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iGBSoftwareiOS System Recovery Software for Mac - iMyFone Fixppo

iOS System Recovery Software for Mac – iMyFone Fixppo

One thing that we all can always agree on is that Life will always have some kinds of problems. Well, not only do we humans, but our devices also get into problems. When we see our iPhone gets into software issues like being stuck in recovery mode, booting screen, or even at black or white screen, it’s upon us to solve it.  

And as you can guess, this is up to the technicians at service centers to save our devices. But what if you can do the same thing at the service center to recover your device from the comforts of your home? Here comes iMyFone Fixppo, a tool that promises to recover your iPhone, iPad, and even Apple TV from common software issues. 

But how much the application lives up to the claims? Can it replace a technician’s need to solve the software issues on your devices? I have reviewed this software for you so that you can decide whether to use it or not. 

iMyFone Fixppo review: Why should you trust and use it?   

Despite all the optimizations Apple brings to their operating systems, sometimes, it will still contain some bugs and cause your device to be stuck in the Apple logo or even make the software lag while using it.  

While sometimes resetting your device may help, the issues may still be present. In these cases, instead of seeking the help of a technician at the service center, you can take the help of recovery software. 

A system recovery software can help you to recover your device and restore the software to its stable state. But you can’t trust every tool present in the market. Because most of them don’t work properly, can erase the data or even brick your devices. So, you must be careful when choosing a system recovery tool. 

iMyFone Fixppo System Recovery promises to help you recover your iPhone, iPad, or even Apple TV from many software issues without any data loss. The developer iMyFone has been in this space for quite some time, developing software for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. 

Features of iMyFone Fixppo  

  • One-click to reset iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without passwords. 
  • Instantly enter/exit Recovery Mode on iOS. 
  • Fix your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Apple TV without losing data.
  • Easily downgrade iOS to the previous version without jailbreak.

What all issues iMyFone Fixppo promises to solve

Fixppo promises to solve many of the issues you may face on iOS. These includes:

  • Stuck in recovery mode, Apple logo, or even spinning circle
  • White, black, or frozen screen
  • iPhone stuck in boot loop
  • When your iPhone fails to update.

While the app’s name is iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery, it also promises to solve many Apple TV and iPadOS software issues.

  • Apple TV software issues.
  • Other iPadOS/iOS Issues

List of compatible devices

  • iPhone: iPhone 4 to iPhone 13 series, running any version of iOS between iOS 9 to iOS 15. I hope that they are also working to make it iOS 16 compatible.
  • iPad: All iPad models
  • iPod: All iPod touch models.
  • Apple TV: Apple TV HD, Apple TV 2nd and 3rd Gen. Surprisingly, iMyFone hasn’t brought support for Apple TV 4th gen.

How to fix software issues on iPhone using iMyFone Fixppo

The Fixppo System Recovery tool offers two modes to recover your iPhone: a Standard and an Advanced Mode. I have mentioned the steps for both modes below. But before that, don’t forget to download the iMyFone Fixppo and install it on your PC. 

Recover your iPhone using Standard Mode

The Standard Mode is the one suitable for most users. If you know the passcode of your iPhone, you can use it to recover your iPhone without any data loss.

  1. Open the app and log in with your ID.
  2. Select Standard Mode.

    Choosing Standard Mode in iMyFone Fixppo System Recovery
  3. Unlock your iPhone, connect it to the PC and click Next.
  4. Wait for the software to detect your device and the latest stable firmware version.
  5. Click Download.
    (You can also load the firmware if you have already downloaded)
    Usually, the software will detect your device and will show the required firmware to download.

    Select and Download Firmware for Recovery in the app
  6. Wait until the firmware is downloaded.
    (it will take quite some time for the download to complete)
  7. Click Start.

    Firmware starts downloading now
  8. Follow instructions to make your iPhone enter recovery mode
  9. After entering recovery mode, the software will start to do its work.
    (Wait until the process is complete. Please don’t disconnect your device until it’s finished)
  10. After the firmware is flashed, the device will boot normally. Click Done on your PC

Recover your iPhone using Advanced Mode

While Standard mode is the suggested mode to use, you need to unlock your iPhone to make it work. If the Standard Mode fails, or if you’re unable to unlock your iPhone, the Advanced mode is here to help you.  

Keep in mind that the software will completely erase all the data with this method. The steps are as follows: 

  1. Open the Fixppo app and select Advanced Mode.
    (Wait for the software to detect the device and software version.)

    Recovering iPhone using Advanced Mode on iMyFone
  2. Connect iPhone to PC.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Either download the firmware or select it from the downloads.
  5. You will be informed the data on your iPhone will be completely erased. After that, click Start.

    Click Start to Download firmware in Advanced Mode
  6. After the process, you will see a success screen, and your iPhone will start to reboot.

My experience with Fixppo System Recovery

One thing that I always give priority to any software I use is how good it looks and how easy its UI is. Even a person who doesn’t have much technical knowledge can use this app without any issues. You can choose from four options: the Standard and Advanced mode, Reset iDevices and Enter/Exit Recovery Mode.

While performing any tasks using the software, it is suggested not to use your Mac until the process is finished. I am telling this from my experience because I used my Mac while running the software, leading the process to fail. So I suggest. that you don’t try to be a multitas ‘king’ or ‘queen’ while using the tool and let it do its job.

Besides that, the app worked well and was good for me, and surprisingly, I can do the same task that technicians did from my home’s comfort. If you can read properly and are ready to obey the instructions, I am sure you will also be happy using the software.

Things I would like to see in the future

While the app has lots of great features, there are still some more things I wish iMyFone to add in the future. For instance, support for betas; let me explain.

iOS 16 betas are already out, and adventurous people like me always like to play with beta software and cause issues. It would be great if Fixppo could offer support to such whims.

I was also surprised that there isn’t any support for Apple TV 4th gen. Since that’s the latest generation of Apple TV, I hope that the devs will work on it soon to bring support for it.

Free vs. paid: which is the right iMyFone Fixppo plan for you?

The Fixppo System recovery software comes in two plans, free and paid. With the free plan, you will only get options such as enter or exit recovery mode for one time, the option to check device compatibility, and can also contact customer support. To use any of the app’s main features, you have to take the subscription or the lifetime plan. 

The full version will give you the option to enter or exit recovery mode, fix all the software issues of iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, ability to reset, downgrade iOS without jailbreaking, bypass the iTunes error, updates for a lifetime, a 24/7 customer care and even a money-back guarantee policy if you are not satisfied with the product. 

All these benefits can be availed for a $29.95 monthly plan or can also be bought for $49.95 for a lifetime plan. If you plan to use the program for business purposes, there’s only a lifetime plan available for $49.95. 

iGeekBlog’s Ratings

While it’s easy to bring lots of features to your software, the biggest challenge most developers face is to make their software stable and deliver the software’s prime objective. With Fixppo, I can clearly say I am happy with my time using the app, especially for how simple the UI is while at the same time giving all the relevant information. 

Other than iOS recovery, the ability to recover iPadOS and tvOS is a cherry on top. While the monthly subscription plan may seem less valuable for many users unless they have more than one device to fix, the other plans seem pretty value for money.

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