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You got a beautiful new iPhone, and it was working great all the while. All of a sudden, it begins to shut off. Not once, not twice but sometimes. That's when it dawns on you that you're in serious trouble. What's the first thing you do? Of course, head to the Apple Store and get the damn thing replaced.

There is nothing so strange about random rebooting of an iPhone. Really. It could be due to quite a few evil things. For instance, faulty apps could be playing the spoil-sport, the flawed backup might be hurting your iPhone, and of course, there could be some hardware issue as well. So before going for the kill; it would be apt to try out some proven tricks to fix this random rebooting issue. Let's cut the chase!

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Check out this post if you are facing the issue of iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.1.2.


iPhone Keeps Restarting

A New iPhone keeps Restarting?

If you got a new iPhone recently and are eligible for replacement without burning a hole in your pocket, the first thing that you do when you are stuck with an iPhone that keeps rebooting, shutting off or freezing is to head to the store or authorized service center and get it either fixed or replaced.

Older Models, Out of Replacement Period, etc.

For the rest of the crowd that isn’t as lucky, continue reading the article.

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My iPhone keeps restarting! What do I do?

As mentioned above, the repeated rebooting of an iPhone could be due to several things. Hence, you might have tried out some solutions to fix the problem. Besides, you need to take care of a few basic things to prevent your device from burning on both ends.

Solution #1: Hard Reboot Your iPhone

Force restarting your device is one of the first and simplest solutions you can try to resolve this issue.

Simply press and hold the Home button and ON/OFF button at once for about 10 seconds to hard reset your device.

How to Restart-Reboot iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

On iPhone 7/7 Plus, you have to press and hold volume down and ON/OFF buttons at once.

Reboot iPhone 7-7 Plus

To force restart iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, press and release volume up button, the press and release volume down button and keep pressing Sleep/Wake button until you see Apple logo.

Hard Reboot iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 8

Important: As a side note, make sure to charge your iOS device in normal ambient temperature between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F). Low- or high-temperature conditions might affect the performance of the device and also change its behavior.

Solution #2: Turn Off Power Hungry Features When Not In Use

Continuous location tracking puts a lot of pressure on the device. As a result, it tends to heat up. Hence, use GPS tracking smartly and allow apps to track your location only when you need it.

Besides, turning off background app refresh can also help. Open Settings>General> Background App Refresh and turn it off.

Note: Don’t keep apps open in the background. Once you have used any app, force quit it. You can simply double-click the Home button to bring up app switcher and then swipe up to close the app. Jump over to this guide to force quit app on iPhone X.

Solution #3: Reset Your iOS Device to Factory Settings

If the problem persists, try resetting your device to factory default. It will remove all the login details and Wi-Fi passwords from your device. Though your data will remain safe.

Open Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings.

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Tap on Settings then General on iDeviceTap on Reset All Settings on iPhone in iOS 11

Solution #4: Update Apps

The old version of apps is known to create problems. They not only eat into a lot of power, run slowly but also become unresponsive time and again. Hence, it's better to run only the updated version of apps. Head over to App Store → Updates → and update all the apps.

Additionally, clear the cache of apps from time to time to prevent them from cluttering your device:

Solution #5: Get Rid of the Unused Apps

Are there some apps, which you hardly use or don't need anymore on your device? If yes, it’s time to clear them away. There is no point in keeping the apps, which are of no use to you. It will not just retrieve some precious storage on your device but also help the iOS device run a bit more smoothly.

With iOS 11 or later, you can automatically offload unused apps on your device. The best thing about this feature is that it allows you to delete apps even without deleting their data. Hence, when you reinstall them, you can recover the data.

Solution #6: Clean Up Your Device

We have made a complete guide about how to optimize the performance of iPhone and iPad. Head over to eliminate junk files and improve the performance of your device. Refer it this guide shoot out the mess.

Solution #7: Delete Faulty Apps

No matter how strong and protecting the App Store is said to be, some apps aren't really good for the health of your iPhone. One of these, possibly, could be ruining your iPhone experience. Did you download any new app that triggered the issue? It doesn't matter if it's a popular app or an app that no one has ever heard of. Just try deleting it.

Delete the app → Reboot your iPhone → Sync with iTunes and see if this sorts the issue.

Solution #8: Software Update/Restore From An Old Backup

No luck yet? Update your iOS device to the latest software. The old version of the iOS might be playing a dubious role. Settings → General → Software Update.

Just in case, you can't update the software on your device, restore your iPhone as new using iTunes. As always, make sure to back up your device before going through the process.

To do so, connect your iPhone to the computer → open iTunes → Click on Restore iPhone and confirm. Then, restore your device from the iTunes backup.

Restore iPhone Using iTunes

In case you got lucky, things will be back to normal.

Note: If the problem continues even after restoring your device, go for the Recovery Mode + Restore option. Head over to this post to put your iOS device into recovery mode. To enter recovery mode on iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, check out this guide.

If All Else Fails:

There is a possibility that the battery might be playing the villainous role for your device. Hence, go to nearby Apple authorized center and get the battery replaced.

Wrap Up:

Resolved the problem? As these tricks have worked for many users, I do hope they can click for you as well. Do let us know your feedback and whether or not you have got success with these solutions.

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Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of iGeeksBlog.com. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.

  • valeria

    hello , I have an Iphone 5c . everything was working perfectly fine until today it when to the lock screen and then when I try to unlock it , it just restarts it self … I tried the lock and home button but nothing happen . What can I do ??????

  • Jami

    i repaired my iphone, now its restarting again and again with the interval of time while charging, any solution

    • aiman

      so do i, anyone can give explaination

  • dhan bir

    hi , i have reset problem with my iphone5s , because when it was resetting i suddenly turned off the iphone .so i wanna reset again but its not processing ,how i can fix it pls

  • Annie Wang

    I would like to share my similar but weird situation. My iPhone 6 Plus has the same problem and every once a while it shuts down and restarts by itself since day 1 I bought the brand new phone. At first it didn’t bother me too much until one day I was on an important conference call and the phone did it again! What is really interesting is that the conference call kept going after the phone restarted, my colleague on the line said they were talking to me but I had no response for a minute, then they heard I was shouting for a charger so they knew I was still there. How strange is that??? I saw with my eyes that the phone restarted with the apple logo showing up but maybe it was just the screen shutting off or something? Anyone has any clue? Also my 1 year warranty is about to end on 10/26, I just contacted Apple today for the first time for this issue, Apple told me to reset my phone. I asked her what happens if the problem remains and I’m running out of my time to test it out, she said we will look at other options to fix it but after the warranty expires I may have to pay for the service :-(

  • Reece

    I have an iphone 5. Its 2nd hand from my mum and ive only used for 1 dAY… I get to school and I put data on and it reboots itself. hours past and now it turns on then I don’t even have 1 second to do anything to fix it and then reboots again and again and again.. literally as soon as it turns on it turns off again… HELP ASAP!!!!!!

    • danbo

      omfg high five halppppppppp

  • Abdul Rehman Nasir

    What the F is this Apple. My Iphone 5 keeps on restarting. i have changed my battery but still having the same problem. i do not know what to do now, i am really pissed off by Apple Co. i might switch to Samsung.

    • MAXX

      As they said buddy Apple is not Android… Android is 100 times more better than ios. Why ? Because The way i see it… iphone is for slaves. And Android is for people that can use their heads. aPPLE IS NOT FLEXIBLE AND WILL HOLD YOU TO THEIR LIMITS aND MOST OF YOU WILL DIE NOT KNOWING YOU EVER BEEN LIMITED bY APPLE. sAMSUNG IS ON THE OTHER SIDE ABLE TO DO WHAT APPLE DOES AND MUCH MORE. BUY ITS ONLY FOR THOES THAT HAS A BRAIN IN THEIR SKULL AND KNOWS HOW TO USE IT.

      • Micah L

        Uh.. the way I see it, is they’re both phones used to call, text and maybe play games on, or browse the web… same function.. different platform

  • Mr. Tryingtohelp

    I have this problem before. My iPhone 5 restart randomly. Its battery bar does not change even I charge it or use it. The bar will show either 55%, 2% or etc and it’s not changing until the phone is restart. But, finally I got it fixed. I search on many website how to fix the problem. Some said that I need to change my battery, restore and do hard reset. I tried everything but it does not help at all. Actually, the battery and software are in good condition. The problem is the IC, capacitor or transistor inside. These are the steps that I do to fix my phone :

    1. I used the phone over and over, even it restart by itself everytime. I used it until there is no battery left. At that time you will not be able to start the phone at all because the battery is 0%, even if it not shown correctly on the screen. (It will stuck at apple logo and off)
    2. Charge the phone about 1 hour. But DO NOT switch on the phone yet. Wait until one hour. Then switch on the phone.
    3. Now your phone will turn to normal, but the battery life will become weaker than before. At least, it is not broken.
    *note: make sure you use the original charger and cable that you get from apple store.

    Now my phone are doing fine. Hope this method can help you fix your phone. Goodluck.

    • kris

      the thing is when you plug the charger it will automatically restart since 1% of its battery is recharged. How did u keep it off for 1 hour then?

  • James_Barber

    i have and iphone 5 with ios 8.4 and every time i unlock the screen, it shows diffferent colours and decides to reboot, this have been happening for a while now

  • jack_foobar

    This thing seems to be constantly trying to access the cellular network(in a dead zone) and buffer overflows and reboots. Rinse repeat. There is a bug in the wireless settings or driver being used for this POS phone. And F You Apple. I’m glad Steve’s dead.

  • Efe

    My iPhone 5s fell, it went off, i guess the battery got disconnected, took it in for repair, now it keeps on restarting, displaying apple log and then goes to restore mode, but when i connect it to itunes to restore and update, it will load the software halfway and then restart again. what must I do?

    • luchi

      Am having the same problem as u with my iphone 4. Have u found any solution to this?

  • Ayee Go

    ‘Turning OFF and then ON cellular data and 4G’ worked for me. Thank you for the tip. Mine is iPhone 4S with iOS 8.3. 4S kept rebooting while charging on the power adapter, and never came to full 100% charge on the PC/USB charge. Hard to believe that a simple cellular data OFF & ON would work, but it does.

    • asdasdasd

      Hi, did your iPhone 4s keep restarting while charging?( every minutes ) Mine 4s after I downloaded a game name: Tower Of Sav… it keep restart every minutes…help me pls

    • bob the mac

      Same configuration. The hack to turn off and on the mobile data seems to work with my iPhone 4S as well. For the first night the phone didn’t boot any more by itself. I also turned off the possibility to use mobile data for some selected apps.
      Let’s see if things stay the same…

  • erlefklsfks;

    have you tried to turn it off than on ?

  • Mei

    Someone fixed my power button but after that my iPhone 5 restart itself ,before restart the screen turns like gray and turns off then on. and show apple icon .

  • jazz

    my mom’s iphone 6+ is frkin getting me mad

  • Sarah

    I have an iPhone 5c and I woke up and it was totally restarted

  • Steven Engstrom Jr.

    My iPhone 5s is only about 7 months old. Now all the sudden its restarting. I tried everything and nothing worked. I Need help. It blue screens for two seconds then restarts.

    • Stephen Cavallaro

      I am having the same issue started today I believe and it’s the blue screen reset

    • Learned my lesson

      Go buy a galaxy note 4 or a nexus 6. Don’t waste your time with Apple.

      • eodguy

        don’t be stupid. If you have a fix, tell us! we are not looking for an idiot telling us that IOS is bad!

  • LadyBug

    My 5s fell into water and when I put it to charge, the apple sign flashes on for a few seconds and then turns off. It repeats this and apparently gets no charge. When I hold down the home button and lock button, it says I should plug it in and connect to iTunes. But I CAN’T CONNECT IT TO ITUNES CAUSE IT KEEPS SHUTTING OFF. Help!!

    • Victor Thomas

      Put into rice for 48 hours, before its too late.

  • Andrew Ruangtip

    i have an iphone 5 and had no problems with resetting itself until i upgraded to ios 8. Then all of the sudden it resets itself at least 5 times a day. Then i had to do a full restore and work fine. Then 8.1 comes and i download that, it does it again. WTF APPLE!!!. I thought your os is supposed to be stable and now with ios 8 that is not the case. I am seriously considering switching to android.

    • Matias Martinsen

      any luck yet?

  • sara

    hello , I have an iphone 4s , and always worked perfectly … until I upgrade to the 8 ips … since then , the iphone is always restarting … I do not know what to do ! I called the assistance they told me to do the restore as new, and did nothing , all the same !
    I know that the my phone was so well, before updating to ios8 , I need to downgrade to ios7 quickly !!!!!

  • Candace Law-Newton

    I had no issues until I updated iOS 8. Now my phone stays on the start up screen with the apple. I’ve done everything possible. Grrrr tempted to buy a galaxy.

  • Chaindrivr

    My phone restarted it’s self well over 30 times in one day I was going crazy and couldn’t find any solutions. Apple Store couldn’t fit me in for a few days & none of the above things worked for me so I just rest the phone to factory settings and restored my back up & so far so good..

  • Chris 1966

    Have the same problem, None of the solutions worked for me. Went onto the Apple site and clicked the link for support direct to my phone. Click on the message sent to your phones e-mail and it sends a diagnostic to Apple. within seconds I received a message telling me the battery is the issue. New battery required, hope this helps.

  • CEO Dick

    My iPhone 4 is jailbroken, has no memory left, and wont stop restarting?! I’ve tried the master reset with the lock button and the back button. It’s not letting me sync with ITunes, because there’s not enough space. like I’m just out of opinions

  • Bob

    My iphone just won’t get past the actual reboot, as soon as it reboots, it turns itself off and starts again so I can’t do anything

  • toooldforthisjunk

    When my iPhone 4s randomly started rebooting every 2 seconds, simply holding down the lock button and home button set it straight, and then i plugged it back into the charger. I have no idea what caused it, but i thought maybe it was a connection issue?

    • Could be. No guessing there though. Weirdest stuff keeps happening with all smartphones, iPhone included.

  • BillJacks

    I know this discussion is getting old, but just want to say that turning cellular data off then back on fixed it for me. Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data — switch to off, then switch back to on. That’s it. I can’t believe it, but it worked. I was minutes from leaving work to go to the Apple store. I don’t know how this makes any sense at all, but thank you.

  • arei domba

    Help !! Iphone5s cannot turn on . I already hold power off/on and home button about 10second . But still not worker . Actually my battery had a problem . Two day ago i bought new battery . Today iphone turn of automatic . How to do? Pleasee help :’) thanks

    • Did you replace the battery yourself? It looks like it might be a connection issue inside the iPhone..

      • arei domba

        I already sold it yesterday . Because they said my iphone had a problem with motherboard and if i repair need to spend lot of money .. so sad .. i miss my iphone !!! however thanks you so much dear.

  • billy

    i need help, i have an iphone 4 and recently it just started freezing and restarting

    • Did you try all the steps mentioned in the post?

  • Diego Fuentes

    Someone fixed my power button but after that my iPhone 5 restart every 2 minutes before restart the screen turns like gray and turns off then on. So I shake my iPhone and I heard like a cable is disconnected, do you think that’s the reason? And what cable do you think it could be? Thank you

    • No idea about the cable but it sounds like you’ve got to take your iPhone to the Apple Store.

  • David H

    Please help me, my iphone 3gs won’t turn all the way on. It starts to boot up, shows the apple logo, then the logo dissapears, but it still on but just with a black screen, then it turns off with no screen. it keeps repeating this forever untill the battery dies, then i charge it enough and it does the same thing. all over again.

    • Try restoring your iPhone 3gs through iTunes. Connect the device to
      computer, fire up itunes and see if you can restore. If not, take it to
      the nearest Apple store.

      • Rohit Khullar

        Hi I have same issue. I have tried restoring to latest 6.1.6. The whole process worked completely but still iphone is restarting only. Please help because even apple genius has said that don’t know how to fix. Honestly I just need my contacts back. I have made backup but now I read on internet that backup doesn’t include contacts. Please help

        • Looks like taking to the Apple store seems to be the only alternative.

          • Rohit Khullar

            Thanks that was very helpful

  • Avalonica

    This is interesting. When intermittent iPhone faults like this come up, people also come up with the most bizarre fixes. Turning cellular on and off has no relation to this and can have no effect at all on what is undoubtedly a hardware problem. But you do the “fix”, look at the phone, and – hey! It’s not doing it ! But you forget it was an intermittent problem, and whilst you’re staring at your phone after the fix and it’s not doing it, you convince yourself that this has fixed it. I’ve seen this sort of thing time and time again. You could convince people that taking a photo would “cure” it. Best guess of the reality here is that it’s a very slightly loose battery, and a small thump causes the mini-reboot.

  • Kushal Desai

    Thanks a lot man…. I got my iphone back! I really appreciate that! (y)

    • Cheers… :)

      • TJ

        Hey, iv got a iphone 5 and it randomly turns off and on can you help me

  • do-it-yourself iPhone repair is quick, inexpensive, and isn’t as difficult as you may think! Whether you need iPhone 4S screen repair, dropped your iPhone in a pool, or, shattered the screen into tiny little pieces, there is an iPhone repair kit for you!

  • Sheel

    For me this “Turn ON/OFF Cellular” thing works perfectly, thanks!

  • Roger Sylvain

    Turning off Cell Data worked. While it was off I went into Numbers changed a couple things then turned on cellular data but left LTE off then made more changes and then turn LTE on. I figure that mixes it up with another solution I saw on a different forum.

    • Bajan Alexandru

      hi can you hepl me please…it seems like you solve your problem with your phone by switching on/off cellular data…but you you be more specific please. What changes did you do after you left the cellular data off?

      • I think he just turned off cellular, then went and made some changes to
        the Numbers app. It doesn’t really matter. You can just turn off
        cellular, and then turn it on but turn off 3G/LTE.. after sometime, turn
        it on.

  • mcgee

    issue is battery or cable conenctor. replace both to be sure.

    • Matias Martinsen

      what is the cable connector