Best Leather Cases for AirPods Pro in 2020: Coordinate with Your Fashion Choices

Apple’s new AirPods Pro are among the finest wireless earphones you can buy. They combine great sound quality, noise cancellation, and that signature Apple build quality. But they cost more than your regular AirPods, too. That makes it so much more important to keep them safe.

AirPods Pro cases come in all shapes and sizes. But leather cases always exude that extra bit of classiness. We’ve put together a list here of the best AirPods Pro leather cases. These cases will help you keep your AirPods Pro safe while coordinating with your fashion choices. Read on to find the right one for you.

Best AirPods Pro Leather Cases in 2020

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#1. AirSnap Pro Leather Case from Twelve South

AirSnap Pro Leather Case for AirPods Pro

AirSnap Pro from TwelveSouth is a leather case for AirPods Pro. The case is designed to protect your precious buds and also allows you to carry them easily using the removable AirSnap S-clip that lets you attach your AirPods Pro to a backpack, purse or your gym pass, keys, and other accessories. A nylon wristlet is also included that adds a new way to keep your wireless buds close.

Now, you may be thinking about Wireless Charging. Don’t worry, as this case causes no obstruction and lets you charge your AirPods Pro both wirelessly as well as using a lightning cable. You have three beautiful colors to choose from – Cognac (brown), Black and Slate Blue.

USP: Support for Obstruction-free Wireless Charging and included S-clip and Wristlet
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#2. JKRED Premium Black Leaher Case

JKRED AirPods Pro Premium Black Leather CaseThis option is actually cheaper than its shipping cost! At just $3.99, you won’t go far wrong with the JRED if all you want is a secure box to keep your AirPods in. There are no color options, but the black leather looks nice and understated. There’s a hole cut right in the centre for easy access to the charging port.

USP: Superior shock absorbing design
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#3. MeiQing Leather Keychain Case

MeiQing Leather Keychain Case for AirPods ProAt $3.98, this is yet another incredibly cheap leather case for your AirPods Pro. Unlike the JRED, you can get the MeiQing in multiple color options, ranging from a subtle black, through coffee, red, and brown. A handy cutout at the bottom gives you easy access to the sync button, even when your AirPods are in the case. This makes it especially easy to use.

USP: Easy access to sync button
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#4. V-MORO Airpods Pro Protective Leather Case

V-MORO AirPods Pro Leather Case

Made from premium and genuine suede leather, this case offers full protection from scratches, shocks, and daily drops and damages. The charging case light is visible, courtesy of a precise cut out on the case.

V-MORO’s case does not hinder your wireless charging. You do not need to take your AirPods Pro charging case out of this leather cover for wireless charging. A notch on the back lets you open the lid without any issue. A steel carabiner and an anti-lost strap are included, which makes it easy to carry and attach it to your belt, bag, and more.

USP: PC Bumper, Front LED Cut Out and Wireless Charging
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#5. Krystal Beautiful Leather Case with Keychain Hook Up

Krystal Beautiful Leather Case for AirPods ProQuality does come at a cost. The Krystal_Beautiful case superficially resembles the other TPU leather options here. But the high $19 sticker price is on account of superior craftmanship. This isn’t just a good-looking faux leather case. It’s one that will last for a significant amount of time. With the $32, J-SPG costing a bit more but featuring genuine leather, we find this one a bit hard to recommend.

USP: Very high-quality craftsmanship
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#6. Maxjoy Leather Case with Keychain for AirPods Pro

Maxjoy Leather Case for AirPods Pro

Available in four strikingly beautiful colors – black, brown, pink, and dark green – Maxjoy’s AirPods Pro charging case is perfect for protection against scratches, dents, and falls. Apart from the high-quality leather construction, there is a magnetic metal clasp that makes it safe and sturdy to use as well as allows easy opening and closing of the lid.

The case supports wireless charging and has a hollow bottom design for easy wired charging. You can see the front LED light through the precise cut out. It comes with a few goodies like stainless steel metal carabiner keychain, magnet anti-lost strap, and others.

USP: Bottom Cut out for Easy Wired Charging plus Wireless Charging
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#7. Voma Chocolate Brown Genuine Leather Case

Voma AirPods Pro Leather Case

Here is a stylish, affordable case made from soft leather offering 360-degree protection for your AirPods Pro charging case. Voma’s offering protects your expensive earbuds from scratches, drops, and bumps. It also keeps your charging case dirt free. Precise cutouts for all holes enable natural charging cable insertion. Also, the case adds no hindrance to wireless charging.

A carabiner ensures that the case is convenient to carry, making it suitable for daily use as well as outdoor activities like walking, running, hiking, riding, and more. You have six attractive colors to choose from!

UPS: Soft Leather with Keychain Hook
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#8. V-MORO Genuine Leather Case with Front LED

V-MORO Leather Case with Front LED

Professional looks, genuine top layer cowhide leather, and dark brown color make this AirPods Pro case stand out. The fully covered design prevents your AirPods case from scratches, shocks, and daily damages. It is comfortable to use as it provides easy wired and wireless charging.

V-MORO’s offering is perfect for all sexes and age groups, which makes it suitable for gifting to your girlfriend, spouse, friend, and others. The upgraded design makes it convenient to open the lid fully. A strap and stainless steel carabiner are included for extra ease.

USP: Suitable for Gifting as it Comes in a Deluxe Gift Box.
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#9. Xinbaisheng Portable Green Leather Case

Xinbaisheng Leather Case for AirPods Pro

Here is an upgraded Apple AirPods Pro case with a dustproof plug to keep charging port clean and dirt-free. The perfect craftsmanship of this case well matches with your AirPods Pro case and leaves no gaps.

Precise cutouts allow wired charging conveniently. You do not have to remove the case if you want to use wireless charging. The LED status light is also visible. This vintage leather case makes for the perfect gift, so quickly grab the color that excites you the most.

USP: Precise Cutouts and Protection Against Drops and Bumps
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#10. elago Genuine Leather Cover for AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro Leather Case from elago

Elago’s Apple AirPods Pro leather case sports a different look. To me, it looks like a tiny old school briefcase that makes it stand out. Genuine leather is made from natural cowhide, and with use, this leather can change characteristics, making the case unique. The insides have smooth microfiber material.

The case allows wireless charging; however, the front LED light is not visible. Ring holder is made from Brass that makes sure that it remains rust free and does not lose its golden color over time. Black, brown, red, and indigo are the four brilliant available color options.

USP: Brass Ring Holder and Old Premium Retro Look
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#11. CarryOn Leather Case from intelliARMOR

CarryOn Leather Case for AirPods Pro

A premium AirPods Pro leather case that provides a classic look with modern protection! It is handmade, using genuine leather and offers amazing drop and scratch protection to your earbuds’ case. The single-piece body construction also ensures longevity.

There is no obstruction in wireless charging as it supports all Qi wireless chargers. The bronze metal clip (apart from providing a distinct look) allows you to securely attach it to your backpack, purse, keys, and more.

USP: Premium Single-piece Construction and Bronze Metal Clip
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That’s it!

There’s an AirPods Pro case here for every use case. Whether you’re looking for an expensive leather option or just a case to put your earphones in (that’s even cheaper than its shipping cost) we’ve got you covered.

Which case did you like the most? Are you planning on upgrading to the AirPods Pro? Let us know in the comments below. 

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