How to Download Offline Maps on iPhone with Google Maps

Planning for vacation? Better download Google Maps on iPhone for offline viewing. You might run out of Internet, it's better to check the process given here.

Apple Maps app is certainly powerful for navigation and viewing maps of different countries. But it undoubtedly misses some of the most needed features. One of them is to view Maps of a particular region or city in offline mode. This is quite important when you are in a foreign country and don’t have quality reception or data pack.

This is when Google Maps takes the game. It lets you download a particular region of the map for offline viewing. Whether you have no reception or zero data pack, the Map works seamlessly to guide you through the area. In case you aren’t familiar with the process, then don’t worry, we have got your back. Just follow the steps given below.

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How to download Google Maps on iPhone for offline viewing

How to download Google Maps on iPhone for offline viewing:

Step #1. The primary step is to have Google Maps app installed on your iPhone. So, if you don’t have it already, download it from the App Store.

Step #2. After you have installed the app, launch it and in the search bar, enter the area which you wish to download.

Search Location in Google Maps on iPhone

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Step #3. Google Maps will place a pin on the area. You will now see a small card at the bottom with the name of the area. You will need to swipe up that card to bring additional details of the area.

Swipe Up The Location Name in Google Maps on iPhone

Step #4. Here you will have the download option. Just tap on “DOWNLOAD”.

Tap on Download in Google Maps on iPhone

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Step #5. Google Maps will once again ask you for confirmation, so just tap on “DOWNLOAD” again.

Download Offline Google Maps on iPhone

Step #6. Final step is to name the particular area. Enter anything that you can remember easily and then tap on “SAVE”.

Name Offline Area in Google Maps on iPhone

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Step #7. That’s it; Google Maps will begin downloading Map of the particular area for offline viewing.

Download Google Maps on iPhone

A word of advice makes sure you are on a Wi-Fi before you download maps. These maps are generally huge in size and consume lots of data. Once the download is finished, you are all set to use it even when there is no internet or network reception.

Did you find this feature useful? Do you want Apple to integrate this feature in next update? Throw some light on the subject by commenting below.

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