How to Clear RAM on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR: A Quick Way to Fix Sluggish Performance

Though the process of resetting RAM on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR is a bit different, you can get it done quickly—after the initial setup!

Powered by 3/4GB of RAM, iPhone X series is designed to run in top gear. Whether you want to play high-octane games, watch your favorite movies or browse the web for hours, the smartphone can stand up to the high demand admirably. However, if you burn the device on both ends extensively, you may have to clear the RAM on your iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR from time to time so that it continues to deliver the goods smoothly.

Resetting memory on the previous iPhones (or iPad) is a tad easier thanks to the availability of Home button. But how do you flush the RAM on iPhone X series as it lacks the iconic button? AssistiveTouch comes to the rescue! Though the process is not as straightforward, it works just fine in resetting the RAM on the new iPhones.

How to Clear RAM on iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR

  • It will wipe out the RAM of background processes, system processes, and apps. Moreover, it will also clean up all the temporary files from the temporary storage. However, this action won’t remove any apps from the app switcher.
  • One more thing worth noting is that you can use these same steps (below mentioned) to wipe out the RAM on any iPhone running iOS 12/13 without Home button.

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iPhone → Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility in iPhone Settings

Step #2. Tap on Touch → AssistiveTouch and turn it on. Now, a gray and white circle will appear on the screen.

Tap on Touch and Then Tap AssistiveTouch on iPhone

Enable AssistiveTouch on iPhone

Step #3. Now, you need to go back to the Settings app and select General → Next, scroll down and tap on Shut Down.

Power Off iPhone X

Step #4. Next up, tap on the AssistiveTouch icon → Up next, you have to tap and hold the “Home” button icon until the screen turns black and flashes white.

Flush RAM on iPhone X

That’s done!

You have successfully cleared the RAM on your iPhone. Check out your smartphone would run more smoothly now, and there may not be any lag. Return to this trick whenever your time with the device seems to be a little under the weather.

Wrapping up:

Hopefully, your device has regained the Midas touch. There are several other ways through which you can boost the speed of your smartphone to run with the desired flair. If you are willing to take control of the overall performance of your iPhone X series, head over to this post.

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