Best AirPods Pro leather cases in 2023

Best airpods pro leather cases

We all love the charming white charging case of the AirPods Pro. But to keep it scratch-free, you need to encase it. But why just limit to protection when you can also have the looks with these amazing AirPods Pro leather cases?

I love leather cases because of their classic textures and patinas. So, I thought, why not help a fellow leather lover? And to do so, I have listed the best AirPods Pro leather cases; check them out.

  1. Twelve South
  2. Native Union
  3. Alto
  4. Nomad
  5. elago
  8. Mous
  9. Hiram
  10. V-MORO

1. Twelve South AirSnap Pro: Editor’s choice

Twelve South AirPods Pro leather Case

Twelve South AirSnap Pro’s USP is its full-grain leather with specially strengthened edge stitching. You can clip it securely to your bag when traveling using the S-Clip. But I liked using the case with a keychain or attached to a wrist strap.

The AirSnap Pro design makes the pairing/status light visible when the AirPods cap is opened. The high-quality leather supports any Qi-enabled wireless charger. You can charge your AirPods Pro easily with the bottom cut-out without removing the case. 

The strong metal snap closure keeps the case locked and your pricey AirPods Pro safely inside.


  • Full-grain leather
  • Nylon wristlet included
  • Anti-slip texture


  • Slightly expensive
  • The carabiner is tight initially

Check out on: Amazon | Twelve South

2. Native Union leather case: Handmade for perfection

Native Union Leather Case for AirPods Pro

If you want a genuine leather case for your AirPods Pro, go for Native Union. I love the beautiful patina it develops after using the case for a few months, thanks to the authentic Italian leather.

The brand claims to craft the cases by hand, from shaping them to stitching each side and finishing with painting the borders. That’s why it gives your AirPods Pro a seamless fit and dependable protection.

The sleek and thin design allows you to use wireless charging, the charging port, and controls without hassle. But I feel the top shell slips off easily; you’ll have to keep a keen eye on it.


  • Looks quite rich
  • Genuine Italian leather
  • Handmade


  • Top shell slips off

Check out on: Amazon | Native Union

3. Alto Protective: For comfortable use

Alto Protective Leather Case Cover for Airpods Pro

It’s one of the premium AirPods Pro leather cases that use luxury Italian aniline leather. The leather naturally ages and takes on a distinctive patina. With a full natural grain, the case is comfortable to the touch.

Alto has crafted 0.5 mm fine leather into a hard case to protect completely from scratches and drops and support wireless charging. I noticed the two-piece case design makes the insertion/ removal of the charging case easier than others. 


  • Three different color variants
  • Lightweight
  • Visible LED light


  • Not scratch-resistant
  • Absorbs moisture 

Check out on: Amazon | Alto

4. Nomad Modern case: Rugged leather AirPods Pro case

Nomad Airpods Pro leather case

As always, Nomad offers the best leather AirPods Pro case. This two-piece modern leather case is perfect for you if you want to give your AirPods Pro a timeless but striking design. The leather quality is of the highest caliber and made of Horween leather from Chicago. It becomes really beautiful as it ages, giving it a rugged patina.

It features a polycarbonate optical light pipe and a plush microfiber lining for the LED charging indication. You can attach an optional wrist strap to the lanyard connection point. So, you can easily access the pairing button. 

Nomad has made the charging light shine substantially brighter, making it visible from almost any angle. So, you can easily determine if your AirPods Pro is fully charged. Although the AirPods case is compatible with Qi and MagSafe charging, it lacks magnets. It cannot be magnetically attached to MagSafe chargers.


  • Integrated light pipe
  • Good build quality
  • Lanyard attachment point 


  • Expensive
  • Scratches easily 

Check out on: Nomad

5. Elago leather case: Unique design

elago Leather Case Compatible with AirPods Pro Case

It is made from natural cowhide leather, offering a stunning patina. To stand out, elago has opted for a unique briefcase design (a thumps up for that).

Though the case has a different design, it fits your AirPods Pro charging case and supports wireless charging. So, you will get excellent protection without interfering with charging.

I loved the cute brass ring holder as it will not get rust or lose its original golden hue over time. Using that, you may easily connect your AirPods case to anything. 


  • Stands out from the crowd
  • Genuine cowhide leather
  • Vintage feel 


  • Tight fit
  • Edges exposed

Check out on: Amazon | elago

6. Woolnut leather case: A premium option for AirPods Pro

WOOLNUT leather Case for Airpods Pro

Woolnut uses full-grain Scandinavian leather for its AirPods Pro leather case. You can get a distinctive appearance with the beautiful patina and two-piece minimalist design. The partly lined protective microfiber makes the body durable. 

I loved the subtly embossed wordmark “Woolnut” on the back. It is barely perceptible through the leather’s texture. A small adhesive is placed on the lid of the case to ensure a snug fit. 

It supports wireless charging with the case on and has a Lightning port cutout on the bottom. The charging light is always visible thanks to a little circular notch in the casing. But the leather is paper-thin and gives a hard cheap feeling of polycarbonate. So, the price is not justified. 


  • Smartly designed case
  • Snug fit
  • Safeguarding microfiber lining


  • Plastic feel
  • Not value for money

Check out on: Amazon | Woolnut

7. CYRILL Leather Brick Case: Budget pick

CYRILL Leather Brick Apple Airpods Pro Case

CYRILL uses animal-friendly leather to make cases for AirPods Pro. Besides the smooth synthetic leather with a luxury appearance, your charging case will get additional protection from the side TPU bumpers. So, no threat from sudden drops.

The clip-and-go design with a traditional carabiner enhances its utility and customization (I totally love the clip design). Also, the charging light is always visible thanks to the precise cut-out. I would say it’s best for everyday use because of its form-fitting, small, and pocket-friendly. 


  • PU leather
  • Clip-and-go design
  • Budget friendly


  • Not durable  

Check out on: Amazon | Cyrill

8. Mous protective AirPods Pro leather cases: Aesthetic look

Mous leather case for Airpods Pro

The Mous Protective AirPods Pro Case combines a very resistant polycarbonate shell case with premium leather. The unique AiroShock technology absorbs drops, and the Aramid fiber protects your AirPods Pro charging cases from scratching. So, you will get an amazing balance of toughness and style.

You can use the AirPods Pro button via a tiny hole on the back, while the bottom socket is roomy and convenient for charging. The best part is it has PU Gel pads inside the lid to keep the case in place. So, your AirPods Pro leather case cover won’t come out even if you drop it.  

There is a small clip with nylon cable and a braided cord to clip it to your bag. I find it not so useful!


  • AiroShock technology for advanced protection
  • Keychain included
  • PU Gel pads inside lid 


  • Not value for money
  • Keychain is not good 

Check out on: Amazon | Mous

9. Hiram cowhide leather case: Travel-friendly case

Hiram Airpods Pro Leather Case

I would say it is the most popular AirPods Pro case. Hiram has used Retro Fashion Crazy Horse Leather, especially catering to men’s styles. The high-quality material and beautiful coffee shade make your charging case fashionable and long-lasting.

You can carry Airpods Pro comfortably using the attractive and soft travel case. I have tried attaching it to my belt loop using the antique metal buckle. And it’s good to go. 


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Vintage metal buckle and snap closure


  • Lacks craftsmanship

Check out on: Amazon 

10. V-MORO AirPods Pro leather case: Best for outdoor activities 

V-MORO AirPods Pro leather case

The V-MORO Airpods Pro Leather Case has a Polycarbonate bumper and is made of excellent genuine cowhide leather. You don’t have to take out your Airpods Pro to charge it, whether it’s wireless or Lightning cable charging.

V-MORO has worked on the case’s design so that the lid won’t come off when you open it. Also, the back of the case has a notch that prevents the bottom shell of the case from sliding out.

This case was a convenient option for me to use while traveling or to engage in outdoor sports. With the detachable stainless steel carabiner, you can attach it to your belt or bag.


  • Tailored made for AirPods Pro
  • Good for daily use


  • Scratches easily
  • Hard to remove the charging case

Check out on: Amazon

So, that’s all!

Most of the AirPods Pro leather cases are good for daily usage and support wireless charging. So, you don’t need to worry if you accidentally drop your premium AirPods Pro. Which leather case has stolen your heart? Please let m know in the comment section.

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