How to Create and Use HTML Signature in Mail App in Mac OS X

It’s very easy to create and use HTML signature in Mail app of Mac OS X. We have mentioned a detailed post on the same, so don’t forget to have a look at it.

Earlier, we published a post to guide on how to add a link or use HTML in Mail app on iPhone or iPad. Today, we will guide on the same, but this time, it will be for Mac OS X. There are many reasons why users prefer HTML signature. Out of them, customization is the most demanding one.

HTML signatures let you change font styles; add links, phone numbers, and much more. Creating an HTML signature on Mac OS X is like a cup of tea, just a few clicks and you are good to go. We have detailed the process below, so do have a look.

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How to Create and Use HTML Signature in Mail App on Mac

How to Create and Use HTML Signature in Mail App in Mac OS X

Step #1. Inside the Mail app on Mac OS X, create a new email. This is just for creating a signature, Email will not be sent.

Step #2. Now start typing your signature and customize it as per your requirement. The recent versions of Mail app automatically turn links to HTML links.

Step #3. Once you are done with typing, select entire signature and copy it to Clipboard. You can use keyboard shortcut Command + C to copy it. Once you are done, discard the email.

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Compose New Email and Copy Text in Mail App on Mac

Step #4. Head to the “Mail” menu, followed by clicking on “Preferences.”

Click on Preferences in Mail on Mac

Step #5. Click on the “Signature” tab, in case you aren’t already there.

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Click on Signatures Tab in Mail App Prefernces on Mac

Step #6. From the left, select the Email account in which you wish to include HTML signature. This step is for users who have multiple Email accounts setup in the Mail app.

Step #7. Now click on the “+“, give your signature a name and then, paste the copied signature on the right open space.

Create HTML Signature in Mail App on Mac

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Step #8. Quit the Preferences and back to Mail app. Create a new mail, just to check if the changes have been applied.

You can also create multiple signatures for any single Email account. In case you do so, you’ll get to select signature from the drop-down menu located below the Subject column.

That’s all folks! You can comment below for any suggestion or feedback. Alternatively, you can also contact us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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