Send iMessage with Spotlight and Echo Effects on iPhone

iMessage has got two all-new screen effects such as, “Spotlight” and “Echo” in iOS 11. While the former highlights your message by putting a large spotlight over it, the latter multiplies the message all over the screen; thereby bringing plenty of fun into the play. How about having a go at these new screen effects? Go through this quick guide to send iMessage with Spotlight and Echo screen effects in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

The process of sending iMessage with Echo or Spotlight screen effect is same as before. So, if you had used this feature in iOS, you would be quite familiar with it. But if you have just switched to the ecosystem, it would be a whole new experience for you. Enough talk; let’s dive right in to find out how it works!

How to Send iMessage with Spotlight and Echo Effects in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch Messages app on your iOS device → Open any conversation.

Step #2. Now, tap on iMessage text field → Type the message.

Step #3. Next up, touch and hold the send button.

Type Text and Tap on Send Button in Messages App in iOS 11

Step #4. Up next, you need to select the Screen tab at the top.

Tap on Screen Tab in iMessages on iPhone in iOS 11

Now, go ahead and send your message with your fav screen effects.

Send iMessage with Echo Screen Effect: Echo is the first screen effect in iOS 11. Simply tap on the arrow button to send it.

Send iMessage with Echo Effect in iOS 11 on iPhone

Send iMessage with Spotlight Screen Effect: To send your message with Spotlight, just swipe left from right on the screen and then hit the send button. It’s second on the list—from the beginning.

Send iMessage with Spotlight Effect in iOS 11

Likewise, swipe left from right to left to access more screen effects like love, confetti, etc.

Send iMessage with Love and Confetti Screen Effect in iOS 11

Send Photo/Video and GIF with Echo/Spotlight Screen Effect in iMessage on iOS 11

You can also send GIF, photo, and video with Echo and Spotlight effects. If you want to send photo/video with the screen effect, tap on the camera icon → either select the clip from your library or snap a new one → Tap and hold send button → Select screen effect → then go about sending it as usual.

Send Photo with Screen Effect in iOS 11 on iPhoneSend Photo with Screen Effect in iOS 11

Likewise, to send GIF with the screen effect, Tap on App Store icon → Tap on the red search button at the bottom → select any cool GIF and then send it as mentioned above.

Send GIF with Screen Effect in iOS 11 on iPhoneSend GIF with Screen Effect in iOS 11

Your Favorite Screen Effects?

I like to send iMessage with screen effects as they provide the real wings to the emotions. Among all the nine-screen effects, I like Love, Echo and off course Spotlight. I’m so sad to know that there are no new bubble effects in iOS 11.

Which is your favorite screen effect? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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