Apple Watch not charging? Here are 7 solutions to fix it

apple watch not charging

You love wearing your Apple Watch as it’s a brilliant piece of tech with cool features. However, if it does not charge, you’re left with an expensive showpiece with no use. Recently, we have seen a barrage of complaints regarding charging issues on the Apple Watch after installing watchOS 8.3.

Before you panic wondering ‘why isn’t the Apple Watch charging?’ follow this guide and see how to fix this issue successfully.

  1. Hard reset your Apple Watch
  2. Remove Apple Watch protective case
  3. Check the charging cable for damage
  4. Clean charging contact points
  5. Try a different Apple Watch charger
  6. Fix Apple Watch charging issues on watchOS 8.3
  7. Erase your Apple Watch and set up again

1. Hard reset your Apple Watch

A force restart will give a fresh push to the watchOS. This will also take care of software-level errors that may have cropped in during regular use.

To hard reset your Apple Watch, press the Side button and the Digital Crown together. Leave the buttons when you see the Apple logo on the screen.

hard reset apple watch

2. Remove Apple Watch protective case

Do you use a protective case that covers the entire back of your Apple Watch? If yes, please remove it. There should be no obstruction between the rear of the watch and the charging connector.

If you have not peeled off the plastic wrap from both sides of the magnetic Apple Watch charger, please do it.

Additionally, ensure that dirt isn’t causing interference. To clean the rear portion of the watch and the charger, use a soft dry cloth and slowly wipe the surfaces.

3. Check the charging cable for damage

Check for an ill-fitting charging cable. Ensure it is plugged in properly. Adjust the device placement and check if it charges. Next up, make sure the charging cords are not damaged if the charging cable is burnt or cut, replace it with a genuine Apple Watch charger.

4. Clean charging contact points

Over time, debris such as lint gets accumulated on charging contacts. The debris could reduce charging speed or prevent charging from happening. Get hold of an earbud and clean the contact. Furthermore, clean the back and front of the Apple Watch. Consider using alcohol-based cleaners for stubborn dirt.

5. Try a different Apple Watch charger

Before we go for a full erase, it is logical to check a few basics.

  • Make sure to use the original charger and connector that comes in the box with the Apple Watch.
  • Inspect the cable for physical damage.
  • The problem might be with the charger. Consider using a second charger to further ensure.
  • Make sure the USB is appropriately plugged in the power adapter or computer.

6. Fix Apple Watch charging issues on watchOS 8.3

Many users started experiencing the charging issue after updating to watchOS 8.3. The Apple Watch 7 charges properly with the original Apple charger. However, the charging stops while using third-party chargers.

Apple Watch users are facing a similar issue with multiple third-party chargers. A Redditor alleges that Apple might have killed third-party charger support for Apple Watch. With a third-party charger, the watch stops charging after a while. It starts charging again after restarting Apple Watch.

Interestingly, some users are facing a similar issue with Apple charging pucks as well. Meanwhile, some have noticed a drop in charging speeds. The charging issue could be a software bug. We hope Apple will fix it in future updates. Until then, you can use Apple supplied charger with the Apple Watch 7.

7. Erase your Apple Watch and set up again

Your Apple Watch isn’t charging despite following the above solutions and recommendations?

In such a case, fully erase the Apple Watch and set it up again. This will remove everything that is currently on your watch, including any custom settings.

To erase the Apple Watch, press the Digital crown to see all the apps. From here, tap the Settings app icon General → Reset.

open settings tap on general then tap on reset on apple watch

Now, tap Erase All Content and Settings → Erase All. Type the watch passcode and confirm.

erase all content and settings on apple watch

Once the full reset completes, you will have to pair (set up) your Apple Watch again.

These are some of the ways to get your Apple Watch charging again successfully. In case this article did not work positively for you, contact Apple Support, and learn about your repair options.

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