iPhone & iPad Apps Frozen? Here Are Some Solutions to Fix The Issue

iPhone App Freezes

Apps are part and parcel of any smartphone; without using any app, you won’t be able to make the most of your smart device. Apps actually decorate your communication devices.

If you are the proud owners of gadgets like iPhone and iPad, you must have laid your hands on various apps; at the same time, you must have faced problems like apps that freeze while downloading your favorite apps.

How to Fix iPhone & iPad Apps Get Frozen

Whenever an app freezes, it is the most exasperating moment as there is a kind of stalemate on the screen; the app doesn’t move forward or backward. In this situation, you would like to shut down your iPhone or iPad immediately. This could be quite handy in such irksome moment; but there are other workarounds too.

Tap The App Which You Were Downloading

While there are many merits of a sensitive touchscreen, it has its own demerits also; a gentle unwitting touch can initiate another action. And if you have accidentally tapped the app, which was being downloaded on your iPhone/iPad, there are chances that the app comes to a standstill; this means your iPhone pauses the download. You can easily notice this on your phone’s screen, where you can see “Paused” appeared below the app. In this case, just tap on the app again and download will be resumed.

Have You Checked Your Wi-Fi Connection?

Normally, users tend to use Wi-Fi connection for app download. If there is any technical issue, the download will be stopped for a few seconds. But there is no guarantee that it will be resumed once the Wi-Fi connection is stabilized. So you may need to start download process again after your internet connection is regained.

Reboot Your iDevice

This is a one remedy for many maladies. Jokes apart, rebooting your device can resolve many bigger and smaller issues. So when you see that an app is frozen during download procedure, go for rebooting your iPhone or iPad. Press and hold Home button and power button simultaneously until an Apple logo appears on the screen. After rebooting, check the status of app you wanted to download; if the app is disappeared, download it again from the App Store. If the problem is not solved, go for the next solution.

Delete & Reinstall The App

For more often than not, your iOS would support this action. Delete the app and reinstall it. Press and hold the app until all apps start wriggling; you can see a delete (x) icon on the top left part of all apps. Confirm the action by tapping on Delete button when you are prompted to delete the app. If the app disappears from your iPhone, reinstall it.

Download Another App

Sometimes weird solutions work and this could be one such workaround for you while you are facing app freezing issue. Download another app from the App Store and chances are that download for paused app will resume.

Log Out From iTunes and Reboot Your Device

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iPhone/iPad → Tap on iTunes & App Store.

Tap on Settings Then iTunes and App Store

Step #2. Tap on your Apple ID.

Tap on Apple ID on iPhone

A menu will pop up on the screen with three options: View Apple ID, Sign Out and iForgot.

Step #3. Tap on Sign Out.

Tap Sign Out from App Store Settings on iPhone

Step #4. Sign into iTunes & App Store with another Apple ID.

If not solved, frozen apps can be a headache for users, and hence, the issued should be addressed as early as possible. Placing the app icon somewhere on your phone’s screen is not a solution as every user is impatient to use the app.

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