When microphone doesn't work on your iPhone, the primary objective of buying a phone seems to die down. This can irritate you and the one who is talking to you on other end. There can be many obstructions that create such problems.

To solve this single issue, there are several solutions. We have listed below some fixes that may solve the problem. But before you try out any one, please test the microphone on your iPhone. There is a possibility that your microphone is working well but the app you are using can be a culprit. We have received many queries from users, who post issues that they encounter problem only while they are using apps like Google Hangout or Skype. This means that users need to update or fix the issue in those chat apps, hence, it is advisable to test the microphone.

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iPhone Microphone Not WorkingOpen Extras on your iPhone and tap on Voice Memos; now speak into microphone and play back your recorded voice. You will be able to gauge the quality of your microphone by listening to your own voice. If you think that microphone is not working on iPhone, follow the simple solutions mentioned below.

Is Your Phone's Case/Cover the problem?

If you are using a branded phone cover, chances are thin that your conversation is hampered by its defective design. Many users fail to notice this minute mistake (or oversight from manufacturers) that cost them high. If your phone’s cover hides the microphone, you need to change it immediately.

Keep your Microphone Clean

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Prevention is better than cure! A user has to accept that his/her iPhone is exposed to all the dirt of the world, including the hair oil they are using. And this could be one of the reasons why microphone not working on iPhone headphones. This might sound a far-fetched imaginary problem, but it does affect the quality of microphone because delicate devices like your iPhone gather such dirt over a period of time. So, keep your phone clean of dirt & dust regularly with the help of a needle or a toothpick.

Have you Updated the iOS?

Ensure that you are using the latest iOS version on your iPhone. Before you update your iPhone, check whether your phone has got enough space. Now, update your iPhone wirelessly or through iTunes.

If you are using Wi-Fi at home or at office, you can update the latest version of iOS by tapping on Settings → General → Software Update.

Tap Settings Then General in iOS 9Check iPhone Software UpdateYou can also update your iPhone to the latest iOS version via iTunes. Connect your iPhone to a computer → Select your iPhone in iTunes → Click on Check for Update button → Click on Download and Update.

Click on iPhone Icon in iTunesClick on Check for Update in iTunesNoise Cancellation

When I started using iPhone, I faced this issue of microphone not working on my iPhone 6; whenever I make or receive a call, I was not able to listen to properly. Then I solved the problem by toggling Noise Cancellation ON. Launch Settings → Tap on General → Tap on Accessibility → Toggle Noise Cancellation ON.

Turn On Phone Noise Cancellation on iPhoneRestart your iPhone

Finally, restart your iPhone. Press and hold the sleep/wake button on the right side, a slider will appear on the screen; slide it from left to right. This will shut down your iPhone; now press and hold the same button to start your iPhone again.

Above methods should address the issue of microphone not working on iPhone. If the issue persists, take your iPhone to an authorized Apple centre.

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