App frozen on iPhone or iPad? 9 Solutions to fix the issue

How to fix app frozen on iPhone or iPad

Do you often get stuck in frozen apps on your iPhone or iPad? I can tell it’s frustrating and kills the vibe of exploring your favorite games or social media apps. Worse is the pain of needing to start a task all over because an app crashed. Keep reading to fix apps frozen on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Force-close and reopen the app
  2. Restart your iPhone or iPad
  3. Free up storage
  4. Check if the app is outdated
  5. Delete and reinstall the app
  6. Check the network connection
  7. Update your OS version
  8. Reset network settings
  9. Multiple apps crashing on iPhone or iPad? Restore factory settings

1. Force-close and reopen the app

As mentioned, the first line of action is to force-close an app. Some apps recover excellently with this, as doing so clears temporary caching or network issues that might’ve resulted from the app.

Force quit the app

As simple as this may look, it works for many people. Once force-closed, reopen the app and see if it doesn’t freeze this time. If the problem persists, move along to the next solution.

2. Restart your iPhone or iPad

The next thing I ask people is to restart their iPhone or iPad. Besides clearing your phone’s RAM, restarting your iPhone or iPad helps fix if multiple apps are crashing.

Hopefully, this fixes the problem. But if you still notice numbness on your screen after restarting, don’t give up. Just follow along.

3. Free up storage

Like your PC or Mac, your phone might become unable to run apps successfully anymore if your internal storage is full. This might be due to excessive app installation, heavy videos and photo files, and more. To check your iPhone or iPad storage, go to SettingsGeneraliPhone Storage.

You’ll see a stat of your internal storage usage at the top, including the legend for each category. For instance, a red region might indicate how much storage installed apps have consumed. You might want to free up storage on your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, you can also delete some files and back them up on iCloud or PC.

💡Tip: If you need more space outside the Apple ecosystem, these cloud storage apps can help.

4. Check if the app is outdated

Another reason why an app may become unresponsive is if it’s outdated. An outdated app will fail to meet your iOS specification. Plus, the developer has probably stopped pushing support for the old version.

You should expect such an app to crash or freeze often. It might even affect other features on your iPhone.

Check if the affected app requires an update and update it if it does:

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Tap your picture icon at the top right.
  3. Scroll down. You’ll see a list of installed apps, with those needing an update at the top.
  4. Look for the affected app and tap the UPDATE prompt.


5. Delete and reinstall the app

If an app keeps freezing even after updating it, consider deleting the app and reinstalling it from scratch. An update might’ve failed to remove the bugs causing the app to freeze. But deleting and reinstalling gives the installation a fresh start. Usually, everything looks fine after reinstalling.

6. Check the network connection

Poor or no internet connection can also cause an app to freeze on the iPhone or iPad. It’s even rampant with apps that require active internet access to work.

So, another quick fix is to make sure your iPhone or iPad has internet network access. If you’re using public Wi-Fi, ideally, you want to ensure your phone has a secure connection.

If you notice that despite being connected to Wi-Fi, your iPhone’s internet isn’t working, try these connection fixes. However, if you use mobile data instead, there are many ways to fix 3G, 4G, or LTE connection issues.

7. Update your OS version

An obsolete iOS or iPadOS might also cause apps to become unresponsive on the iPhone or iPad. There are many underlying reasons for this.

But incompatibility of your phone’s OS with the freezing app is usually the culprit. And many people with similar problems have confirmed that updating their iOS fixed the problem. So, consider updating to the latest OS version.

8. Reset network settings

A network reset fixes many network-related issues on the iPhone. It also helps remove unknown VPNs or proxy services that may be responsible for unresponsive apps.

And thankfully, you won’t lose any app or file due to a network reset. The process is also straightforward:

  1. Go to iPhone or iPad Settings → General → scroll down and tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  2. Tap Reset → Reset Network Settings.

    Reset Network settings on iPhone and iPad
  3. Enter your passcode and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

9. Multiple apps crashing on iPhone or iPad? Restore factory settings

I hardly recommend this solution, as it can be daunting. However, take it as a last resort if every other trick has failed. Also, a factory reset helps fix many apps at once if the freezing is widespread.

However, remember that this action will erase your phone’s local storage files. So, you want to first back them up on iCloud or iTunes before going ahead.

That’s it!

I believe these solutions should help you fix the frozen apps issue on your iPhone or iPad. However, one solution never fits all. So, trying a few recommended tricks might yield a better result.

Did any of these solutions solve the unresponsive apps problem on your iPhone and iPad? Let me know what worked for you in the comments section below.

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