Notifications Not Working on your Apple Watch? Here is a Fix

Apple Watch comes quite handy when you want to check your email and other important notifications. By default, you receive notifications on your iPhone, but since your iPhone is locked or in sleep mode, you can easily check those notifications on your Apple Watch, which is paired with your iPhone.

But sometimes your Apple Watch fails to show you notifications for some unforeseen reasons. There are some possible solutions we have found by “tempering” our Apple Watch and iPhone.

Not Getting Notifications on Apple Watch? Try out These Solutions

Tip #1: Check Bluetooth Connectivity

Apple Watch needs an active Bluetooth connection in order to receive notifications in real-time. Before trying anything fancy, cover the basics; check if your Apple Watch is properly connected with your iPhone.

Check Apple Watch Bluetooth Connectivity with iPhone

Tip #2: Check Internet Connectivity on iPhone

You may try harder things and then disappoint because things don’t work. However, to receive notifications, you need an active internet connection on your iPhone. Make sure you have one either using Data or WiFi.

Check Internet Connectivity on iPhone

Tip #3: Check for Software Updates

Sometimes software glitches can affect the basic functionality of the Apple Watch. Just check if there is watchOS update available. If yes, do it right away and see if things are working. Also, it is recommended to check for iOS updates.

Tap on General and Software Update in iPhone Apple Watch App


Tip #4. Do Not Disturb Mode

Make sure that you haven’t put your Apple Watch on “Do Not Disturb” mode. This will send all notifications to your iPhone and not to your watch.

Tip #5: Customized Notification

Apple Watch notifications are set up to reflect your iPhone settings. This means if you have set up iPhone Mail app to notify only VIP emails, you can see only VIP email notifications on your Apple Watch. Please check if you have done any such set-up on your iPhone; if you have done such a set-up, you can customize the notifications on your Apple Watch by following simple steps:

Step #1. Launch Watch app on the iPhone → Tap on My Watch tab → Tap on Notifications.

Tap on Notifications in Watch app on iPhone

Step #2. Tap an app.

Tap on Messages in Watch Notifications settings

If you want the app’s notification settings to reflect settings on your iPhone, tap Mirror my iPhone. If you want to use different notification settings just for your Apple Watch, tap Custom.

Customized Apple Watch Notification in Watch app

Tip #6: Turn ON Cover to Mute Option

Open Apple Watch App on iPhone → tap on My Watch → under the Sounds and Haptics section, you can find “Cover to Mute” option. Turn this option OFF. After turning this off, you will start getting notifications on your Apple Watch. Now you can turn the option ON.

Enable Cover to Mute on the Apple Watch

Tip #7: Wrist Detection

Turn off Wrist Watch Detection option.

Step #1. Launch Watch app on the iPhone → Tap on My Watch.

Step #2. Tap on Passcode.

Step #3. Now, Tap on Turn off Wrist Detection option.

Disable Wrist Detection on Apple Watch

Now you will get all notifications on your Apple Watch. If this trick works on your Watch, then you should conclude that Infrared sensor, which detects your wrist, is not working properly.

Wrapping up…

Softwares are strange things. When they work as they are supposed to, they make life easier. But when they fail, it not only hampers productivity but also requires extra time from our busy schedule to fix it. In this endeavor, we are here to help Apple product users. If you need help with anything specific, we are just a comment away.

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Not Getting Notifications on Apple Watch

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Not Getting Notifications on Apple Watch
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