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iMobie PhoneRescue iPhone Data Recovery Software

I have been a loyal user of the iPhone ever since it succeeded in charming me about a decade ago. Apart from being my indispensable daily driver, it has become a significant part of my life. To protect the data on my iPhone, I regularly back up the device via iCloud or iTunes. Though they make it quite easy to let me back up the data, I have to take the help of third-party software to recover the data, which gets deleted accidentally.

There had been numerous occasions when I unknowingly deleted a message, contact, or photo while trying to clean up the phone. Thanks to data recovery software, I have been able to retrieve everything with ease.

iMobie PhoneRescue Data Recovery Software for Mac/Windows

Having tried my hands on some data recovery tools, the one that has impressed me the most is PhoneRescue. Every time we have given the data recovery software a try, it has emerged as a runaway winner. We have already reviewed it a couple of times, and we are set to have a go at it one more time.

Most Competent

With the ability to retrieve as many as 25 types of data like photos, messages, videos, music, and more, PhoneRescue is by far the most versatile tool.

Hence, you have the option to recover almost any lost data of your device. The easy-to-use interface gets the job done with absolute ease. It’s this versatility that sets it apart from the rest.

Much-Needed Safeguard

I appreciate that this data recovery tool can retrieve your data even when your device can not access it from the computer. With the use of iTunes backup (even if encrypted), it can recover the needed information.

Besides, it also uses the iCloud backup to ensure all your lost data is just a few clicks away from returning to life again.

Quickly Pinpoint Missing Files

You don’t have to spend a lot of time checking a particular file among hundreds since it can let you instantly pinpoint an individual file.

Having compared the content between iPhone storage and iTunes backup, it immediately finds the missing files. Therefore, the task of searching any file is no longer complicated.

Import Data Directly on Your iPhone/iPad

The ability to quickly recover deleted notes from iPhone makes it super handy. This is a killer functionality that has added an all-new dimension to it.

Moreover, it allows you to export your files to the desktop in the desired format. You can also send them as a complete backup.

iOS Repair Tools

There are times when iOS devices don’t function properly due to certain issues like random crashing. The tools have been primed to resolve such problems. The software now helps you fix your broken iPhone from any system crash.

The iPhone owners who often run across annoying issues on their devices and find it extremely tough to resolve them would like to take a shot at these repair tools. I’m glad to see them as they can be of great help on numerous occasions.

How to install PhoneRescue on Mac

With the redesigned UI, PhoneRescue has become more user-friendly. I bet you would find it a lot easier to get on with.


  • Turn on Airplane Mode (Settings → Airplane Mode)
  • Avoid running any apps in the background
  • Don’t use any cleaning software
  • Turn off iTunes and other third-party software

Step #1. Download and install PhoneRescue on your computer.

Step #2. Next, you need to connect your iPhone to Mac or PC.

Step #3. Now, you will have the option to recover your data from an iOS device, iTunes backup, iCloud account.

Besides, check out iOS repair tools, which will let you fix a broken iOS device from any system crash.

Select the needed option and go ahead with the instructions to retrieve files or repair your iPhone.

The Verdict

PhoneRescue has always been fantastic data recovery software. However, this time, it has become a complete package thanks to the improved functionality and new features.

“Whether you are craving for a versatile tool to let you retrieve almost any lost data on your iPhone or wish to have excellent repair tools to troubleshoot issues with utmost ease, you have to give it a worthy place on your Mac or Windows PC.”


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