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With iOS 10, iMessaging has become incredibly exciting. Whether you wish to play any exciting game with your friends, send/receive money, scan any text, reserve any restaurant or watch any video, you can now do all these stuff and much more right from iMessage.

To let you use the revamped Messages in iOS 10 like a pro, we have made an ultimate guide. This time, we have set our eyes on the best iMessage apps to rev up your conversation like never before. Let's give them a quick look!

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Best iMessage Apps for iOS 10

Best iMessage Apps: Spice Up iMessaging in iOS 10 on your iPhone/iPad

#1. Circle Pay

Circle Pay iMessage App IconWith Circle Pay, you can easily pay to your friends and get paid using either your phone number or email. Better still, you don't need to open the app as you can get it done through the iMessage itself.

Price: Free
Download Circle Pay

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#2. Drafts

Drafts iMessage App IconDrafts have been designed to let you share text with ease. Simply capture any text and share it with anyone in iMessage quickly. It comes with the widget, 3D Touch and share extension support.

Price: $4.99
Download Drafts

#3. OpenTable

OpenTable iMessage App IconOpenTable lets you search, reserve, and manage restaurant reservations with optimum convenience right from the Messages app. So, if you ever decided to treat your friends with memorable dinner, you won't have to spend a lot of time to find the right place.

Price: Free
Download OpenTable

#4. Scanbot

Scanbot iMessage App IconScanbot is a fabulous mobile scanner app for documents as well as QR codes. It allows you to create PDF or JPEG scans directly in iMessage. You can easily access your last document using its widget.

Price: Free
Download Scanbot

#5. Genius

Genius iMessage App IconClaimed to be the world's biggest collection of song lyrics, Genius can be great for your iMessage. While communicating with your friends, if you feel like sharing any memorable song, you can instantly send it in the iMessage. You will also love watching the video of your memorable songs.

Price: Free
Download Genius

#6. GamePigeon

GamePigeon iMessage App IconWhat about playing a game with your friends while chatting? With GamePigeon, you have a collection of awesome two-player games. So, if you ever feel boring while iMessaging, you get started with a funny game to bring the real joy into the play.

Price: Free
Download GamePigeon

#7. Xoxo

xoxo iMessage App IconXoxo is yet another superb game. It's a pretty simple but fun-loving tic-tac-toe game involving up to five people. It can be really amazing for group messaging.

Price: Free
Download xoxo

#8. Polaroid Swing

Polaroid Swing iMessage App IconDo you love to capture moments? Polaroid Swing lets you create movies photos. Take 3D selfies, create moving profile image and more. Polaroid Swing can indeed bring a lot of fun into your iMessaging.

Price: Free
Download Polaroid Swing

#9. ESPN

ESPN iMessage App IconAre you fond of sports? ESPN not only allows you to share the score with your friends but also lets you watch the highlight of the game right from the iMessage. Just 3D Touch on the app icon to get to know the latest news about your favorite team.

Price: Free
Download ESPN

#10. Words With Friends

Words With Friends iMessage App IconHow about indulging into a terrific word game? It would be a wonderful ideal to test your vocabulary while iMessaging. This cool game can just turn out to be extremely addictive.

Price: Free
Download Words with Friends

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So, which one of these iMessage apps have you downloaded and installed on your iPhone? Would you like to let us know your choice? Feel free to connect with us and share your views in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Also, try our app on your iDevice.

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Price: Free+

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