iPhone Not Ringing During Incoming Calls? Here are Possible Reasons

Many iPhone users grumble that their iPhones not ringing when somebody makes calls or there is no notification sound. Before you take your iPhone to Apple Care, do some basic research.

A couple of days back, my iPhone 6 has stopped ringing when somebody was making calls; neither had it rung when I received messages. I was confused as to what was wrong with the phone.

I was cock sure that I didn’t put it on silent mode nor did I swipe up from the bottom and used Do Not Disturb feature. So how could it possible that my iPhone 6 not ringing?

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iPhone Not Ringing

iPhone Not Ringing During Incoming Calls

After some pondering, I remembered that my son was playing a game, and unwittingly, he swiped up the Control Center and tap on that moon.

Do Not Disturb

Turn Off Do Not Disturb from iPhone Control Center

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This happens with many other users, who unintentionally press the moon and their iPhones go into Do Not Disturb mode. And when this happens, they can’t receive any incoming calls. Even if you have opted for this facility intentionally, you may forget to turn it off. In this case, swipe up the Control Center and tap on the moon again to undo “Do Not Disturb”.

Ringer Switch

iPhone 6 Ringer Switch
Image Credit: Apple.com

Second important thing is to check that ringer switch you might have switched off while you are in meeting or attending a concert, watching movie or in other circumstances. You should confirm that the ringer switch is on. Ringer switch is located on the left of your iPhone, and if it is OFF, you can see an orange shimmer.

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Airplane Mode

Third, check if you iPhone is on Airplane Mode; the option could be enabled by you accidentally. Either go to Settings and disable the Airplane Mode or do it from the Control Center itself.

Turn Off AirPlane Mode on iPhoneOR

Toggle Airplane Mode from iPhone Control Center

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If your iPhone is still not ringing, take it to the Apple care. Have you ever experienced this problem? Share your feedback with us in comment, on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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