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Though iPhone 6 and 6 Plus touched unpreceded heights as far as sales chart is concerned, their enviable success has slightly been marred by the bendgate issue that has given birth to “Touch Disease.” Due to a flaw in design, touchscreen unresponsiveness has been found to be prevalent on quite a few iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices.

There could be some other reasons as well behind the unresponsiveness of touchscreen on your iPhone. For instance, it could be a jailbreak, poor quality of screen protector, sweaty fingers. Let's check out all the possible solutions to fix your iPhone 6/6 Plus touchscreen unresponsiveness!

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Quick Tips:

  • If the touch screen of your device becomes unresponsive in some apps time and again, make sure to delete them and then re-install them.
  • Some gloves work with the touchscreen, while some don't work at all. Hence, make sure not to wear gloves while using your device.
  • Keep your fingers clean and dry while using your iPhone.
  • The screen protector might have gone off the boil. If it's too old and littered with fingerprints and scratch, you need to change it (best iPhone 6 screen protectors and best iPhone 6 Plus screen protectors.)
  • Remove the screen protector, clean the screen with a soft cloth and check out if the touchscreen is properly functioning now.
  • Reboot your device. Hold on the ON/OFF button and Home button at once for about ten seconds until you see Apple logo on the screen.

How to Restart-Reboot iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

iPhone 6(s) and 6(s) Plus Touch Screen Unresponsive: Tips to Fix

Solution #1. Restore Your iPhone As New

The touchscreen of your device should start working as usual once you have followed through these quick tips (mentioned above). But if it doesn't seem to be responding at all and appear to be completely frozen, then try restoring it as new.

If Find My iPhone is enabled on your device, you won't be allowed to restore it unless it is erased.

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Step #1. Head over to icloud.com on your computer and sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Step #2. Next, click on Find My iPhone.

Step #3. Click on All Devices and select the iPhone you want to erase.

Step #4. Now, click on Erase iPhone and confirm.

Step #5. Next up, connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.

Step #6. Now, you need to select your device located at the top left menu. Then, click on Restore iPhone and confirm.

Restore iPhone 6 from iTunes

Just in case the touchscreen is not completely unresponsive, try out these solutions to make it work properly.

Solution #2: Clean Up Your iPhone

It's important to clean up iPhone from time to time as cache, website data, cookies, documents and data of apps continue to pile up and become extremely problematic. The cache files not only significantly slow down your iPhone but also creates various types of problems like draining the battery of your device.

Check out this complete guide to clean up documents and data as well as junk files to reclaim more storage and speed up your device. This trick might also help fix the touchscreen unresponsiveness.

Solution #3. Reset Your iPhone

Reset your device to factory settings. Though resetting would be slightly painful as it would wipe out all the existing settings as well as Wi-Fi logins, you might be able to fix this problem.

Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings.
Tap on Reset All Settings on iPhoneConfirm Reset All Settings on iPhone in iOS 10

Solution #4. Restore Your iPhone in DFU Mode

DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode allows your iOS device to communicate with iTunes even without activating bootloader. Better still, it lets your device restore from any stage.

This mode is known to fix complicated problems like the unresponsiveness of iOS devices. Hence, it would be unfair to not give it a chance to fix this issue. Head over to this easy guide (also contains detailed information about recovery mode) to restore your iPhone in DFU mode.

Is Your iPhone Affected by Touch Disease?

The well-known repair site iFixIt has identified Touch Disease in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It has revealed that Touch Disease could be an additional symptom of Bendgate—the design flaw in iPhone 6 range of devices.

What's the Root Cause of Touch ID Disease?

Touch IC chips on the iPhone's logic board breaks away partially that results in intermittent electrical connections. Consequently, touchscreen doesn't respond to the touch at all.

How to Find out if your iPhone is affected by Touch ID

The iPhone which has been affected by Touch Disease display flickering or Multi-Touch issues at the top of the screen. It looks a bit similar to TV static.

Apple redesigned the logic board in iPhone 6s/6s Plus or later and moved the affected components. Besides, the tech giant has made the latest iPhones (6s or later) more rigid to ensure they don't easily bend. The chips were protected by the metal shield in older iPhones. As a result, they are also not affected by this issue.

How to Fix Touch Disease on iPhone

Apple has found that the Touch Disease could be the result of random drops of the device on hard surfaces. If your iPhone 6 Plus (which is more prone to this disease) is affected by this issue, Apple will repair your device for a service price of $149—only if it's in working order and the screen is not cracked or broken.

The Bottom Line

If your device is not affected by Touch Disease, the above-mentioned solutions can fix the touchscreen unresponsiveness on your device. If it's, unfortunately, affected by the disease, then contact Apple for repair.

You might want to check these troubleshooting guides as well: Touch ID not working on iPhone 6/6 Plus, how to fix iPhone stuck at Apple logo, and how to fix iMessage activation error.

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  • Bill Williams

    Have to “slide to power off” so can’t even turn off iphone…any other suggestions?

  • Harry Ahnothankyou

    None of those things address THE BUG apple introduced to us 6 PRO users in 9.2 – and for the record to get your touchscreen to respond again – you only need to goto lock screen and return…works 9 out of 10 times….til the next time you iphone 6 PRO decides to stop responding to the touchscreen………………

  • hess hess

    well those method doesn’t help to solve my phone, I have restore my phone for 2 times and clean my monitor everyday also, I have tried to restart my phone, but the problem still can’t be solved, I have tried to contact genius bar for replacement, but they just told me to restore it again ;(

  • David

    Read the thread from the start. The only thing that works for me is to flex the phone in a number of directions gently (don’t bend the blasted thing.) I hold it at four corners with fingers and thumbs and flex slightly too and fro. It has only been happening for me since last software update but can’t believe it’s that :-( the flickering grey line at the top of the screen suggests to me it’s something hardware not software but I’m about as tech savy as my Mum, and she still uses pay phones and typewriters! The phone is a 750 quid waste of money if it won’t work 100% on the time but when it works it’s the best phone I have ever had. My phone is a 1st gen 6 plus if that makes a difference and I have been guilty of driving with it in my back pocket before now but the phone is still 100% flat as far as I can see. Maybe the small flexing is moving something inside causing and then rectifying a misfire?? I’m booking in with Apple Store to become “Disgruntled From Huddersfield”.

    • Rick Lemon

      This has been happening to me, also. Flexing the device restores operation every time.

    • Carly

      OH MY GOD YOU JUST SAVED MY LIFE. Thank you so much.

    • Harry Ahnothankyou

      believe it. it IS that.

    • Alex

      What a tip, thanks a lot, made my day!!

    • Bill Williams

      Not a total waste of money…everyone who buys an iphone makes the 1% richer and enslaves more factory workers.

    • Lyon

      Me too had the same problem! Whenever the touch screen is not responsive, I will need to turn off the screen and try to like bend it gently then the touch screen will become responsive again after turning on! Don’t really know what is the problem tho

  • Sophie

    This video saved me omg! THANK YOU!!!

  • lars

    yes this works. but restarting it is only a temporary sulution. I have tried resetting all of my settings and restoring my iphone but it still has the same problem. Its super annoying!

  • Mary McCracken

    I’ve had my 6 s plus for 2 months and the very bottom of the touch screen freezes. I can re-start
    It and it fixes it but it keeps happening at least 4 or 5 times a day. It happened while I was shopping at a register and I couldn’t pull up a coupon. It really stinks when I’m texting and I can’t use the space bar so I have to re-start in the middle of a text. It’s so annoying. I also called Verizon and they couldn’t fix it, then I called Apple and they couldn’t fix it. I also did a full restart, erased everything and that didn’t work. I’m so frustrated.

  • MD

    I had the same issue. Phone screen froze. Just power button would not restart it. Holding power and home buttons for a rather long time restarted the phone and fixed the problem.

  • Georges Beaujean

    OK most of the time restarting fixes it, yes, but after a certain time it will do it again and again, I have had all iPhones models since the beginning excepted for iPhone5. But none of them did that, none! I really hope an update will fix that.

  • lizzy

    made a call now cannot finish call or switch phone off and am stuck listening to the same answer phone message over and over!! what to do?

  • mohit sachdeva

    thanks a lot :)

  • Mosh

    Thanx, restart worked!

  • Katie

    My iPhone 6 had an unresponsive screen apart from being able to bring up the lower screen menu (for screen lightness, volume, etc) however unresponsive after that. Couldn’t turn off as just holding the lock button was unsuccessful due to not being able to use the touch screen to ‘swipe to turn off’.
    Reading through the comment below, I didn’t realise you could restart the phone by holding the HOME and LOCK buttons together – did this, phone restarted and screen is now responsive. THANK YOU!!!! :) :) :) x

    • Stephanie

      Thank You. This really helped me – Home & Lock buttons together! THANK YOU!

  • abdulgaffar

    Can android screen be changed without screen pad

  • trish

    my phone is still frozen after the first step. i can’t even do the second or third

    • ace

      Its a manufacturer issue. I just figured mine our by accident. I got mad that it was unresponsive after restarting with the double key hold restart process. And then this little gray line started appearing towards the top of the screen I got so irritated with my $900 new piece of junk that i clenched it in my hand in anger….all of a sudden it worked……for second……and then stopped…….after flexing it some more I realized its some sort of issue with the design. if you grip the phone the same way as you would break a pencil, screen facing the floor and apply pressure flexing the middle upward…..it starts working again…..atleast thats what mine did…..and continues to do. so I guess they all have shitty actuators? I’m no techy but this solved my problem temporarily and I will address the issue with APPLE and expect a replacment

      • thedenverpack

        This seems to work with mine, too. My contract is almost eligible for upgrade, but we usually pass the phones along to other family members. This is the first one since the original model that has quit working.

      • srcabeza

        That seemed like the most ridiculous possible fix, but it worked for me just a second ago, and none of the more logical fixes like hard or soft re-starts helped.

      • Ralph

        There is definitely something to this as my phone has also become more responsive on trying this.

  • Big in oil Cal

    absolutely superb,worked for me ,life saver

  • sanjiv roy

    Thanks a lot> My IPHONE 6 was having touch screen unresponsive. I was not even able to shut down and even restarting by removal of battery as a desi treatment was not possible in iphone. The force shut down after pressing Home button and side button together helped. sanjiv

  • Dee


  • Hollyguest

    You’re awesome!! Mine worked with the restart method!! Thank you!

  • Laura Strawa

    Ty. Restarting was the key! I had no idea that I could restart the phone that way. Now I know! Ty again!!

  • Ron Moroni

    me too. restarted and that solved the problem. Thank you.

  • Arthur Schevey

    Holy!!!! Oh my gosh thanks so much!! What the problem with my phone was the screen seemed disabled but I could open assisitve touch and do all the setting on there. I did the hard reset and it worked!!!!!!!!

  • Power restart worked well on my IPhone 6.

  • Sushant

    Restarting phone works like a charm

  • Mark K

    I posted earlier about having success after just cleaning my touchscreen. Well, this only lasted about an hour or so and then the touchscreen became frustratingly unresponsive again. I then finally called and made an appointment with the Apple Store to have them check it out. My screen had a narrow bar at the top of the screen that had not been there before. When they saw my phone with the bar at the top, they told me that this is a recent issue with the iPhone 6 and that it would require a complete replacement. Luckily, my phone was less than a year old, so it was replaced free of charge! I have had no touch screen issues so far with the new phone!

    • ace

      Thanks, mine is the same issue, And I will contact apple as well.

  • Shawnee Treadwell

    This is a bit silly of a response. My iPhone is brand new, out of the box, and the touch screen keeps freezing. Yes, I can put it to sleep and wake it up and the screen works again but I’m doing this 20-30 times a day. With a new $700 device. Apple needs to fix this bug and fast.

    • I love apple! 🍎🎊

      If you take it to an Apple Store, and it is still under warranty, they will replace it for you for free!

    • Delaney

      I have had my phone for 6 days and it can not go an hour without the screen becoming completely unresponsive, turning half pink and half white with vertical lines running through, and shutting off for 15 minutes. While it is shut off, trying to turn it on has no effect whatsoever. Not to mention this is my THIRD iPhone six that Apple has had to replace because they have all been faulty. So. Frustrating.

  • Concerned_9ja

    I powered it down, waited for some minutes and switched it on and viola! It worked. Thanks a lot.

  • Marifoode

    Generic screen protection may cause un responsive touch pad.
    Follow instruction listed above, it’s very useful to restart and back to your phone

  • wtf

    Restored and updated and still not working…

  • fabocirk

    Oh mon dieu.. Thank you guys ..

  • Neacsu Viorel

    hyy have updated my iphone 6 to ios 9.0.2 and the problem WAS with lags and touchscreen freezed if y do a forcee reset home+power works for 5-10 min and again the touchscreen will not working i have done a restore and a factory reset from iphone menu the problem is the same no luck :) downgrading to ios 8.4.1 is no longer available so y have update to ios 9.1 beta 5 and the apple phone is working like a new oneyes you will say is a beta version but is very ok and very smoother it works to me beter than 9.0.2 y hope be helpfull for someone with same problem

  • Zach

    I didn’t understand how when I had Siri activate assistive touch, I was able to use the touchscreen with the icon. Otherwise, the screen was completely unresponsive. But after a reboot, it’s working perfectly ;) thank you!

  • gie

    Hold both button for a seconds, restart & reboot… finally, it is now working….thanks a lot!

  • Vinita

    Thank you so much !

  • Rahul

    THANK YOU!!!! I hard reset it and it worked!

  • dennis

    wont work. screen is unresponsive and locked. cant access itunes because its locked. wtf

  • francel Tandoc

    yay it works :D thankss

  • Charlotte

    Thank you!!

  • Steven William

    I started having this issue last week. I just replaced my iPhone for having this issue and then within an hour the new phone developed the same problem. I’ve left my new phone turned off all night and turned it back on the next day, but the problem persisted. I’ve also tried closing all the apps. Also worth noting, on the lock screen I’ve got this mysterious grey screen flickering from the top of the screen, unlike the screen that shows when you swipe down from the top, more similar to the screen on the bottom when you swipe up. I’ve tried to screenshot it so I can show someone but it happens and goes away so quickly it’s impossible to capture. It flickers in different lengths and the touchscreen is completely unresponsive when this happens. Has anyone had similar issues and/or had them resolved?

    • Domino Effect

      Simple. Your phone has been bent. It may be difficult to perceive but this is exactly what happened. Once it’s been bent, even the slightest bit, it’s a road to the end of the phone. You can temporarily fix the issue by placing it on a table and pressing all four corners down flat…if it appears to be flat and still isn’t working you can bend the phone slightly as you try to touch the touch screen- a frustrating process. This trick will only work for a while, however, as in the end it will make the problem worse. At the end of the day you need a replacement device.

    • Brandon

      Did you ever manage to fix this issue? My fiancé’s phone is doing this exact thing with the grey flickering at all

      • Steven William

        Yeah, I took it back to Apple, they gave me a new phone again and this time I just set it up as a new iphone. And make sure not to sync from an old back-up, that’s what got me last time, I think. It’s a pain in the ass to go through it all but it beats dealing with that gray screen of death!

  • Joshua Rabbitt

    i have tried doing a hard reset several times, cleaned my screen and screen protector several times and restored my phone twice already. After a restore it responds perfectly for about an hour and then the touch screen becomes unresponsive again. This is frustrating considering I just passed the one year warranty Sep. 20th and apple replaced my front display a week ago and still the issue continues.

  • paul

    Thanks for all the information. My 6plus screen kept locking up after the latest IOS install. I tried the three techniques in the video above and still the screen wouldn’t respond. So as a last ditch effort I removed the glass protection and took the phone out of the protective case and now everything is working again…

  • Bob D

    worked for my frozen iPhone6

  • Mark K.

    Thanks so much for the great info! My iPhone 6 Plus touch screen suddenly would not respond and was locked up. I first tried restarting the phone several times, which did not resolve the issue. I then dampened a cotton wash rag with a few squirts of Glass Plus Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner and removed the phone from its case and thoroughly wiped down the phone screen and both sides of the case lens. I then dried and buffed the phone screen and both sides of the case lens with a dry cotton wash rag. Being careful not to touch the phone screen or the inside of the case lens, I reinstalled my phone back into the case. My touch screen now works like new again!

  • Thomas ton

    It is very helpful ,thanks a lot

  • subbiah

    Very thanks useful information

  • Mich

    Thank you soooo much it really works for my iphone

  • Michael Fox

    Thanks for the help.

    Although I’m a bit mystified as to how I could turn off “find my phone” when the screen is unresponsive, I really didn’t need to have to do all that. Holding down the power button and the home button simultaneously for 10 seconds fixed the problem immediately. And, as another poster pointed out, Apple has a support page that gives the same advice.

    As to those of you who feel it’s necessary to scream at Apple or call their products junk because of this issue: Everything has a glitch every once in a while. Grow up. Your rantings tell us all we need to know about you let us know that we should dismiss you out of hand.

  • LM

    yay! it worked thank you! thought it was a goner

  • Greg Teater

    Holding the sleep/wake button and home button for about 7 seconds forced a reboot. This fixed my frozen icon problem. Thanks!

    • karen

      Thanks Greg, this helped

  • Hank001

    Thanks that did the trick. I couldn’t figure out how to reset without sliding.

  • Angie

    How can you tap settings to re-set settings if your touch screen is unresponsive?

  • Amieelove

    Thank you so much. It worked

  • Patrik Moser

    Thank you so much! that worked

  • Mikael

    So this could be a 9.0.2 problem, possibly only on iPhone 6? Just got the “freeze”, which has never happened to me before in my 6 years of iPhones.

    • Pajama Man

      It’s happening with the iPhone 6s + as well.

    • Marissa Castro

      Awesome. It worked this way. No need to do the “Find my Phone” on my MAC… Because I don’t have one :( lol.

  • WBryant

    Excellent post. Thank you Jignesh

  • CAMILLE_25

    thank you so much for the BIG help!!

  • Nadeline Rylee Aponte

    m sorry, how am i supposed to do any of this if my touchscreen features are completely frozen? i cant even power off the phone and siri is no help. please help

    • Adnan

      Force restart your device: press and hold BOTH Sleep & Home buttons for ten seconds until you see the Apple logo.

    • Anthony LaFlamme

      Do a force restart. (no touch screen required) hold down home and power button for about 10 seconds (until apple symbol appears)

  • CP

    The touch screen of my iPhone 6 with iOS 9.0.2 suddenly became unresponsive. I did not drop it or do anything funky, so there was no trigger at all. It just refuses to work. I cannot restart because the screen won’t even let me “slide to power off.” I can’t answer calls or open an app (it does read my fingerprint so I can still unlock the unit).

    What saved me was the Force Restart option: https://support.apple.com/en-ph/HT201559

    My touch screen is back to working condition and I did not have to reset/restore my phone so all my files are intact.

    Hope this helps.

    • Iris

      Same things happened on my phone today and the Force Restart option helped my iPhone back to normal too. Thanks for sharing with us. It does help a lot.

    • Ana

      wonderful …thanks a ton…helps when the only phone in the house is the iphone. thank you so so so much.

  • Jim

    Thank you for being beautiful and lovely ❤️

  • dmac

    i was wondering how i was supposed to do all these steps without a screen that i can do all these steps; i couldnt even shut phone off swiping; having said that hard reboot with both buttons down seemed to “solve” the issue…

  • Nicole

    Can anyone help me? I’ve just gone an tried to reset my settings as it states above an now my phone won’t do anything, I just has the apple picture and a loading bar under it but nothing’s yapping. I’ve done the sleep/home button thing to restart it but it comes back to the same thing, I can’t use it at all.

  • Ron

    My iPhone6 screen was unresponsive so I went to this site on my iPad. So far it’s crashed 4 times trying to read how to fix my iPhone. I FINALLY was able to read the whole post and fixed my iPhone.

    Conclusion regarding my iPhone and iPad …. Apple sucks. Going back to Droids. Never liked Apple’s bloated opinion of itself. If they’re so great why do Apple users use Google Maps over Apple’s craps, I mean maps.

  • Manimegalai V

    Thank you for your help. You just fixed my problem.

  • sarah

    problem is, it has frozen so i can’t do any of the above.. can’t even restore it by connecting to the computer because you have to turn of Find my iPhone on your iPhone before restoring.. any suggestions?

  • Greg Flippo

    how can you “Tap” on reset when your whole issue is that the screen doesn’t respond???

  • Ian

    Thanks for the tip on rebooting iPhone one 6s when the screen freezes and becomes unresponsive. Much appreciated

  • Khem Y-ba

    Thanks a lot guys. I was having the same problem until when i read all the comments and found the solution, no wonder apple has problems at time but the solutions are much more easier than anticipated

  • iPhony

    Sounds like a painful process for a very frequent problem

  • JC

    So has anyone ever determined if this is a software or hardware issue? If a new screen will not solve it, rebooting doesn’t solve it, resetting doesn’t solve it, should someone from manufacturing not address the issue and at least acknowledge that it is a problem? It obviously is an issue that many people are having.

  • Christina

    Husband is gone for the week and I know nothing about IT. Holding both buttons worked for me. Thanks again big help!!!

  • Christina

    Husband is gone for a week and I know nothing about IT Thanks holding both buttons it worked for me. Thanks again

  • Mark

    Great thanks, that fixed it.


  • Gina Marie

    Never mind..

  • ana

    you guys are awesome!!! thank you! i was gonna go to verizon and make them fix it!!! but you helped!!!! my phone screen was frozen for 3 days

  • Christiaan Thiart

    i was told after using Samsung for 8 years and loving every new model that came out, To not be left behind and buy a Apple. So i did , got me the i phone 6 ,64 gig . This is the biggest back-word move i have ever made . I the owner of the phone have no controle over what i install or want to install or what i listen or even see if Apple “how ever he/she might be” did not approve it first. I was told this is what makes a Apple so perfect no “hanging ” “freezing” ect . But what i got was exactly the inverse. i have restarted my i phone more that all my Samsung’s in 8 years combined. I still wonder when “Apple” might approve apps to work on i phone that i have been using for at least 2 years on my Samsung . Now for the best you upgrade to iOS 9 , And then you have just DOWN GRADED your phone. Can somebody tel me what improvements did you get with iOS 9, hell even my bank app told me i jail braked my phone. The one thing i learnt was that there are more” How to ” sites for i phone and i pad’s then all the other phone combined . We got swept away by one of the best sales tricks in the word. U NEED TO HAVE THIS and i now know i dont.

    • Anthony

      Considering your literary prowess I’d say you just don’t know how to operate a phone… I came from the android side of the house, then got a samsung, then switched to apple after my last deployment in 2013. I’ve liked the phones and my 5 lasted me until I just recently upgraded to the 6s. If you’re trying to tell me that no other phone retail company experiences bug issues sometimes then I’ll call you a liar straight to your face. Every phone has issues occasionally, quit crying you fanboy.

  • Corinna Kirk

    how am I suposed to power off when I’m required to slide to power off and I can’t touch the damn screen? aaaaaaaargh!!!

    • Ray

      Press and hold the home button ( bottom of iPhone) and the power button (side or top depending on model) for 5-7 seconds this will re boot and restart your iPhone, just press and hold until the apple icon comes up

      • applenooker

        Oh thank you that did work!!

  • Dave

    Just used your tutorial on how to awaken my icons. For no reason, they were stuck and non responsive. Couldn’t even make the “shut down” respond. Thanks to your help, we’re back in service. The wife is happy. Much appreciated.

  • Kris

    How can you reset the settings? Your instructions say “tap settings” But since I can’t tap anything that’s really poor advice.

    • Gina Marie

      EXACTLY!!! Like I said, Is it me, or am I missing something here???? My iPhone6 touch screen
      DOES NOT WORK!!! How can you post they “remedy” if you can’t even power
      off because the screen doesn’t work, or do ANY of the things they
      suggested???? I’m flabbergasted at their “fixes” to this issue. They
      apparently do not know what, touch screen doesn’t work means..

      • Your Welcome

        Hold the power button and home button down at the same time until the phone powers off. You’re welcome.

  • Dareon Bradwell

    Hard reset worked for me, thanks!!

  • Sindee

    That was good piece of instruction which helped, Thanks

  • Cristina

    Thank you!!!!! Restar tino The phone work es perfectly!!!!!

  • Apple = </3

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the iOS 9 upgrade was a ploy for apple to get people to buy new phones? “Oh shoot! We didn’t expect the upgrade to affect your phone like this… hmmm… Well, it might be 2-4 months before we have a complete fix (and you can start using your phone again). You could always just buy our latest and greatest phone!” – Apple

  • Shaik Hafijuddin

    how am i supposed to restart my iphone if thw touch screen isnt working , and unable
    restart phone by pressing/holding down power button and home button at same time.

    • Phil

      By holding down the power on the side and home key (the circle below the screen). That’s what I read…

  • Ian

    Like my screen stopped working completely, Siri works and that’s about it. I cant Receive calls or respond to any messages, The screen is completely black and I cant turn the phone on or off.

  • jeys

    same restarting issue but why its appearing to all people may be some software problem

  • Sid

    Thanks! Restarting it did the job! Youre a life saver- I was about to spend tons of money getting another one!

  • ahmed

    you are amazing thanks alot

  • Monnaliza Ranchez Cabahug

    Thanks its works! really big help to me cuz I think my Iphone already broke but its ok

  • Mark Hostetler

    Thanks dude! Just got the 6s and it was frozen! Can confirm ….blood pressure getting back to normal.

  • Jecel

    Thanks a ton!! It really works :-) Hard Reset !!! 💯✔️👍🏼

  • LWJ007

    Thank you, this information was very helpful, and got my blood presure back to normal.

  • Katia Ruiz

    how am i supposed to restart my iphone if thw touch screen isnt working -__-… sorry but this is not helpful i realize its just a post but still. look what you are posting about and think about the solution you are presenting. ugh. im just going to try draining my battery

    • JDB326

      maybe read more of the article next time you make a dumb post like this…. as it says “Hold down the sleep/wake button and Home button at once to restart/reboot your iPhone. Wait for a while and then start it again. Hopefully, the touch screen will start functioning as usual”


      • Aisya

        That still doesn’t work because it’s not responding

    • James L

      Katia Ruiz; restart phone by pressing/holding down power button and home button at same time.

  • Mark jackson

    I had the same problem. No response at all to touch screen. Took of the case and worked instantly. Put case back on and in a few hours was unresponsive again. Took off case and worked instantly. Go figure

    • Lesley

      I am having this exact same problem as you currently. However, I do not trust myself without a case on my phone. Did you find one that doesn’t cause screen unresponsiveness yet? Also why do you think this is happening to our phones? The guy at the AT&T store looked at me like I was crazy when I told him about it!

      • chase

        this happen to me as well, eventually it started open up apps randomly, I took the case off and it worked fine for a few days then the unresponsive started and then the random app opening, I’ve reset it 3 time now.

  • Hakan Bulut

    You too much talking but first tip fixed my iphone, thank you very much!

    • Hefrov

      He wasn’t even talking that much, you’re just one of those idiots who can’t comprehend any information and have absolutely no tolerance for reading material.

    • wonderinggeek

      That is plain rude. This is a web site for “talking” about stuff.And the talking got your iphone fixed.You need to learn how to nicely behave to others first rather than buying fancy phones!

      • Hakan Bulut

        yes you right, im so sorry. thank you very much.. <3

  • Mindi Osborn

    This problem started when I downloaded ios 9. I never had this problem until a few days ago when I did the software update on both my iphone and my ipad. Apple needs to address this immediately as it is happening with everyone I know that had downloaded the new ios 9.

    • Julie Kerr

      mine is the same i have had to reboot the phone numerous times since i downloaded ios9

    • Dareon Bradwell

      I agree it also happened after iOS 9

    • nye

      i had the same problem since my iphone updated to ios 9.. Can we claim for any warranty from apple store for this problem??

  • Sofia Cahil

    So Helpful!!!! ty so so so much!!!

  • Tom Ham

    Went to the Apple Store (in LA), they replaced the screen. Told me, “if the issue continues, we will replace the phone completely.” Not more than two days later, the screen is unresponsive and I get that old VHS tracking like fuzz at the top of my screen. Now I have to go back in and get ANOTHER replacement. Are they giving customers brand-new phones or refurbished ones? if they don’t give me a new phone, I might just break something. :(

    • rae

      did you need your box or anything when you took your phone to them because mines is doing the same thing i have no scratches or anything

  • srch

    I have an iPhone 6 plus, one month ago the screen started failing, I’ve tried everything, I even restarted as new, and it still doesn’t work, I read that if you turn of the wi-fi signal it would stop failing, and it’s not a solution but certainly it works a little bit, but we’re talking about an expensive phone, it should work like that, im disappointed a lot, tomorrow I will take it to warranty, maybe my last apple product

  • Corryne Reed

    I cant even get my iphone 6 plus to unlock at the moment cause the screen is frozen from the start. Closest Apple store is 5 hours away. I have it backed up to my computer but im worried about my contacts before I do a factory reset… any suggestions? I see this has been posted on pretty recently. I miss my iphone!

    • Andrea HC

      If you have the iphone sync with your icloud, then you will have all your contacts saved

    • Irmgard Gepp

      i`m having exactly the same problem, started around Sept. 7th!!!

  • Cloth_detective

    Yesterday on my way to work I put my 8 month old 6plus in my shirt pocket (in sleep mode)) and started to drive to work. About five minutes into my commute the phone started playing one of the songs in Apple Music. Startled me to say the least. Pulled the phone out of my pocket. The phone was hot as hell. The screen was frozen. I had to hold down the sleep button for close to a minute before it would shut down. This morning while surfing on safari the music app popped up while I’m surfing! Crashed Again.

  • Miriam

    it’s possible that internal problems cause unresponsive screen? other than that i’ve tried everything: restoring, restart, reset but nothing seems to work

  • Dell

    I still see old era apple products working as if they are new. That’s why I bought an unlocked 6plus with apple care. They did replace my 6plus. To no avail, it’s (sporadic freezing and schizo navigation) is still a problem. It’s wasn’t the case, screen protector, or the assumed incapable apps. I was under the impression of, “…buying an apple product was buying a sound investment.” The only way I will buy another Apple product is Steve Jobs come back to work.

  • concerned

    This started on 6 month old iphone 6 plus about 2 months ago. It became more frequent. I kept my phone out of the case for a week and it continued to happen. I went to the Apple store about a and they replaced the phone. I had to restore all my data from backup. Within a few days, it started happening on my new phone. I replaced the case. Still, it is happening now very frequently and even starts typing by itself and moving around in various apps all by itself. Heading back to the store.

    • gp

      SAME issues

  • iphone 6 plus has started doing this alot recently. very annoying. i do use a glass screen protector, but i remember it doing this before i got the protector. Used to work just fine. Very annoying.
    suppose i’ll try a full reset soon.

  • justin

    Might be a bug but I noticed if I tap the screen with my knuckle (or gently hit the phone against my hand) it starts working again and this is my second replacement. All of the clutching phones seem to be slightly temporarily fixed by taping on them. Seems like a physical issue to me.

    • QD Brown

      I had the same success after getting flustrated with my iPhone. I slapped it on my palm, and the display started to work again. I figured dust or something was shorting someting out, because rarely does slapping electronics around, minus what the cosmonaut did in the movie Armageddon to get the shuttle off the astroid, gets you anywhere. But my reaction was about the same after that funny scene from the movie.

    • Miriam

      it worked for me, but i think it’s not fixed for good

  • Shefo

    I guess yes , i had the same problem , SCREEN FREEZE , and it was happening every couple of minutes,, i tried to many times to turn off my iphone 6 plus by (forced turn off) and it didnt help .. Somehow , and by chance , i just REMOVED THE COVER ( any cover you buy to protect your iphone) and its done !! For 1 full day now my phone never freeze !! Though i still not yet understand it , but maybe its a matter of pressure or even hot weather , i dont care :) it worked !!

    • gp

      I see some difference after removing my case..Its been 20 mins and I still see no issues. Will comment Tomorrow update.

  • Shefo

    I think i found one stuppid solution

  • Ivan

    I’ve try all the tips on this page,but my iPhone 6 plus still not working, what else I can do? I’m posting a link so you can see what is happening to my phone, it is a YouTube link. Please help me http://youtu.be/lL6vBvHaER0

    • hurtfulmedicine

      hey did you ever figure out the problem, i have the same problem as the video

  • Sarah

    my Iphone 6 was dropped 6 months ago and cracked. And it continued to work just fine there after. Today I went to call someone and decided then I pressed end and hit the sleep button. Siri popped up and it continued to talk and then all of the sudden shut down. The whole screen has blacked out and ive tried master reboot with middle button and sleep button held down together for ten seconds. I have looked to see if buttons are stuck and they are not. I have had phone on the charger for the past two hours and still nothing! Please help!!!!

  • Moho

    The tuch screen not responding how the hell i do the reset setting

    • justin

      With a computer

  • Stuart

    The touch screen connector seems to become unseated on mine… putting some pressure on the lower right corner of the phone to (I guess) press it back into place seems to fix mine for a little while… but it comes back.

    • FoundingFathersGhost

      Thanks Stuart. This issue just started happening to my 6-mo old iPhone 6.I just tried the pushing in the lower right corner thing and it seemed to work. However, if I put any kind of stress on the phone in the center it comes back. Right now, I can make it come and go, which is scary. I think will head to the Apple Store. UPDATE: After two visits, I have gotten a new phone. At first I had “false touch” and got a new screen, but that didn’t solve the problem. So, on the second visit, I got a new phone. On a negative customer service note, the first Apple Tech wrote that my phone had a slight curve to it, which the second tech said it did not. The only reason for this would have been so my Apple Care warranty would not have had to have been honored. Makes me wonder if Apple is getting to big to care.

  • Frans van Terwisga

    This is a load of bull. I did all this. It’s a IOS 8.3 MAJOR BUG! I’m surprised Apple hasn’t done anything on this yet. They better have this fixed in 8.4 which they plan to release soon (hopefully).

    I went to customer support and they told me ‘they never heard of this issue’….now I know they must be lying to their teeth as I’ve seen so many people having this issue.

    At least bloody admit to the issue and tell us if they’re going to fix this nuisance!

  • Nihar Raval

    Keeps happening. My screen is cracked so I doubt they will do anything about it at the Apple Store. Im stuck.

  • thejhurley816

    I have this same problem. Its intermittent and of course when I took it to the Apple Store everything was working fine. They were nice enough to offer a replacement screen for me which they are putting in tonight. Hopefully it fixes it. I have tried restoring and everything else you could think of at it hasn’t solved the problem.

  • Tony

    I had to go to the Apple Store to replace my 6 plus. After trying literally everything (I’m also an app dev) nothing worked. Apple replaced my phone instead of attempting a repair because they believe it’s a hardware issue. Just go to apple if this happens to you.

  • Emil


    • Get Real

      What?? Turn off your caps lock and proof-read or use spell check, please!
      Or, just don’t post useless comments.

  • Faizan Huda

    How am i supposed to go to settings and reset when my touch isnt working at all? Ive tried restarting but that hasnt worked. going to try the last option to restore. Hope that works.

    • Chad Mason

      did the restore fix your problem? I’m getting read to take that step as well, and I want to be sure before I have to set this phone up as new all over again.

      • Get Real

        I really don’t think resetting will do anything. Mine is doing this now as of yesterday. I think it’s a problem in the hardware, perhaps a piece of something that fails quickly, as my phone worked fine for 9 months before this started happening.
        Taking it to the Apple Store today or tomorrow, hope they can fix it. Otherwise, I’ll be stuck with a thousand dollar brick!

      • Cth

        I did restore….problem still persists….I think it is a software bug which Apple does not know how to fix yet!

    • Get Real

      That suggestion really ticked me off! What a great thing to try when the touchscreen DOESN’T WORK! lol