Is your iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode? Here are Possible Fixes

After listening to some of your favorite songs via headphones, now you think that it’s time to put them away and use the iPhone as usual. But suddenly you realize that your iPhone is stuck in the headphone mode, even though you know that the device is no longer connected to headphones.

Before you start worrying about this issue, let me tell you that many of us have encountered it at some point or the other. And from what I’ve experienced, I can say that it’s mostly a glitch which can be shot out with a few simple tricks.

However, ruling out the possibility of hardware damage won’t be wise either. Whatever could be the reason behind the issue; let’s give a try to some quick fixes to see if the problem is solved!

5 Solutions to Fix iPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode Issue

Solution #1. Clean The Headphone Jack/The Lightning Port

The reason why I’ve mentioned this right on top is that it has worked for me. At times, grime or pocket lint sneaks into the port and begins to create trouble. So, before giving a shot to other tricks, give a chance to this simple but effective one.

First, give a quick shake to your device a few times. This way dust or smudge may fall out of the port. Then after, use an interdental brush (or even a cotton bud would do a good job) to gently clean it. Once you have removed the smudge, try playing a song to see if the iPhone can now finally deliver sound.

Clean Your iPhone Headphone Jack or The Lightning Port

Note: Ensure that the mute switch is disabled. And try to increase the sound using the volume button or the slider found in the Control Center.

Solution #2. Ensure That Call Audio Routing Is Set to Automatic

Another trick that I would suggest you to try out to fix this weird issue is set the “Call Audio Routing” to automatic. It basically determines where audio will be heard during FaceTime or phone calls.

To get it done, head over to Settings → General → Accessibility → now scroll down and hit Call Audio Routing. Then, make sure the Automatic option is selected.

Ensure That Call Audio Routing Is Set to Automatic on iPhone

Just in case Automatic option is already selected, choose Speaker option. Then, restart your device as usual. After that, play any music or make a call to anyone. You should now hear the sound coming out of your device.

Call Audio Routing Is Set to Speaker on iPhone

If the problem is fixed, go back to the same setting and choose Automatic option in the end.

Solution #3. Make Sure iPhone Is Selected As The Audio Output Option

iOS offers you the option to perfectly control where audio is played. Maybe, your iPhone is not chosen as the output option. So, check it out.

Simply bring up the Control Center (by swiping up or swiping down from the top right) and then touch and hold the audio card. After that, touch and hold the AirPlay icon and ensure that the iPhone is selected.

Make Sure iPhone Is Selected As The Audio Output Option

Solution #4. Disconnect your Bluetooth device from iPhone

I know this solution does sound a bit crazy, but at times you’ve to try out such things especially when dealing with a strange issue like this one.

Open Settings app → Bluetooth → hit the ‘i” button next to each device→ hit Forget This Device and confirm.

Disconnect your Bluetooth device from iPhone

Now, try to play a track to see if the problem is gone.

Solution #5. Update iOS On Your Device

Believe me or not, many of the issues that crop up every now and then on iOS are being fixed through a software update in recent times. I hope the trend continues at least with this problem as well.

Open Settings app → General → Software Update. Check out if Apple has made an update available for your device. If it’s there, go for it.

Tap on Settings then General then Software Update on iPhone

If Nothing Has Worked, Contact Apple Support

If the “iOS device stuck in headphone mode” problem is yet to get resolved, you should take your device to Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Just in case, there is no nearby service location, contact Apple Support for help.

Wrapping Up…

Hopefully, you have succeeded in getting the better of this issue. In most cases, it could be fixed by taking care of some of the basic tricks as outlined above.

However, if the problem is due to hardware damage, Apple support is always a reliable destination to ask for immediate help.

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iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode

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iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode
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