How to Disable Predictive Text in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

Predictive text can be troublesome when you want to type something on your iPhone/iPad. To disable predictive text, follow this information and type without interruptive suggestions.

Predictive text is an awesome way to give your fingers some rest as this feature on iPhone and iPad saves lot of your time and energy while you are typing long messages.

Whether you are on iMessages, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, predictive text will prompt you with possible suggestions as to what you should or would like to type in next.

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How to Disable Predictive Text on iPhone or iPad

But at times, predictive text may irritate you especially when you are typing something in a language other than English or in your mother tongue, which may not be there your iPhone Language list. At this, you wish you had better disabled predictive text in your iOS 9-enabled devices. So we are now dealing with helpful information on how you can get rid of that predictive text.

You can also check our information on enabling and disabling predictive text in iOS 8.

There are two options to shut down the predictive text: either you can disable it temporarily or permanently.

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How to Disable Predictive Text on iPhone or iPad Running iOS 9 Temporarily

Step #1. Launch any message app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on the blank space to type.

When the keyboard appears on your phone’s screen, you can see a gray bar on which you will find suggested predictive text.

Step #3. Put your finger on the gray bar and swipe down.

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Swipe Down to Disable Predictive Text on iPhone or iPad in iOS 9

Later, if you want to restore the predictive text, just swipe the bar up.

Swipe Up the Grey Bar in iPhone to Enable Predictive Text

There is another method to disable predictive text in iOS 9.

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Follow the first two steps as mentioned above.

Step #3. Tap and hold the world icon located on the left of Mic on keyboard.

Tap on World Icon in iPhone Keyboard

Three options will pop up: Predictive, Language and Emoji.

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Step #4. Toggle the Predictive option OFF.

Turn Off Predictive in iPhone Keyboard

You can see that the predictive text will disappear from the keyboard. Now, let’s see how you can permanently disable predictive text on iPhone/iPad in iOS 9.

How to Disable Predictive Text in iOS 9 Permanently

Step #1. Launch Settings app → Tap on General.

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Tap on Settings Then General on iDevices

Step #2. Scroll down and tap on Keyboard.

Tap on Keyboard on iPhone

Step #3. Now toggle Predictive OFF.

Turn Off Predictive Text on iPhone and iPad

That’s done. You won’t be able to see any predictive text on any app in your iPhone.

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