Is your iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode? Here are Possible Fixes

If your iPhone stuck in headphone mode, then there are some really easy fixes to recover it. Simply check the fixes we have mentioned here.

We aren’t sure whether it is a bug in iOS or a feature, but many a time users have faced an issue where their iPhone stuck into Headphone mode, even when the headphones have been plugged out. There is no concrete fix or reason for this issue. It might be the headphone issue, software glitch, or a hardware malfunctioning.

Whatever may be the reason, we have got all the possible fixes that can help you get your iPhone out of the headphone mode. All you need to do is to look and try the below fixes one by one, the final call will be to visit the Apple Support Center, in case it is a hardware problem.

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Is your iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode Here are Possible Fixes

iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode – Fix

#1. Plug in and out the headphone

If you are too fast in removing the headphone from your iPhone, then there are chances that the iOS would not have detected the operation. Try plugging back the headphone and then gently plug it out again. Most of the time doing this would solve the issue. But if it hasn’t then it’s not yet the end of the list, keep reading.

#2. Try some other pair of headphones

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Even if you are using Apple’s original headphones, there are chances of it to be a culprit. Try another pair of headphones and check if you are able to recover your iPhone out of headphone mode. This problem is usually caused by cheap headphones, as the metal tip is not easily detected by the 3.5mm port on iPhone.

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#3. Check the 3.5mm port on iPhone

It’s time for treasure hunting. Get yourself a flashlight and peek inside the 3.5mm port of iPhone. Then grab a toothpick or any thin thing, wrap some cotton around it, and then, clean the port. If something’s bothering the port, then there are chances to face the issue in subject. Even if this house cleaning process hasn’t helped you, then better keep reading.

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#4. Restart your iPhone

Let’s assume that the 3.5mm port and headphones are perfectly fine, there could be some glitch in the iOS itself. Try restarting your iPhone and check if the problem is resolved. If there is any software issue, it should be cleared by restarting. If it hasn’t, then now, we have some limited windows for you.

#5. Restore from earlier backup or update iOS

There could be some issue with iOS that doesn’t resolve simply by restarting iPhone. Give it a try by restoring your device with an earlier backup when the headphone mode was not bothering. You can also check for the latest iOS update, if available, download and install it. Now, even if this hasn’t helped you, then I am afraid, there’s not much of a hope left.

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#6. Time to talk with the genius people at Apple

The Last and the final option is to book an appointment with Apple Store and pay a visit there. If it is a hardware problem and your device is under warranty, then you might get a replacement.

Did any of the fix help you resolve the issue? Do you have any other working fix to help fellow users? Share it in comments or on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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