Best Weather Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

A number of times our long-scheduled work is hampered by bad weather. All the plans can be badly disturbed by inclement weather if we are unaware of how the weather forecasts are going to be in the next few hours or days. Hence, it pays to be one step ahead of the weather and plan your way out accordingly well in advance.

Weather apps for iPhone and iPad work incredibly well in keeping you updated regarding weather conditions. From showing you the exact status of soon-to-be-arrived rains or storms and a lot more vital information related to weather, the weather apps can prove to be a lifesaver.

How about bargaining some of the best iPhone/iPad weather apps? Let’s head over the jump to have a quick look at them!

#1. Ventusky: 3D Weather Maps

Ventusky 3D Weather Maps iPhone App Screenshot

If you are looking for a highly accurate weather forecast, Ventusky is your most suitable answer. This app collects its data from multiple reputed weather models from all over the world and presents you with precise rain, precipitation, snow cover, wind speed, and more.

The app is very well built and has an impressive design. You can slide the three bottom rows and see hourly or three hourly weather forecast at a glance. The play button automatically shows you the updates like a ticker. Wind animation looks mesmerizing and displays the changing airflow on earth. The 3D global map is an elegant addition. To explore full potential of this app, read a detailed review of Ventusky.

Price: $2.99

#2. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The Weather Channel works lightning fast regarding keeping you updated about weather reports. It provides comprehensive forecasts that go a long way in assisting you to prepare for your work or schedule. The push alerts allow you to remain informed about weather conditions.

It presents thorough weather reports about a variety of subjects including sunrise, temperature, etc. The seasonal tools such as airport delay module, beach, and boat module enable you to plan yourself rightly by the weather. Besides, you can easily track a hurricane or storm.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: Free

#3. WeatherBug

WeatherBug iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

WeatherBug is a feature-rich and a complete weather app for your iPhone. Thanks to the powerful network of professional weather and lightning sensors, this app is equipped to provide you not only the fastest but also most accurate weather forecasts.

It is the only weather app that offers Spark lightning proximity alerts for your current locations as well as the saved locations. You can check out how far lightning is and be able to stay safe from danger. The push notifications enable you to remain in the know about every weather result.

It provides ten days of extended forecasts that can be very helpful in letting you plan your upcoming days. The enhanced interactive maps make it fairly easy for you to view pressure, humidity. You can see live images from 2,000 weather cameras from the entire USA and experience weather conditions accurately.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: Free

#4. MyRadar Weather Radar

MyRadar Weather Radar iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

MyRadar is trusted by over 45 million users, and this is due to a fast and powerful weather app that delivers animated weather radar near your location. The app comes handy when you are going somewhere; moreover, the app offers an instant assessment of the weather. You can plan your day according to the weather that impacts you.

Advanced rain alert is one of the notable features of MyRadar. It is a patent-pending process for predicting hyper-local rainfall. You are not supposed to check this weather app frequently; instead, the app sends notifications at every hour. Even if you save your life and time of checking the weather every now and then.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Price: Free

#5. Dark Sky

Dark Sky iPhone and iPad Weather App Screenshot

Dark Sky has been neatly designed to present a quick weather forecast. You can come to know when it will rain exactly an hour before and hence be prepared for that in advance. Dark Sky provides you weather predictions for the next hours, day or weeks of your exact location using GPS.

It features radar animation that shows you the path of the storm. You can get to know how the storm moved in the past as well as where it will go in the coming days. Its Notification Center widgets keep you informed about what will happen in the next few hours. As a result, you never get caught in bad weather.

A cool weather app built to let you glance weather forecasts with utmost comfort.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: $3.99

#6. Weather Underground

Weather Underground iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Weather Underground strives to provide you the most accurate weather forecast. It is quite accurate in letting you know the perfect weather predictions about your location. Through push notifications, and Today widgets, this weather app keeps you aware of weather well in advance.

This app pulls data from more than 100,000 personal weather stations that give the most accurate localized weather updates, unlike most other weather apps which rely merely on forecasts.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: Free

#7. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Yahoo Weather has long been one of the most popular weather apps for the iPhone and iPad. You can have perfect detail regarding wind, pressure, precipitation at just a glance. The animated weather effects allow you to quickly find out about weather conditions for rain, snow, etc.

You can view the animated sunrise, sunset, browse interactive maps and more significantly track the weather of your favorite cities. Twice daily notifications allow you to plan your routine keeping the weather conditions in mind.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: Free

#8. Weather Line

Weather Line iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Weather Line has been developed to bring up accurate forecast as well as infographic weather reports. This app forecasts temperature, weather condition as well as precipitation on visual line by 36 hours, seven days and 12 months. It provides you exact rain prediction. You can view the average total rainfall as well as the high and low temperature of each month in just a glance.

The perfect weather data keeps you one step ahead of weather and assists greatly in planning your work accordingly. The severe weather warning reports help you encounter bad weather with complete preparation.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: Free

#9. Fresh Air

Fresh Air iPhone and iPad Weather App Screenshot

Fresh Air is pretty simple yet very effective weather app. Through a highly informative graph, it presents you the exact weather forecast of the seven days. This app shows you predicted the weather about your calendar events. As a result, you can plan your events accordingly. It includes some weather data including the wind, humidity, temperature, etc.

You are informed about weather conditions through notifications. Moreover, it gives you special weather results in your location. The severe weather warnings assist you in avoiding inclement weather.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: Free

#10. Weathertron

Weathertron iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Weathertron has been designed to provide you live weather data about a particular time or hour. You can use this app to quickly find out forecast regarding rain, clouds, snow or temperature from every hour of the day. It boasts of 16 different weather data sources which work fine in making you know the exact results of your locations.

This app provides weather forecasts for over 15,000 cities of the world. You can select between Fahrenheit, Celsius, 12-hour or even 24 hours to remain updated about the weather as per your need.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: $1.99


Seasonality Go

Seasonality Go iPhone and iPad Weather App Screenshot

Seasonality Go is probably the most versatile weather app for iPhone and iPad. You can gather weather data from all over the world quickly as it allows you to search for more than 65,000 pre-defined locations in over 200 countries.

It offers a number of built-in screen layouts on the iPad. It also lets you create even your screen to make it very convenient to see exactly what sort of weather data you want to view. The same weather data, about past, present, and future can be viewed easily on your iPhone too.

This app enables you to view even astronomical data such as sunrise and sunset times as well as moon phase. It has graphs for ten different types of weather variables that include temperature, wind speed, precipitation, etc.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: $5.99

That’s all mate!

Which one is your most favorite weather app? Do share your feedback with us in the comment below, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, make sure to download our iOS app on your iPhone and iPad.

Best Weather Apps for iPhone and iPad

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Best Weather Apps for iPhone and iPad
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