Best Designer Cases for AirPods Pro in 2020

As of now, Apple only offers plain-Jane minimalistic white cases for its Pro earpods. But what if you want to pep up the look? Don’t fret, as this line-up has some of the best designer cases for AirPods Pro currently available.

These cases are cute, adorable, funky, flamboyant, and fabulous. Do note that we have also taken safety and quality quotient into account. However, you might have to compromise on the slim-profile for a 3D cute case cover.

#1. ESR Silicone Designer Case for AirPods Pro

Designer AirPods Pro Case for Girls from ESR

With powder pastel shades and matching pom-pom keychain, this ESR case spells cuteness to the T. The premium silicone used ensures a no-bulk, perfect fit and protects your AirPods case from bumps and drops.

The super-soft faux-fur pom-pom adds a fluffy, fun, and endearing quality to the cover. Precise cut-outs allow smoother hinge and unobstructed wired charging. You can also charge wirelessly and check the charging status, as the front LED visibility is maintained.

USP: Perfect Purse companion
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#2. Joyleop Switch Design Case for AirPods ProAirPods Pro Designer Case for Girls

Extend your love for gaming to your Airpods Pro case as well. Joyleop offers 3D shockproof covers that resemble your Nintendo Switch and gaming controllers. You also get specially designed keychain hooks, to suit the design.

Though not entirely bulk-less, it is a great case to carry around and show off. Thanks to high-quality silicone material, you get a sturdy, durable, and scratch-resistant covering.

The case sports a soft hand-feel and fantastic elasticity. Along with anti-wear, the flexible material also offers impact-resistance during accidental falls.

USP: Game console shape
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#3. [3D Cartoon Elf Ball Pattern] Case from ZAHIUSZAHIUS AirPods Pro Designer Case for Kids Boy

Ever since the anime series first released in 1997 (Japan), the world has gone Pokémon crazy. Whether through cartoons, games, or cards, both kids and adults are equally interested in the ecosystem. ZAHIUS has a range of cases dedicated to that love.

From Elf balls, Pikachu to Snorlax, the brand offers some super-cute Kawaii goodies for your AirPods. The case provides a multifaceted, scratchproof, and shockproof protection to your pods. There is one flaw: the front LED is not visible.

USP: Easy installation
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#4. Case-Mate AirPods Pro Designer CaseCase-Mate AirPods Pro Designer Case

Fashion befriends function, safety, and glitters. Every aspect of the case is well-thought-of and smartly executed. The transparent glittery skin looks vogue, and the LED is see through.

A circular ring clip gives a break from the regular carabiner design; it looks different and serves its purpose to perfection. A precision-molded perfect fit enables support for both wired and wireless charging. The case cover will look great, whether in your hands or hooked to your bags or keys.

USP: One-year warranty
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#5. Joyleop Red Mickey Case for Airpods Pro

Joyleop Red Mickey Case for Airpods Pro

Over the years, Disney has become more than just Mickey. However, true-blue lovers still keep the essence of the mouse in their hearts. Joyleop offers that spirit in a cute, compact, and stylish case for your AirPods Pro case.

Engineered from high-quality soft silicone material, Joyleop is sturdy and durable and not easily deformed. So you get shockproof and scratch-resistance for the earpods. Armed with a cute Mickey shaped ring, it is eye-catching and easy to carry.

USP: Maintain shapes
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#6. Youtec Airpods Pro Case for WomenYoutec Airpods Pro Case for Women

Everyone deserves some quirk in their life; these covers for AirPods Pro case give you that exactly. The clear hard PC case sports some vivid patterns. From fresh lemons, pink flamingoes, talking cactus to breezy summer prints, you will find all this and more.

Not just beauty, the material also offers drop, shock, and scratch resistance. You can use both wired and wireless charging and check the status with the front LED. The two-part design makes for easy installation.

USP: Slim and lightweight
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#7. Craycases Personalised Design Case for AirPods Pro

Personalised AirPods Pro Case from Craycases

A crystal clear case with no branding whatsoever and just your name on the front. Despite a thin and bulk-free profile, the case provides excellent day-to-day protection against scratches, bumps, and drops.

With over 20 different fonts and unlimited colors at your disposal, choose the one perfect for you. You also get a wide range of pre-made designs. The best part, the brand uses Eco-friendly UV ink for printing and ships within 24 hours.

USP: Customised case
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#8. i-Blason Marble Design Case for Airpods Pro

i-Blason Designer Case for Airpods Pro

It’s compact, lightweight, protective, perfect fit, adorable, and stylish. The cosmo series offers a vivid marbled pattern with metallic accents that looks both sassy and classy at the same time.

An impact-resistant TPU lends reliable protection from scratches, scrapes, bumps, or falls. The top-cover is engineered with an adhesive strip that prevents it from falling off. A matching PU leather wrist strap makes carrying the case super-easy, along with improving the grip.

USP: Lightweight and Stylish
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#9. Joyleop(350 Shoes Box) Design Cover with Keychain

Joyleop AirPods Pro Designer Case

A new Yeezy 350 might not that be easy to get your hands on. However, getting a 350 shoebox for your AirPods Pro case is pretty simple. The soft silicone case is light and comfortable to the touch.

Don’t expect it to be bulk-free; after all, it converts your curvy case into a cube. With a shockproof, anti-scratch, and anti-fingerprint body, the case offers all-round protection. Moreover, a little shampoo and water can remove any dirt it may accumulate with use.

USP: Cubic design
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#10. Cute Animal Keychain Design Case for AirPods Pro from ESR

Cute Animal Keychain AirPods Pro Case from ESR

So, who do you find the most cutest – a monkey, panda, duck, or bear? While the case is excellent as all ESR cases are, it is these cute companions that make the case a hit.

Along with a baby-face animal, you get a smaller and cuter keychain, and a silicone strap. All of this concoction does not hinder wired or wireless chargers. A small section around the LED, lets you freely check the charging status. The built-in dustproof plug keeps the charging port clean and sealed when not in use.

USP: Offers both keychain and strap
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#11. Kodak Protective Designer Case

AirPods Pro Designer Kodak Case

A retro-inspired case to remind you about the era of Kodak film and traditional cameras. It incorporates the KODAK Matte Black + Shiny Black print design for real-like feels. The carabiner ring clip is also in black to match the all-black theme.

Thanks to the precise and slim-fitting design, the case supports wired and wireless charging. The silicone rubber material lends impact-resistance and an enhanced tactile grip.

USP: Retro feels
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#12. Kitten Design Case from Kawaiiotome

Fluffy Kitty Cat Plush Airpods Pro Case from kawaiiotome

Can a case get cuter and softer than this? An ultimate accessory for those who love fluff and cat. The exterior is 100% hand knitted from the softest of the material. A silicone lining ensures the fit is snug and does not loosen up with use.

Since they are all handmade, your kitty will be uniquely yours. Also, you will have to be careful while plugging in case, so the floof does not hinder the connection.

USP: Fluffy and soft
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Aren’t They The Cutest AirPod Pro Cases!!

From blingy to colorful, from pop-art to animal lovers, we have tried to cover cases that everyone would love. In case we have left out on something, please share the link in the Comments section below. Also, let us know your favorite AirPods Pro cases.

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