How to Bring Back Lost iCloud Contacts on iPhone

How to Get Lost iCloud Contacts Back on iPhone

At times, some iPhone contacts disappear or simply don’t show up when you sign out of iCloud and sign back in. On many occasions, the disappeared contacts get back after some time. But on a few occasions, they don’t return and seem to have completely lost.

If you have encountered this problem, try out these solutions to get back the lost iCloud contacts on your iPhone. Let me walk you through the guide!

How to Get Lost iCloud Contacts Back on iPhone

How to Reset iPhone Contacts to Sync with iCloud

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iOS device → Now, you need to scroll down and tap on Contacts.

Tap on Settings then Contacts on iPhone

Step #2. Next, tap on Default Account.

Tap on Default Account in iPhone Contacts Settings

Step #3. Next up, select iCloud.

Change Default Contact Account in iPhone

Step #4. Now, reboot your iPhone and wait for some time before checking out those missing contacts.

How to Access the Unsynced Contacts in iCloud

Step #1. Open Phone app on your iOS device.

Tap on Phone App on iPhone

Step #2. Now, tap on Contacts tab at the bottom → Next, tap on Groups at the top left the corner of the screen.

Tap on Groups in iPhone Contacts

Step #3. Next, you need to tap on All iCloud in order to uncheck it.

Uncheck iCloud Contacts in Phone App on iPhone

Step #4. Also, tap on All (your iPhone name) in order to choose it.

Step #5. Make sure to tap on Done at the top right corner to confirm.

Next up, check out all the contacts that are synced to your iPhone. Find out the ones that are missing and sync them with iCloud.

How to Add Unsynced Contacts to iCloud on iPhone

You can manually add the unsynced contacts to iCloud. But, it would be a tedious task to do so, if you have to add several contacts.

Step #1. Once you have found the unsynced contact, tap on it → Next, tap on Share Contact.

Tap on Share Contact in Phone App on iPhone

Step #2. Now, select Messages app.

Share iPhone Contact via Message

Step #4. Send the contact to yourself.

Step #5. Now, open the Messages app and tap on the contact card you have just sent to yourself.

Tap on Contact Shared via Message

Step #6. Tap on Create New Contact.

Tap on Create New Contact on iPhone

Then, add the additional information like company, work, email. Tap on Done at the top right corner to confirm.

Wrap Up

In many cases, the disappeared contacts get back after some time. If they don’t come back, sign out of iCloud, reboot your device. Then, sign in to your iCloud and wait for some time to allow the contacts to be synced properly. Also, make sure that Contacts is set to sync with iCloud (Settings → iCloud → Contacts).

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