I’ve been using the trackpad on iPhone 6s. It makes a bit more convenient to edit text. Till now, this handy feature was restricted to only the device that supports this advanced touch technology. But that’s no longer the case today. For a change, you can now use trackpad mode on all of your iOS 12 compatible devices.

Keep in mind; some functionality won’t work on the device that doesn’t support 3D Touch. For instance, you can’t select a word or sentence by pressing harder on the screen.

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How to Use Trackpad Mode on iPhone and iPad in iOS 12

How to Enable Trackpad Mode in iOS 12 on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, SE, or iPhone 5s and iPad Running iOS 12

Step #1. Launch any app where you wish to use the trackpad.

I’m going to open Notes app to test this feature. Now, bring up the software keyboard just the way you normally do.

Launch any app to use the trackpad on iPhone

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Step #2. To enter trackpad mode, you need to tap and hold the Spacebar key.

Tap and hold the Spacebar key to Activate Trackpad Mode in iOS 12

Once you have activated this mode, you can start the experiment.

Use Trackpad Mode On iPhone SE or Earlier and iPad Running iOS 12

To enter text selection mode, simply tap on any greyed-out area while still pressing the Spacebar key. Then, you need to drag your finger on the text to select it. (On your 3D Touch compatible iPhone, you can press the screen to select text.)

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Tap on any Grayed-out area and drag your finger on text to selet in iOS 12

Once the text has been selected, you can go ahead and edit it as usual. Yes, you don’t need to keep holding the space key to do that.

You can tap on the selection to access the multiple formatting options such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Share Look Up etc.

That’s done!

Now that you have put your hands on this neat feature take the full advantage of it to edit text with ease.

Your take?

This new improvement has made the software keyboard more user-friendly. Have any feedback or question? Feel free to shoot it up in the comments.

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