How to Check Battery Life of AirPods and Charging Case

How to Check Charge Status of AirPods and Charging Case

Just planned to zone out with your favorite piece of music and your AirPods beeps low battery. You decided to delay the plan, while they juice up in the charging case. Oh Oh!! The charging case is not charged either. A conundrum that could have been easily circumvented by checking the charge status of AirPods and Charging Case.

Before leaving for office or house, almost everyone checks the battery percentage of their smartphone. It is then, we convert into expert mathematician and calculate if it will last our commute or not. So, why not do the same with your AirPods and its charging case as well.

How to Check Charge Status of AirPods and Charging Case on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac

While in use, your AirPods will play a tone to indicate low battery status. You will also hear a second tone just before they run out of juice. As for the charging case, the LED light will tell you the battery status; green means fully charged and amber indicates less than one full charge.

If AirPods are in the case and the lid is open, then the light shows the charge status of your AirPods. When your AirPods aren’t in your case, the light shows the status of your case.

While these methods are great, it only shows charged or low battery. What about how full or how low? Well, to extract the exact percentage we will either require an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or a Mac. So, let’s cut the chase and understand how.

Quick Access:

How to Check Airpods Battery Life from iPhone or iPad

Knowing the battery status of your AirPods is as simple as connecting your AirPods to your iPhone; mostly because it is the same process!!

Step #1. Open the case lid with AirPods inside and bring it close to your paired iPhone or iPad.

Step #2. After a few seconds, the charge status of AirPods and Charging Case will display on your screen.

Check Battery Status of AirPods and Charging Case on iPhone

Note:- The current charge status for AirPods will show a single percentage; that is rounded down to the earpiece with the lowest battery. Follow step 3 to check individual percentages.

Step #3. Take out anyone Airpod and the display will show percentages for left and right AirPods separately.

Check Battery Life of Individual AirPods and Charging Case on iPhone

This method is great when you are not using your AirPods and they are resting in their case. However, how can you know charging of AirPods on iPhone or iPad while in use. The Batteries widget from the Today View comes in real handy under such circumstances.

Check Battery Status of AirPods Charging Case via Battery Widget

The Battery Widget is a handy tool to check battery life of various paired devices, including Apple Watch. In case, the widget is missing from your iPhone or iPad, try these steps to bring it back.

Step #1. When your Airpods are connected to your device, swipe right to access the Battery Widget.

Step #2. The widget will show the charge status of AirPods (a single percentage).

Check Charging Status of AirPods and Case with Battery Widget on iPhone

Step #3. Put one of the AirPods back into the case to see the charge status of Charging Case and the individual percentage of the left and right AirPods.

Check Battery Life of Individual AirPods and Charging Case Using Battery Widget

See, how simple it is!! And you can make it simpler with Siri. Just ask “How is the battery life of my ‌AirPods‌?” and the virtual assistance will oblige.

Check Battery Life of AirPods and Charging Case Using Siri on iPhone

How to Check Battery Life of AirPods and Charging Case on Mac

Step #1. Open the lid or take the AirPods out of the charging case.

Step #2. Click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and connect your AirPods (skip the step if already connected).

Click on Bluetooth and Then Click Connect on Mac

Step #3. Now, click the Bluetooth icon again and hover the pointer on your AirPods.

A drop-down menu will show you the battery percentage of your AirPods (both left and right) and the Charging case as well.

Click on Bluetooth icon and Mouse Over to Check AirPods Battery Life on Mac

How to Monitor AirPods and Charging Case Battery on Apple Watch

You may call it the magic of Apple ecosystem. Whether your Airpods are paired with your ‌Apple Watch‌ or your iPhone, your wrist companion can show the battery status of Airpods and its charging case.

Step #1. Press the Crown or swipe up on a watch face to access the Control Center on your ‌Apple Watch.

Swipe Up Apple Watch Screen and Open Control Center

Step #2. Now, tap on the ‌Apple Watch‌ battery icon (it is indicated by percentage).

Tap on Battery icon on Apple Watch

Step #3. Scroll down to view the battery percentage of AirPods and case.

Scroll Down to Check Battery Life of AirPods and Charging Case on Apple Watch

Step #4. Place one pod back into the charging case to see individual percentage of charge.

Check Battery Life of Individual AirPod on Apple Watch

That’s all for now!!

While checking the charge status of AirPods is quite simple, what about its worthy competitors. Well, the Battery Widget supports most Bluetooth headsets and shows their battery life. Now that’s a great feature, especially for the music lovers such as me and you.

Here are some more amaizing iOS features for music lovers:-

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