How to fix iOS 16 stuck on ‘Preparing to Update…’

How to fix iOS 16 stuck on 'Preparing to Update...'

Software update on iPhone and iPad involves three primary steps – download the update file, prepare the file for installation, and finally, the actual iOS update installation. In rare instances, the process gets stuck at ‘Preparing Update…’ Significant time passes, and it does not move further. While trying to get iOS 16, if you are facing this problem, here are the solutions to fix it.

Why is my iPhone stuck on preparing update?

It can happen due to existing software or hardware issue. It is hard to assign an apparent reason. But some of the most obvious culprits are.

  • Disconnection of Wi-Fi.
  • Interruption in the download process.
  • Bug in the existing iOS version that causes the file to crash while updating/preparing.

Ensure Wi-Fi connectivity

Make sure that your iPhone is connected to a decent wireless network. While you can download an iOS update via mobile data, it is wiser, faster, and much easier to update your iPhone over a Wi-Fi connection.

Open the Settings app → Wi-Fi → tap the Wi-Fi name to join. Choose a known network. Now, open Safari or an app like YouTube and check if the internet is working or not.

Also, ensure the iPhone is adequately charged (above 50%) or connected to power.

Delete the downloaded update file and re-download it

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on General.
  2. Tap on iPhone Storage.
  3. Scroll down and tap Software Update.
    Alternatively, some iPhones show iOS 16 instead of Software Update.

    Tap Software Update from iPhone Storage on iPhone
  4. Tap on Delete Update.
  5. Confirm by tapping Delete Update again.

    Tap on Delete Update to remove iOS from iPhone

Now, restart your iPhone and download the update again. For this, open the Settings app → GeneralSoftware UpdateDownload and Install.

open settings tap on general and then tap on software update

This time, the OTA update should download, prepare, and install without hiccups. Just ensure Wi-Fi is connected and the iPhone is charged or plugged in.

If the above methods did not help, see how to hard reboot your iPhone. And even if this does not work, learn how to restore your iPhone via Mac or PC. Please note that when you restore, you will also get an option to Update. Try to update first. If this does not bring any luck, you may go ahead with the restoration.

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