How to Rearrange or Remove Apps on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 13

Can't invoke jiggle mode in iOS 13? Despite the new twist in the tale, you can activate edit mode with ease and be able to rearrange or delete apps from your iPhone and iPad Home screen running iOS 13 without any hassle.

Apple has tweaked quite a few things in iOS 13 including the way of deleting apps. Though the process remains straightforward, the new implementation is going to confuse many – at least during the initial stage.

Unlike in iOS 12 or earlier versions, when you touch and hold an app icon on the Home screen, apps don’t enter jiggly mode (they don’t start dancing.) Instead, a contextual menu appears on the screen. But don’t worry, the jiggly mode is just a little under the wraps. Head over as I show you how to delete apps on iPhone and iPad running iOS 13!

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How to Quickly Delete App from iPhone and iPad Home Screen

Side note: This post has been updated based on the changes that came with iOS 13.2 beta.

To me, the easiest way to enter edit mode on iOS 13 Home screen is just long-press on any app icon and keep holding it (for up to 3-4 seconds) even after the pop-menu shows on the screen.

Tap and Hold the App You Want to Delete in iOS 13

And when the apps start wiggling, it’s business as usual. Just hit the X button on the app icon. A confirmation pop-up will show up on the screen, hit the red delete button and you are good to go. Tap on Done to exit edit mode.

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Delete Apps in iOS 13 on iPhone or iPad

The Less Confusing Way to Rearrange or Delete Apps in iOS 13

Step #1. Just long-press on the app icon on the Home screen → Now, a pop-up menu will show up with multiple options.

Step 2. Next, tap on the “Delete (App name)” quick action shortcut in the contextual menu. Then, tap on Delete in the popup to confirm that you want to delete this app on your device.

Delete App from iPhone Home Screen Long-Press Menu in iOS 13.2

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Note: If you want to rearrange apps, simply select the “Edit Home screen” quick action shortcut in the menu. And then, rearrange the app icons as desired. In the end, tap on Done to finish.

So, that’s how you can quickly delete apps from the Home screen of your iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 devices!

What’s Your Take?

Even though the all-new way of getting rid of the unwanted apps is simple, many people (including me) are going to take some time to get accustomed to it. As to whether I prefer the old method to the new one, I would like to keep my judgment in the waiting at least for a few days.

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