Apple Watch has now become an inevitable gadget for users. Apart from its “allegiance” with iPhone, the smartwach is able to perform many functions on its own. And this is the reason why people constantly wear this smart device.

There are many pro-users of Apple Watch; they want to make the most of this device, and therefore, such users download many apps on the watch. This adds more animations on the device resulting into slow turnaround while you are doing something on your smartwatch. Thankfully, users can manage those animations to speed up Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch Running Slow How to Speed up Apple Watch

You can turn off animations on your Apple Watch to make it perform faster. There are two ways you can switch off those beautiful animations.

How To Make Apple Watch Faster And Reduce Lag

From Your iPhone

Step #1. Launch Apple Watch on your iPhone → Now tap on My Watch → Tap on General.

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Tap on My Watch Then General in Apple Watch App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility in Apple Watch App Settings on iPhone

You will see an option: Reduce Motion.

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Tap on Reduce Motion in Apple Watch App Settings on iPhone

Step #3. Toggle Reduce Motion ON.

Speed Up Apple Watch Using iPhone

This will certainly increase the speed of how Apple Watch responds to your taps on apps.

From Your Apple Watch

Step #1. Open Settings app on your Watch.

Open Settings App on Apple Watch

Step #2. Tap on General.

Tap on General in Apple Watch Settings

Step #3. Tap on Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility in Apple Watch Settings

Step #4. Toggle Reduce Motion option ON.

Turn On Reduce Motion to Speed Up Apple Watch

Voila! Your precious Apple Watch should start performing better. In addition to that, the Reduced Motion will also add a bit of juice to battery life of Apple Watch, because of reduced stress in processing animation.

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