This thing happens to almost everyone: you open the camera app on your iPhone, and it’s stuck for 5-10 seconds on the shutter screen. By the time the camera fully opens and is ready, the moment its. How do you fix this?

Apparently, this problem is caused by prolonged use of the camera app. A restore definitely helps, but that’s not the point right. We want to fix the issue without trying a restore.

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Here’s how to fix slow iPhone camera

The iPhone Camera is a weird app actually. Behind all its prowess, it’s well very hard to do a lot of stuff. Most importantly, it tries to read all data within the camera roll album you’ve got. The more there is stuff to read, the slower it gets.

How to Fix Slow iPhone Camera

Interestingly, once the camera loads, it doesn’t lag unless there’s something seriously wrong with your app or iPhone.

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So the first solution is to clear out your camera roll. You can actually put the same photos into some other album within the Photos app. This works a lot of times (and has exceptions too, and we’ll get to that later).

Do this:

  • First off, remove photos and videos from the camera roll that you don’t want.
  • Now, connect your iPhone to the PC/Mac. Open iTunes.
  • Via iTunes, sync all photos so that the camera roll is on your PC folder.
  • Now, take these photos and put them in a separate folder.
  • Sync this to a new album on your iPhone.
  • Clear out the camera roll.

Once you’re done, restart your iPhone. Make sure all background apps are closed. Now access the camera app to see if it fires up quickly.

Okay, this doesn’t work for me. What do I do now? If that’s what you are saying right now, the problem lies not just with the camera app and the data associated with it, but perhaps with the overall resources in your iPhone.

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Although the camera roll works independently, it needs enough processing space to fire up and work good. If you have loaded a lot of stuff onto your iPhone, basically apps and their related data, things can get a little hard to the camera app.

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In order to sort this out, you’ll have to remove apps that you don’t use, delete data from apps that are using a lot (for instance, Podcasts), etc.