Camera icon missing on iPhone or iPad? 4 Ways to fix it!

Camera Icon Missing on iPhone or iPad

Have you faced this situation when you would capture a beautiful moment, but the camera icon suddenly disappeared from your iPhone Home Screen? It’s indeed frustrating. But don’t worry. In this blog, I will share simple yet effective solutions to restore the missing Camera app on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Enable Camera from Screen Time settings
  2. Remove App Limits
  3. Reset the Home Screen layout
  4. Backup and restore your iPhone or iPad

1. Enable Camera from Screen Time settings

The camera icon missing on an iPhone is a common issue caused by wrong restrictions. To get the camera icon back on the Home Screen, simply adjust the Screen Time settings.

  1. Head to Settings → Tap Screen Time.
  2. Select Content & Privacy RestrictionsAllowed Apps.

    Tap Screen Time, Content & Privacy Restrictions, Allowed Apps
  3. Enter your passcode if prompted.
  4. Toggle on Camera.
    If it’s already enabled, toggle it off and back on again.

    Enter device passcode, enable Camera

2. Remove App Limits

If adjusting Screen Time doesn’t restore the lost camera icon, there is a high chance that the App Limits feature restricts access to the camera application.

  1. Navigate to Settings → Choose Screen Time App Limits.
  2. If you notice that a time limit has been set for using the camera app, Tap it.

    Tap Screen Time, App Limit, select active limit
  3. Tap Delete Limit → Select Delete Limit to disable it.
  4. Navigate to your Home Screen and check if the camera icon has reappeared.

    Click Delete Limit, delete limit

3. Reset the Home Screen layout

There is an ultimate fix if the camera icon is only missing on your iPhone Home Screen. Simply perform a quick Home Screen reset on your iPhone.

But before you proceed, note that this method may delete all customizations you have made to your home screen layout. Thus, I highly advise you to take screenshots of your current setup or note any personalized arrangements you would like to restore later.

4. Backup and restore your iPhone or iPad

I highly recommend this method if the camera icon is completely missing from your iPhone. First, back up your device and then download the data back. However, this procedure will erase all content and settings on your device.

Once the restore process finishes, choose to restore from a backup and select the most recent backup you created earlier. This should reinstall all apps, including the camera icon, back onto your iPhone. Besides, if you face this issue after installing iOS Beta, downgrade to the stable version.

Other fixes

The solutions mentioned above should get you the missing Camera app on your iPhone. If not, don’t fret. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.

  • Restart your iPhone: An unexpected iOS system issue might cause the Camera app or icon to disappear. So, restart your iPhone to resolve the glitches.
  • Update iOS: If most iPhone users are experiencing the same camera issues, Apple itself gets on the problem. Hence, keep an eye out to update your iOS.
  • Reset your iPhone: One effective solution to this problem is to reset your device to its factory settings. Note that it will erase all the data and settings on your device, so it is crucial to back up your data beforehand.
  • Contact Apple Support: If this problem is still rooted in your device, it’s time to contact Apple Support. Their team can guide you through troubleshooting and provide a tailored solution based on your device’s circumstances.


How can I quickly check if my camera app is missing?

Swipe down on the Home Screen or use the Spotlight search to look for the camera app. If it’s hidden, it should appear in the search results. If not, you might need to explore further solutions.

Is there a chance my device is physically damaged, causing the camera icon to disappear?

While it’s rare, physical damage can affect the camera’s functionality. If you suspect this, consulting an Apple technician is advisable.

Where did my camera disappear to? Is it deleted? 

If the camera icon has disappeared on your iPhone, you may suspect the camera app has been accidentally deleted. But it’s a built-in app and can’t be removed. You may use Spotlight Search to find the camera app.

Regain and revive!

There you have it, a series of quick and easy fixes to bring back the disappeared camera icon on your iPhone. So, no more missing out on those picture-perfect moments. Thanks for tuning in, and may your future photos be as transparent as your device’s icon is now.

If you find this guide helpful, take a moment to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I cannot thank you guys enough! I’m not great with the iPhone to begin with and have no idea why the camera disappeared. The second option of resetting the Home Screen worked perfectly. I am just so relieved. You can be sure I will bookmark your site for future problems! 🙄

  2. Thank you! For a long time I kept turning on my camera by accident. Then the camera icon disappeared completely. After a few days, I turned my camera on by accident twice, which sent me to your blog. The second option worked, and now I have a go-to site for the next time my iPhone goes wonky. Thanks!

  3. Thankyou so much.

    I accidentally deleted the camera from the Home Screen!!!!! Looked all over but found the answer with you. Well done.

    Thanks, you’ve done a good job, the instructions were easy to follow.

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