Best Wireless Charging Cases for AirPods in 2019: Power Up AirPods More Comfortably

Wouldn’t it be great if you could juice up your AirPods wirelessly? Read on to check out the top wireless charging compatible cases for AirPods and choose a fine one to today to embrace the new age charging across the board!

Slowly but steadily, I’ve embraced wireless charging for the better. Therefore, I prefer to drop the iPhone on the charger rather than look for the cable and plug it in the Lightning port. Believe me; it’s this convenient experience that has compelled me to explore the best AirPods wireless charging cases to seek a life beyond cable clutter.

How do the wireless charging AirPods cases work?

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Well, the AirPods cases have built-in Qi wireless charging receiver that enables them to work with Qi-enabled wireless chargers. So, you can just place your AirPods charging case on the wireless charging pad to start juicing it up.

They come with an intelligent chip to fight out the hazards like short-circuiting. Therefore, your wireless earphones have the necessary safety against common threats.

Moreover, these wireless charging compatible cases for AirPods also provide the desired shield against accidental falls.

Have Got An Efficient Wireless Charger?

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We have made extensive roundups of the finest wireless chargers in the market. And yes, we’ve also picked out some of the highly functional alternatives to the AirPower which has been left in the cold for some unknown reasons. If you haven’t got an efficient charger, get one right now.

Enough talk, read on to find out what’s more these impressive cases have in store for you!

Best Wireless Charging Cases for AirPods in 2019

#1. SingDeRing

SingDeRing Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

SingDeRing sports a snug-fit design and wraps around the AirPods perfectly. It seamlessly works with Qi-enabled wireless chargers. So, you just need to place your AirPods case on the compatible charger to power it up conveniently.

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The wireless charging case comes with a smart chip to provide the needed safeguard against overheating and short-circuiting. It can offer the essential defense to your earphones against regular bumps. And with the smooth finish, the cover also makes it comfortable to hold.

USP: Snug-fit and protective design
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#2. Funxim

Funxim AirPods Case Wireless Charging Case

I like Funxim’s compact profile that wraps around AirPods charging case immaculately. With the smooth exterior, the cover feels grippy in the palm.

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As for protection against scratches and bumps, the case should do a reasonably good job. Talking about wireless charging; the case is fully compatible with Qi chargers and offers the required safety against common threats like overheat.

Funxim comes in four colors like white, blue, green and the attractive red. If you wish to present a colorful profile to your earphones, you’ve got the option to choose.

USP: Impressive compact design
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#3. Leakind

Leakind Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

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This offering from Leakind is pretty good at charging your AirPods charging case securely and also offering the necessary safety to it. The cover has a slim design, so it doesn’t add any bulk. For all being thin, it can resist minor bumps and also fight out scrapes.

It’s easy to install and remove this cover. The precise cutout allows you to access the pairing button comfortably. Lastly, Leakind wireless charging cover comes with a one-year warranty.

USP: Slim yet protective design
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#4. FreshZone

FreshZone Wireless Charger for AirPods

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FreshZone has a more durable profile to keep the AirPods protected against regular bumps or scratches. The cover fits perfectly around the charging case.

With the anti-slip and smooth exterior, FreshZone also makes it more convenient to hold it in the hands. Regarding wireless charging efficiency, I’ve found it up to the task. You can bet on this one to keep the threats like overcurrent and overheating at bay.

USP: Secure charging
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#5. Maxcio

Maxcio Airpods Wireless Charging Case

I’ve been using Maxcio with my AirPods for quite some time and found it very good. I appreciate the soft-textured exterior that makes it a bit more comfy to hold. Thus, there is less chance of your earphones to slip out of your palm.

As it has a sleek profile, your AirPods will continue to look elegant. Regarding wireless charging, it works as expected. Aside from delivering reasonably fast charging, it also prevents the common dangers like overcurrent from damaging the earphones.

USP: Soft-textured exterior
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#6. Drift

Drift Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

This protective case for AirPods is made using ABS and PC materials, making it a durable asset. The smart US TX Ti chip efficiently controls the power systems, safeguarding your AirPods. Besides, it also protects from overcurrent, over-charging, over-heating, etc.

The AirPod case is compatible with most of the Qi wireless charger, which you may be using for your iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Furthermore, there are two color variants to choose from: White, and blue.

USP: Compatible with almost all wireless chargers
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FOINNEX Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

FOINNEX claims to a highly adorable wireless charging case for AirPods. Having given a close look to what it has to offer, I can agree to it to a great extent.

The cover has a durable construction for extra defense against scratches. UV coating helps it retain the shine for long. FOINNEX works proficiently with Qi wireless chargers. Therefore, you will be able to power up your device safely.

USP: UV coating
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#8. BaseUS

BaseUS Airpods Wireless Charging Case

BaseUS wireless charging case is tough when it comes to protecting your AirPods from bumps and falls. It resists scratches, thanks to the soft silicone. Besides that, it also protects from dust and dirt damaging your AirPods.

You can charge your AirPods wirelessly along with an option to charge them the old-fashioned way using the lightning cable. There are also two color options available to suit your style.

USP: 360-degrees protection
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#9. NeotrixQI

NeotrixQI Airpods Wireless Charging Case

NeotrixQI’s case for AirPods is resistant to scratches, and it effectively protects the AirPods charging case from dust and dirt. Being designed specifically for AirPods, it fits perfectly without any hassle. Apart from that, the smart IC deliver fast wireless charging capabilities with complete protection.

It also includes a small box with a keychain to carry around the AirPods safely. Beyond all this, there are two different color options available.

USP: Smart IC for fast charging
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#10. Skywin

Skywin Airpods Wireless Charging Case

No matter how efficient and protective silicone skins are, they can never beat the durability of a hard plastic case. Skywin understands that, and that is clearly visible from the AirPods case they have made. It is minimalist in design and supports wireless charging as well.

It also effectively protects the AirPod charging case from scratches, dust, and dirt. With 1 Amp output, it can fully charge your AirPods in one and half hour. Also, it has LED indicator. Lastly, there is just one color option – white.

USP: LED indicator
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And that’s it, friends! Found the right cover for your AirPods? I would be glad to know its name in the comments below.

Stay Tuned for More…

Just like many of you I’ve also been waiting for AirPods 2. One of the features that are on my wishlist is the wireless charging support. It would make the earphones a more seamless companion to the iPhone.

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