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AirPods amass wax, dirt, and dust over time with consistent use. These stick to corners and surfaces, including the speaker mesh, charging port, pod holes, and other electrical parts. And if they remain for long, you’ll lose sound quality or damage your AirPods.

Thus, cleaning your AirPods can help enhance their longevity and maintain their sound quality. But you don’t want to damage your device while cleaning. That’s where AirPods cleaning kits come in. They help you clean effortlessly. If you’re wondering which are the best AirPods cleaning kits, we have you covered! Read on.

1. KeyBudz Air Care AirPods cleaning kit: Editor’s choice

KeyBudz Air Care AirPods Cleaning Kit

The KeyBuds Air Care cleaning kit has all it takes to give your AirPods a dazzling look. It has ten sticky squares. These efficiently remove dirt and sticky waxes from tiny components like the speaker mesh.

With five precision cotton swabs, reusable bristle brushes, and two lint-free microfibers, you can clean all you want without damaging your device.

Besides removing dirt, its antibacterial swabs adequately sterilize your device. Hence, you also get an extra layer of protection from germs and infection. And no worries, the entire kit is free from harmful chemicals or materials. So this won’t damage your AirPods.


  • Sticky squares remove speaker clogs
  • Clean tiny spots easily
  • Safe to use
  • Lint-free wipes prevent scratch or damage


  • Sticky putty removers might get stuck in the mesh when pressed too hard
  • Precision swabs are limited

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2. Just Wireless AirPods Cleaning Kit: Best for intensive cleaning

Just Wireless Airpods Cleaning Kit

The Just Wireless AirPods cleaner kit features 36 cleaning tools. As in other kits, these come in different categories. The kit includes ten pieces of pointy and rounded swabs each. Plus, it has five soft bristle brushes and cleaning wipes each. So scraping dirt off narrow angles and broader surfaces is a breeze.

The kit also comes with a 50ml bottle of cleaning solution. Of course, you don’t want to use that directly on your AirPods, as it can damage the speakers. But I bet soaking your swab with it helps you sterilize the AirPods case efficiently.


  • Good for disinfecting your Airpods and phone
  • Safe and easy to use


  • No putty removers
  • The fluid might damage AirPods speaker if applied directly

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3. ZBY Cleaner Kit for AirPods: Most adequate tools

ZBY Cleaner Kit for AirPods

Want to clean more than just AirPods? The ZBY AirPods cleaning kit has all you need in one piece. Besides AirPods, it features tools for cleaning your computer keyboard and phones. This one has 90 AirPods putty removers with 50 precision cotton swabs. So, it lasts longer than most kits.

You also get two flat mini brushes ranging from 2.9 to 3.3 inches in length and a 3.9-inch long round-top one. All these help you efficiently scrape tiny holes and nooks, including the mesh and charging port. And if you want to clean broader surfaces, a soft keyboard brush and two reusable microfiber cloths are also at your service.


  • Easily clean tiny corners as well as wider surfaces
  • Wide range usage
  • Many cleaning tools at your disposal


  • No sterilizers

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4. 146pcs Airpod Cleaner Kit: Best for precision cleaning

zsjcyGG 146pcs Airpod Cleaner Kit

The 146pcs AirPods cleaner not only cleans Airpods but also helps remove dirt from your phone and laptop’s keyboard. With 2.7-inch long flat brushes, 3.1-inch long narrow Q-tip cotton swabs, and 3.86-inch hole scrapers, you’ll easily clean tiny surfaces.

Microfiber cloths are also fluffy, preventing any damage to your device. This is suitable for cleaning broader components, including the AirPods casing and your phone. The cleaning kit also comes with 50 pieces of putty removers to rid your AirPods of sticky ear waxes and oily substances.


  • Clean any device easily
  • Efficiently removes dirt from tiny surfaces
  • Easy to use


  • No sterilizing material or fluid

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5. YuCool Cleaning Kit: Best for sterilizing AirPods case

YuCool Cleaning Kit for Airpods

For spots on appearance and efficient sterilization of your AirPods, the YuCool cleaning kit doesn’t disappoint. It has a cleaning pad, which uses 70 percent isopropyl alcohol, an ideal concentration for killing germs, for sterilizing your AirPods case. Moreover, alcohol also fosters the easy dissolution of oily substances.

You also get 1.7cm long anti-static reusable cleaning brushes and 7.7cm long pointy swabs that easily penetrate and clean fragile parts and hard-to-reach corners like the speaker mesh and charging port. You can also use the soft wipe to finish your cleaning.


  • Remove germs with 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Doesn’t damage your device
  • Easily remove dirt from tiny corners


  • No putty removers

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6. Reflying Phone and AirPods cleaning kit: Most versatile

Reflying Phone and Airpods cleaning kit

The Reflying cleaning kit comes with improved tools for inclusive cleaning. It contains 30 cleaning swabs, microfiber wipes, and five soft bristle brushes and cleaning wipes each. Hence, while using it for your AirPods, you can also clean your phone and computer keyboard with it.

When you purchase a Reflying AirPods cleaner, you also get an alcohol-free 50ml cleaning solution. You can sprinkle this on its dry lint-free wipe to adequately sterilize the surface of your AirPods case. I don’t recommend cleaning the speaker mesh with the fluid, though.

However, Reflying also doesn’t fail to include suction putty removers. Of course, press these onto your AirPods or phone’s speaker mesh and charging ports to eliminate stuck dirt and waxes.


  • Comes with a strong cleaning solution
  • Confidently removes wax from tiny and hidden corners
  • Made with non-damaging materials
  • Versatile cleaning kit


  • Cleaning fluid not suitable for speaker mesh or keyboards

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7. AirSquares Earbud Cleaning Putty: Best for light cleaning

AirSquares Earbud Cleaning Putty for Apple AirPods

While some AirPods cleaners come with many other tools, the AirSquares Earbud cleaner only uses AirPods putty removers. Thus, you have to press the putty remover onto a surface to suck up dirt and waxes.

Because there are no brushes or extra cleaning cloths, this is only suitable for removing dirt from the speaker mesh and charging port. Although you might use it to clean larger surfaces, this takes a longer time. Undoubtedly, the kit looks primitive but cleans tiny surfaces efficiently.


  • Rapidly remove dirt and waxes from the speaker mesh and charging port
  • Safe and easy to use


  • Not suitable for cleaning wider surfaces
  • No sterilizers

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That’s it!

AirPods cruise the day with you. So, you can’t protect them from attracting dirt and dust. However, you can clean them often to ensure they are as good as new. I hope this list of the best AirPods cleaning kits helped keep your device in good shape.

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