How to Boost iPhone’s Memory and Performance By Clearing App Cache and Data

Fix your unexpectedly lagging iPhone today! Navigate through these most viable solutions to bolster your iPhone’s memory and optimize performance by cleaning app cache and junk files.

If not taken care of properly, even a 256GB iPhone could completely get cluttered. The ever-doubling cache and junk files not only consume tons of space, hack memory but also drastically affects the performance of the device. So, what’s the perfect way to keep your iOS device away from falling prey to ever-increasing cache files? Very simple, never let those unwanted to build up. Follow through these viable solutions to boost your iPhone’s memory and optimize its performance by clearing app cache, data as well as redundant files!

iOS 11 lets you manage files and eliminate useless apps with ease. Besides, there are a number of highly-functional apps and software to let you clean up your device effortlessly. Ready to take those unnecessary files for a task right now? Let me walk along with you!

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How to Bolster iPhone’s Memory and Optimize Performance by Clearing App Cache and Redundant Files

Solution #1: Clear the RAM of Your iOS Device from Time to Time

Even though iOS works efficiently in handling the background tasks, it may not be able to live up to your high demand if you play power-packed games and watch media extensively. In such a case, you would notice sluggishness in performance.

Resetting memory on iPhone 8 and earlier devices is pretty simple. But the process is a tad different on iPhone X. Try giving this trick a chance first hand to get rid of the lagging.

Solution #2: Use a Smart Cache Cleaner App

One of the easiest ways to keep a tab on the unnecessary files is using a cache cleaner app. With the help of such apps, you can effortlessly get rid of cache and duplicate or unwanted photos and videos. Luckily, there are a great many very handy cache cleaner apps that can be enormously helpful in keeping your device uncluttered.

Magic Phone Cleaner: It works perfectly in letting you quickly find large junk files and delete them. It’s very effective in keeping a tab on unnecessary files. Besides, the app is free and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 9 or later.

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Dr. Clean: I often use this app to get rid of unsolicited photos and videos from my iOS device. With this app, it hardly takes a few seconds to find duplicated pics and send them to the dustbin. You can get it for free. It’s also a universal iOS app and compatible with iOS 9 or later.

Solution #3: Offload Unused Apps

iOS 11 allows you to automatically offload unused apps. It’s one of the smartest ways to prevent your device from running out of space.

Whenever I come across any interesting app, I make sure to give it a try. Once I have given it a fair amount of spin, I decide whether to continue to use it or remove it. If I don’t find it useful enough, I make sure to delete it. But thanks to this new feature, I don’t need to manually delete the apps which I don’t use anymore.

Worried that you may lose the documents and data stored in the app after you have deleted it? Needless to worry as you can offload the unused apps without deleting their documents and data. Check out this post for more information.

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Solution #4: Make the Most of All New File Manager to Keep Your Files Fully Organized

Finally, iOS 11 has got a highly-functional file manager “Files” to let you comfortably organize your docs. It’s the one-stop solution to keeping all of your docs in perfect sync.

Head over to this complete guide to use Files app in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad.

Just in case, you don’t want to use Files app or your iOS device doesn’t support it, check out this elite list of the best file manager apps for iPhone and iPad to handle docs more efficiently.

Solution #5: Go Some Extra Yards and Use Most Competent iOS Device Cleaning Software

If you want to walk some extra miles to have complete control over the storage of your device and wish to remove the cache, junk files with more convenience, I would recommend you to try out an iPhone/iPad cleaning software.

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There are several very effectual iPhone cleaners like PhoneClean, iMyFone Umate, iFreeUp, CleanMyPhone, Cisdem iPhoneCleaner and Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro. They are quite user-friendly in letting you optimize the performance of your device and reclaim precious storage.

I would suggest you try out the free version (if available) of the phone cleaning software before going for the premium version just to ensure it perfectly fit your needs.

Solution #6: Age-Old But Very Effective Trick: Manually Keep A Tab on App Cache and Unnecessary Files

The one pretty simple way to prevent app cache and useless files from making life difficult for your iPhone is to manually shoot up that unnecessary stuff regularly. There are several apps that allow you to clear cache.

If you are using a messaging app like WhatsApp a lot, make sure to remove the redundant chats and media from time to time. Besides, don’t allow its photos and videos to get downloaded automatically to your Camera Roll. If some apps are hogging more storage than usual, delete them to remove their documents and data and reinstall them.

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There is another tried and tested way to get rid of the documents and data of any app—just wipe out all the data and reset your device! To do so, back up your device via iTunes → then open Settings app on your device → General → Reset → Erase All All Content and Settings → Restore your device from the Backup.

Wrapping up

I’m sure the above-mentioned solutions will help you optimize the performance of your iOS device and bolster its memory. To me, the best trick to never let junk files go overboard is to nip them in the bud!

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