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Setting up location-based reminders is pretty much the same in iOS 7 as it was before (in iOS 6). But a few things seem to have changed in the way iOS 7 works that affects the alerts.

We go through the process of creating location-based reminders again (for beginners) and also look at what you need to do to make sure the reminder alerts go off at the intended location.

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To setup a location-based reminder, you can ask Siri directly (if you're using an iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s) or simply follow this:

How to Setup Location-based Reminders In iOS 7 on iPhone

(Note: you have to make sure Location Services are enabled (under Privacy) for this to work)

  • Open the Reminders app
  • Tap on an empty space to create a new reminder
  • Add some description to the reminder and tap on Done.
  • Now, tap on the blue “i” icon to the right of the reminder.

Blue i Icon in iOS 7

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  • Turn ON the switch for Remind Me At a Location

Setting up Location-based Reminders In iOS 7 on iPhone

  • You'll notice that you can actually tweak the circle on the map to set the alert to go off at a particular distance from the chosen location.

Location-based Reminders In iOS 7 on iPhone

  • Tap on “When I arrive…” or “When I leave…” – as is your need.
  • Tap on Done

You've set a location-based reminder now. This should, by default, work as intended.

However, several users have reported issues. Let's get that fixed.

  • In iOS 7, you will need to be running the Reminders app constantly (in the background) for the location-based reminders to work. This means, you should not remove it from the multi-tasking switcher.
  • Also, make sure under Settings → iCloud → the switch for Reminders is turned ON. This is usually ON but if it's off for some reason, turn it back on.
  • Obviously, you need to have your location services enabled for all this to work but also make sure they're not turned OFF for Reminders. This can be found in Settings → Privacy → Location Services.
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Got any more tip about location-based reminders/alerts? Do share with us!

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