You got a beautiful new iPhone 5s and it was working great all the while. All of a sudden, it begins to shut off. Not once, not twice but multiple number of times. That’s when it dawns on you that you’re in serious trouble. What’s the first thing you do?

Of course head to the Apple Store and get the damn thing replaced.

A New iPhone Keeps Restarting?
If you got a new iPhone (5s/5/4S/4) recently and are eligible for replacement without burning a hole in your pocket, the first thing that you do when you are stuck with an iPhone that keeps rebooting, shutting off or freezing is to head to the store and see if you can get it replaced.

Older Models, Out of Replacement Period etc.
For the rest of the crowd that isn’t as lucky, continue reading the article.

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My iPhone keeps restarting! What do I do?
We noted that this problem occurs predominantly in iPhone 3GS models that upgrade to iOS 6 or later. My first reaction was – must be a hardware-software incompatibility issue. But wait. Apple isn’t Android. They know what they’re doing and iPhone 3GS does run iOS 6.0.1 smoothly.

Well, that’s not the point anyway. We’re trying to fix an issue here so here are the ways in which you can try to fix your iPhone that keeps shutting off, restarting or freezing.

Turn ON/OFF Cellular: As strange and absolutely impossible as it sounds, I’ve seen people get this issue sorted out by turning off their cellular data and then turning it on again. Arguably, this doesn’t work everywhere. But since this is the most simplest thing you can try, you should begin here. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this.

Faulty App: No matter how strong and protected the App Store is said to be, there are apps that aren’t really good for the health of your iPhone. One of these, possibly, could be ruining your iPhone experience. Did you download any new app that triggered the issue? It doesn’t matter if it’s a popular app or an app that no one has ever heard of. Just try deleting it.
Delete the app -> Reboot your iPhone -> Sync with iTunes and see if this sorts the issue.

Restore From An Old Backup: No luck yet? Try this method (it’s tougher if you’ve got an iPhone that keeps restarting too often). Connect your iPhone to iTunes on the system and then restore from an old backup. In case you got lucky, things will be back to normal.

Recovery Mode + Restore: This could be the best possible solution you could ask for. Again, it’s tougher to implement if your iPhone keeps shutting off or rebooting every two-three minutes.

What you do is:

  • Hold down the power and home button till the screen goes blank
  • Next, connect to iTunes. It will “detect” the iPhone in “recovery mode”
  • You can only restore now so restore your iPhone

If things went well, you’ll have an iPhone that’s ready to be setup. You’ll have to try setting it as new because you don’t want to get the old problem again.

Nothing worked! I can’t really discount this possibility. One usually tries a lot of things before coming to the sober realization that it could be a really serious issue. One that needs you to take the device to the Apple Store, after all.

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  • mcgee

    issue is battery or cable conenctor. replace both to be sure.

  • Roger Sylvain

    Turning off Cell Data worked. While it was off I went into Numbers changed a couple things then turned on cellular data but left LTE off then made more changes and then turn LTE on. I figure that mixes it up with another solution I saw on a different forum.

    • Bajan Alexandru

      hi can you hepl me please…it seems like you solve your problem with your phone by switching on/off cellular data…but you you be more specific please. What changes did you do after you left the cellular data off?

      • iGeeksBlog

        I think he just turned off cellular, then went and made some changes to
        the Numbers app. It doesn’t really matter. You can just turn off
        cellular, and then turn it on but turn off 3G/LTE.. after sometime, turn
        it on.

  • Sheel

    For me this “Turn ON/OFF Cellular” thing works perfectly, thanks!

    • iGeeksBlog

      Cheers… :)

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  • Kushal Desai

    Thanks a lot man…. I got my iphone back! I really appreciate that! (y)

    • iGeeksBlog

      Cheers… :)

      • TJ

        Hey, iv got a iphone 5 and it randomly turns off and on can you help me

  • Avalonica

    This is interesting. When intermittent iPhone faults like this come up, people also come up with the most bizarre fixes. Turning cellular on and off has no relation to this and can have no effect at all on what is undoubtedly a hardware problem. But you do the “fix”, look at the phone, and – hey! It’s not doing it ! But you forget it was an intermittent problem, and whilst you’re staring at your phone after the fix and it’s not doing it, you convince yourself that this has fixed it. I’ve seen this sort of thing time and time again. You could convince people that taking a photo would “cure” it. Best guess of the reality here is that it’s a very slightly loose battery, and a small thump causes the mini-reboot.

  • David H

    Please help me, my iphone 3gs won’t turn all the way on. It starts to boot up, shows the apple logo, then the logo dissapears, but it still on but just with a black screen, then it turns off with no screen. it keeps repeating this forever untill the battery dies, then i charge it enough and it does the same thing. all over again.

    • iGeeksBlog

      Try restoring your iPhone 3gs through iTunes. Connect the device to
      computer, fire up itunes and see if you can restore. If not, take it to
      the nearest Apple store.

      • Rohit Khullar

        Hi I have same issue. I have tried restoring to latest 6.1.6. The whole process worked completely but still iphone is restarting only. Please help because even apple genius has said that don’t know how to fix. Honestly I just need my contacts back. I have made backup but now I read on internet that backup doesn’t include contacts. Please help

        • iGeeksBlog

          Looks like taking to the Apple store seems to be the only alternative.

          • Rohit Khullar

            Thanks that was very helpful

  • Diego Fuentes

    Someone fixed my power button but after that my iPhone 5 restart every 2 minutes before restart the screen turns like gray and turns off then on. So I shake my iPhone and I heard like a cable is disconnected, do you think that’s the reason? And what cable do you think it could be? Thank you

    • iGeeksBlog

      No idea about the cable but it sounds like you’ve got to take your iPhone to the Apple Store.

  • billy

    i need help, i have an iphone 4 and recently it just started freezing and restarting

    • iGeeksBlog

      Did you try all the steps mentioned in the post?

  • arei domba

    Help !! Iphone5s cannot turn on . I already hold power off/on and home button about 10second . But still not worker . Actually my battery had a problem . Two day ago i bought new battery . Today iphone turn of automatic . How to do? Pleasee help :’) thanks

    • iGeeksBlog

      Did you replace the battery yourself? It looks like it might be a connection issue inside the iPhone..

      • arei domba

        I already sold it yesterday . Because they said my iphone had a problem with motherboard and if i repair need to spend lot of money .. so sad .. i miss my iphone !!! however thanks you so much dear.

  • BillJacks

    I know this discussion is getting old, but just want to say that turning cellular data off then back on fixed it for me. Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data — switch to off, then switch back to on. That’s it. I can’t believe it, but it worked. I was minutes from leaving work to go to the Apple store. I don’t know how this makes any sense at all, but thank you.

  • toooldforthisjunk

    When my iPhone 4s randomly started rebooting every 2 seconds, simply holding down the lock button and home button set it straight, and then i plugged it back into the charger. I have no idea what caused it, but i thought maybe it was a connection issue?

    • iGeeksBlog

      Could be. No guessing there though. Weirdest stuff keeps happening with all smartphones, iPhone included.

  • Bob

    My iphone just won’t get past the actual reboot, as soon as it reboots, it turns itself off and starts again so I can’t do anything

  • CEO Dick

    My iPhone 4 is jailbroken, has no memory left, and wont stop restarting?! I’ve tried the master reset with the lock button and the back button. It’s not letting me sync with ITunes, because there’s not enough space. like I’m just out of opinions