AirPods microphone not working? Here’s the fixes!

AirPods microphone not working

Lately, users have been facing issues with the AirPods microphone not working. With no whereabout and troubleshooting idea, this eventually lighted an entire discussion thread, sharing various reasons. While AirPods serve as a handy tech gadget for listening to music, calling, and syncs well with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, there can be some odd days when they stop functioning well.

Acknowledging all of this, I decided to explore possible reasons behind facing this issue and solutions to overcome it.

Where is the microphone located in AirPods?

We all know that AirPods have a powerful microphone. However, not many know where it’s located. Perhaps, this is why resolving the AirPods microphone not working can be a challenge. So, before we go ahead, let’s first know this.

Your pair of AirPods have two noise-reduction microphones. They can be found at the bottom of the main shaft. It’s the thin silver section with matching grills.

Microphone located on AirPods Pro
A microphone located on AirPods Pro

Now that you know the location let’s learn about possible reasons behind it not working.

Possible reasons for the AirPods microphone not working issue

  • Dust particles: It might be due to a fall or after an adventurous outing that dust may accumulate in or around your microphones.
  • Not fully charged: Another common reason can be your AirPods running out of battery.
  • Pairing issue: This can be due to slow processing, not picking Bluetooth signal, etc. Though rarely faced, this is pretty common in wireless devices, especially when there’s some form of interference.
  • Settings: This shouldn’t need an explanation. Most of the issues on smart devices can be resolved by making slight changes in the settings.

Now that we are acquainted with the possible reasons, let’s get to know;

Quick fixes for your AirPods microphone not working

1. Clean the microphone

Clean the AirPods microphone meshes gently with a dry cotton swab
Creator: @adamlukas17

Take a dry cotton swab and clean your microphone using it. Also, consider cleaning with a soft-bristled brush to remove debris, if any. I would suggest you do this with speaker meshes from time to time to ensure having a seamless listening experience. Just remember being gentle.

2. Resolve the AirPods battery issue

If your AirPods run off battery quickly, consider turning autodetection mode on. Here’s how to do it.

Note: Ensure your AirPods are connected with your iPhone or iPad and active.

  1. Open the Settings app and tap Bluetooth.
  2. Tap the (i) icon against your AirPods. Now, turn on autodetection mode.Resolve the AirPods battery issue

3. Reconnect your AirPods

Turn off Bluetooth and switch it on again after some time. While this will reconnect your AirPods to iPhone and iPad, I suggest you take your AirPods off and keep them in the case for around 10 seconds. This should help resolve the issue.

If this doesn’t work, you may also consider doing a factory reset for your AirPods.

4. Check Bluetooth settings on iPhone

  1. In the Settings app on your iPhone, tap Bluetooth.
  2. In the list of My devices, select your AirPods.
  3. Tap Microphone and select either left or right AirPod from the available options.Check Bluetooth settings on iPhone

5. Connect with Apple Care center

If none of those mentioned above fixes work, there’s probably some hardware issue. Under such a scenario, I would recommend visiting the nearest Apple Care center for a solution.

AirPods microphone not working? Find all the solutions

The solutions listed here are based on fundamental reasons that may affect the performance of your microphone. I hope that these helped you resolve the issue. If you have any other pro-troubleshooting tips or concerns, share them in the comments below.

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