Can’t Answer Calls from Apple Watch: Here’s the Solution

Can't Answer Calls from Apple Watch

Apple Watch is gem of a technology, which makes your life convenient like never before. You can access most of your things right from your wrist. Checking emails, making or receiving calls and viewing notifications was never so easy.

As it happens with most of new technologies, there are always some or the other glitches or bugs. Apple Watch is no different. Also, it is necessary to have these kinds of issues, because of which perfection becomes inevitable.

Can't Answer Calls from Apple Watch

Some of the users have reported one of the issues of not being able to make or receive calls from their Apple Watch. After doing a little troubleshooting, we have come up with all the possible solutions that may resolve this issue. Just read the details given below to get a clear picture.

Can’t Answer Calls from Apple Watch: How to Fix The Issue

Step #1. Turn off your Apple Watch.

Step #2. Go back to your iPhone, clear all the apps working in background. Double press the home button, clear the list of running apps by swiping each and every one up.

Step #3. Now force restart your iPhone by pressing Sleep/Wake button along with Home button, until your iPhone restarts.

How to Restart-Reboot iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Step #4. Now turn on your Apple Watch.

Step #5. Give some time to both the devices to stabilize their processes and build a connection.

If you are using any other Apple devices, we would suggest turning off their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This should most probably resolve the issue. But if it does not, we have other solutions as well.

Just Tap, and Not Force Touch

Tap and force touch are two different things. So when you receive a call, or when you are trying to make a call, simply tap it and not to press it. As one of the users on forum was pressing it with force, which was analyzed as force touch by the system. So instead of receiving or making a call, you might actually force touching it. Just give a try by tapping it normally and issue might be resolved. If it’s still not solved, there is one ultimate fix given below.

Reset your Apple Watch

This seems to be the last possible solution; try resetting your Apple Watch to factory. There are chances of bugs which will be erased once you reset your Apple Watch. Here’s the guide on how to do it:

Step #1. Tap on Apple Watch app on your iPhone followed by My Watch.

Open Watch App on iPhone

Step #2. Now tap on General.

Tap on General in Apple Watch App on iPhone

Step #3. Scroll down and tap on Reset.

Tap On Reset from iPhone in Apple Watch App

Step #4. Tap on Erase all Content and Settings and confirm.

Tap on Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings on iPhone

This will take your Apple Watch to fresh new factory settings. But even after all this hard work, if the issue is not resolved, all we can ask for is to take it to Apple Service center. Do let us know if any of the above guides were helpful.

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