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iGBiPhoneDecoding iPhone data recovery myths: What you can't restore?

Decoding iPhone data recovery myths: What you can’t restore?

We heavily depend on our phone and the data it stores; photos, contacts, messages, files, and whatnot. But what if all of that is threatened by an unfortunate incident or bug? Our first panic reaction would be to search the net for the best iPhone data recovery method.

And at times, in our desperation to safeguard or recover our data, we often fall prey to false claims. Today, I, along with iMobie, attempt to bust some myths around iPhone data recovery & help you get to the right method without risking your data. So, let’s understand those.

Two conditions for iPhone data recovery

Before we discuss the nuances, it is essential to understand the two ways you CAN recover the data:

1. Current data aka device access: Due to security purposes, iPhone doesn’t allow data access to Finder/iTunes/third-party software unless you are using a trusted Mac/Windows PC. Fair enough, right! But here’s the tricky part; when you:

  • Update the iPhone
  • Reset All Setting, Network Settings, Location & Privacy or factory reset the iPhone
  • Update your Mac or iTunes
  • Reset network-related settings of Mac & Windows

The ‘Trust This Computer’ clause is revoked & you will have to renew the ‘trust.’ But why is all this important? Because if something happens to your iPhone during the ‘non-trust’ period, you might not be able to retrieve or recover data via this method.

Current data access from iOS device
Source: Apple

2. Back up: If your current device is not working or lost, then the only way to recover your data is from the backup. Restoring iPhone via backup is pretty simple; you can use iCloud, Finder, iTunes, or third-party software. But remember, there are some conditions applied here as well; for starters, you need to have a backup.

To sum things up, if the iPhone is inaccessible or you don’t have a backup, I am sorry, my friend, the hard truth is that your data is almost irrecoverable. Now that the basics are cleared, let’s move on to some tricky topics.

Myth 1 – You can recover data from a damaged iPhone

Can I recover data from a device that is water damaged? My iPhone has fallen & the screen is smashed, can the data be recovered? The device does not start at all, is there a way to recover that data? If you face one of these or similar questions, I might help you find out the answer.

The short answer is ‘it depends!

If the device doesn’t start – You can’t retrieve the data directly from the device unless turned on. Maybe the Apple support center can help you revive the device. If not, your last resort will be the most recent backup.

If the device starts, but the screen is blank: 

  • When you have a trusted device: There is some hope for you. The data can be backed up and hence retrieved via iTunes, Finder, or third-party software. Notably, iTunes and Finder do not backup photos and videos, so you might have to use iCloud photos or apps like PhoneRescue.
  • When you don’t have a trusted device: May the odds be in your favor, and Apple can fix your device so that you can recover your data; otherwise, sorry!

The broken screen is somewhat accessible, and you don’t have a trusted device –  Closely observe whatever you can see, try to access the screen, and enable “Trust This Computer” somehow. You can take Siri’s help and turn on the VoiceOver feature and then use it to trust the computer.

Well, this is the scenario if you don’t have a backup, but what if you do? It is time to jump on to the next section of data recovery.

Myth 2 – You can always recover iPhone data from backup

Whether the iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo or is disabled, one of the best ways to troubleshoot them is restoring the iPhone. However, it is easier said than done, all thanks to some ‘conditions.’

Backup is old

Let’s assume you took a complete backup six months ago. When retrieving data, you will lose the new data collected within these six months. But as long as your iPhone can be powered on & a trusted computer is available, third-party data recovery software can help you salvage most of the data.

One of the most trusted data recovery software is PhoneRescue by iMobie. Our team has previously tested & reviewed the software in detail and found it to be convenient. It will help you resolve almost any system issues, from dead screen to DFU Mode, and even safely reset forgotten Lock Screen or Screen Time passcode.

PhoneRescue is amongst the only software that can recover up to 31 types of data & files, from photos to messages. But what impresses me most is that it has easy to use, minimal interface. Check out how well designed & neatly organized is its main page.

Well designed and organized page of PhoneRescue iPhone data recovey app

Damaged Back up

Well, you have been a good boy/girl and regularly took a backup, but somehow it got corrupted. Will you lose everything? Not really! If you are using the right tool, things can be managed; PhoneRescue can help.

The software guarantees successful data recovery even if iTunes or other solutions fail to restore the backup. Thanks to innovative ForceRestore technology, it enables unique access to the damaged or otherwise inaccessible backup. You can preview, select, and safely retrieve the data or files as per your need.

Preview select and safely retrieve data from PhoneRescue for iOS

Myth 3 – When you delete data from an iPhone, it’s deleted forever!

It happens to everyone, we mistakenly or intentionally delete some data, and now suddenly we need it! I often clean my phone & get rid of photos/screenshots no longer need. And sometimes, I desperately need that particular deleted image.

The ‘Recently Deleted folder’ certainly helps, as it stores photos, videos, notes & files for up to 30 days. But what if it is past 30 days or you have deleted it from a recently deleted folder as well? Thankfully, there are some handy tricks to recover deleted photos & other data.

Restore from backup – Simple right, but of course, with some conditions applied!

  • Backup is too old or too new – What if that particular data is not available on the backup. I mean, if you either made a backup before that file was created or you backed up after deleting that file. In essence, the file wasn’t backed up and hence lost.
  • Full restore: Photos, notes, contacts, etc., are available separately on iCloud. But if you want to restore messages, call history, Safari Bookmarks, etc., you will have to do a full restore. However, this will put the current, not backed up data on the iPhone under jeopardy.
Season 1 Omg GIF by Friends - Find & Share on GIPHY

Don’t worry! PhoneRescue can rescue you. The software boasts a powerful NO-DATA-LOSS technology that helps you retrieve deleted or lost data on your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud backup. It is swift and supports a wide array of data from photos, messages, contacts, Safari to apps.

PhoneRescue for iOS supports data from photos messages contacts etc

Myth 4 – You can’t restore selective data from iCloud or iTunes

Well, technically, you can’t, but there’s a workaround. PhoneRescue offers the selective download option and also breaks down the iCloud and iTunes backup for your convenience. Thus, lending you 100% freedom. Preview all the data, select what you need and restore it either on the iPhone or Mac/Windows PC. And since it does not overwrite, the current data on your iPhone is 100% safe.

The smart way of restoring data on iPhone using PhoneRescue

iPhone data recovery myths, busted!

Our devices are super-powerful, but nothing is invincible! Accidents, mishaps, mistakes can happen to anyone and everyone. And as they say, precaution is better than cure; I would request you all to take regular backups. Additionally, don’t trust everything you hear or read!

PhoneRescue is my go-to software. To check out more details or to download it visit this page.

If you have any further questions regarding iPhone data recovery or some more myths you want us to unravel, please use our comment section below. Besides, if you have tried PhoneRescue, share your views & reviews with us; it will help our audiences to a great extent.

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