; no need to remove the case, but make sure you use the original 5V1A charging cable.

Besides charging capabilities, the case is hard enough to serve the traditional case features like protecting your iPhone from scratches and normal bumps and falls. Lastly, there are three beautiful color options available.

USP: Highly efficient charging
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2. OMEETIE Portable Battery Case [4100mA]

OMEETIE Battery Case for iPhone X

When it comes to offering a proficient charging solution, OMEETIE is par with the best. Agreed, it has just 4100mAh battery which might not go down well with those who are looking for a power-beast. However, those who want a compact battery cover with 100% extra charge, OMEETIE would be one of the better options out there.

Aside from living up to the task of providing secure charging, OMEETIE seems to be equally good at enduring shock. Thanks to the hard-shell backplate and sturdy bumper, the battery cover is capable of withstanding shock. Moreover, with the soft material, the case also feels non-slippery in the hands, which prevents accidental slip-offs.

USP: Pretty good battery in a slim form-factor
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3. Yacikos 6500mAh Battery Case

Yacikos Portable Charging Case for iPhone X

I have always liked the cases that pack a punch above their weight. Yacikos battery case is one of them. Looking at the compact design of the case, very few can say that it has got a solid 6500mAh battery inside. That means, your iPhone X would have the luxury of over 150% extra power to take on a series of Netflix shows or action-packed games.

Apart from having a robust battery, Yacikos is also not a pushover when it comes to surviving impact. The protective design coupled with sync-through tech makes it a handy asset for everyday use. Not to mention, the battery case is equally good on a pricing point of $20.99.

USP: Over 150% extra charge
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4. LanLuk Battery Case [Qi Charging Compatible]

LanLuk Portable Battery Case for iPhone X

If Yacikos claims to be a flagship killer, let me tell you that LanLuk belongs to the same league. Even in the specs battle, both seem to be on the neck-to-neck.

It has also got a powerful battery of 6500mAh. So, you can expect this beast to offer more than 150% which can let you use your device extensively. The company claims that the battery cover can shield the iPhone against hazards like short-circuiting and over-current as well.

Does LanLuk have a bulky design? Nope. The cover neither looks bulky nor does it seem to be slim.

USP: Cheap yet reliable charging solution
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5. FNSON 4200mAh Portable Charging Case

FNSON iPhone X-Xs Battery Case

Time to enhance the hands-free media watching! “FNSON” comes with a built-in kickstand to provide a much-improved movie watching experience.

That aside, it has got 4200mAh, which is said to deliver up to 150% battery life. For normal usage, I think it should be enough. As for durability, FNSON features an extremely rugged casing to disperse accidental shock.

And with the sync-through design, the case can allow your device to connect to your laptop without any inconvenience.

USP: Built-in kickstand
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6. NEWDERY 6000mAh Slim Battery Case

NEWDERY iPhone X Battery Case

NEWDERY has introduced a modern battery case for iPhone X. Didn’t get my point? Well, unlike most battery covers in the market, it features Qi wireless charging compatibility.

So, if you want a battery case that can get along with wireless chargers seamlessly, NEWDERY could be worth taking a look. Besides that, it also has a more than capable 6000mAh battery that can take on heavy-duty with ease. Given these impressive specs, a $39.99 price tag seems to be reasonable – whichever way you look at it.

USP: Qi wireless charging support
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7. Swaller 4000mAh Ultra Slim Charging Case

Swaller iPhone X Battery Case

In quest of a battery case that can offer tons of power to your smartphone? Swaller can be worth a close look as it’s got everything you’d want to ensure your device always remains life and kicking! Featuring robust 4,000mAh battery, it’s equipped to power up your device faster. With the strong built-up, this battery case is fully capable of enduring impact.

The neat cut-outs and responsive buttons allow you to use your device without any issue comfortably. Lastly, it is available in three impressive color variants.

USP: Powerful battery
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8. Alpatronix 4200mAh Battery Case Cover

Alpatronix iPhone X-Xs Battery Case

Alpatronix has manufactured a battery case that boasts a lighter design. It is slim and also light in weight. This charging case hardly adds any weight to your elegant iPhone X. Without adding excessive bulk, this case offers extra power and extra protection to your iPhone.

You can keep your iPhone X always charged with this 4200mAh powerful battery case. Before you can use this case, you need to press the button to power on/off. Keep your eyes on the battery level indicator, which reflects four levels of battery status.

USP: 4-level battery indicator
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9. Xooparc Battery case [6500mah]

Xooparc iPhone X-Xs Battery Case

Xooparc is simply a great battery case that scores high points on all aspects. It has incorporated 6500mAh battery which can provide almost double charge to your smartphone. The slim-fit design looks nice on the iPhone. Sync-through technology allows you to sync and charge your device to the computer without any issue.

In regard to protection, the battery case can withstand impact; offering reliable defense against bumps. More importantly, Xooparc offers three bright and vibrant color choices to suit your style.

USP: Vibrant color choices
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That’s it!

Your favorite?

I guess you have chosen one of these battery packs for your smartphone, haven’t you? Which one is it and what are the qualities you have liked in it? Let us know that in the comments below.

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