How to Transfer Files from PC or Mac to iPhone and iPad Quickly with Pushbullet

Transferring files between your computer and iPhone/iPad is not an easy thing to do unless it’s music, photos that you sync through iTunes.

For example, if I wanted to transfer a simple PDF file to my iPhone, I’d have to use a roundabout method: Dropbox, iBooks sync or email it to myself. That’s not neat. For all its glory and usability, when it comes to simple file management, the iPhone doesn’t work like Android. And that’s Apple’s policy.

Transfer Files from PC or Mac to iPhone and iPad Quickly

But if you want to transfer a file from your PC to iPhone, or vice versa, Pushbullet can be a handy app that helps you do just that.

What’s Pushbullet?

It’s an app for your iPhone/iPad. There’s an Android app too. Also, you can install a Firefox plugin, a Windows app or add a friend (email) to your Pushbullet account. Once you’ve created your Pushbullet account, you can “push” a lot of stuff to the device from the web interface. Here are the things you can send to your iPhone through Pushbullet:

  • A message
  • A link
  • A file
  • A list
  • A location

Transferring Files to your iPhone Through Pushbullet

Sending a file to your iPhone/iPad is as easy as it can get.

First, make sure you’ve installed Pushbullet app on your iPhone and logged in.

  • Login to your Pushbullet account account on the web
  • Click on the attachment icon in the Pushes form

Transfer Files from PC or Mac to iPhone and iPad Quickly Using Pushbullet

  • Click on the “To” field and select the file to be uploaded.
  • Click “Push It”
  • In less than a fraction of a second, your iPhone should show a notification from Pushbullet.

Of course, the point of all this is just transferring a file so you can open that in a specific app. For instance, I transferred a pdf file to my iPhone and opened it in iBooks. I didn’t have to sync or connect to iTunes and all that stuff. That’s pretty insane for me. Pushbullet’s simple method is perfect, especially if you don’t like to use iTunes to transfer files.

Yeah, there are limitations (obviously). First off, you can transfer files from your computer to iPhone/iPad but not the other way round. You can only send photos or links or notes from your iPhone to a computer. Secondly, Pushbullet isn’t built with image preview or document preview features. That means you’ll need to rely on other apps to open files you send through Pushbullet. That’s not much of a limitation though.