How To Clear Chrome Browser History/Cache on iPhone and iPad

How to Delete Browsing History in Chrome on iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad have easily replaced computers and other bigger screens, which were used to browse websites. Nowadays, people use the small screens of smartphones to check websites.

Chrome has been a popular browser used on iPhone; but once you finish browsing websites, little do you care to clear browsing history or data. Chrome stores your browsing history, cache, cookies and passwords too.

It is a good habit to save history in browser to check the same information in future; but this could wreak havoc if your devices fall in wrong hands. This is why Chrome has facility to delete browsing data from your iPhone so that others may not swoop on your private information. Earlier we shared information on how to clear history and cookies in Safari. Now let’s check how you can delete browsing data in Chrome on your iPhone and iPad.

How to Clear Browsing History in Chrome On iPhone & iPad

Step #1. Launch Chrome app on your iPhone.

Open Chrome Browser on iPhone

Step #2. If you have already browsed some websites, tap on vertical ellipsis on top right corner.

Tap on Vertical Ellipsis in Chrome App on iPhone

A menu will swipe down with some options.

Step #3. Tap on Settings.

Tap on Settings in Chrome App on iPhone

Step #4. Now tap on Privacy.

Tap on Privacy in Chrome on iPhone

Under the section of Clear Browsing Data, you will find options like Clear Browsing History, Clear Cache, Clear Cookies, Site Data and Clear All.

Step #5. Tap on any one option you wish to clear.

Delete Browsing History in Chrome on iPhone

For example, if you tap on Clear Browsing History, a menu will swipe up from the bottom of screen with an option: Clear Browsing History.

Such a menu will open every time you choose to clear data. Chrome also provides feature to Clear Saved Passwords and Clear Saved Autofill Form Data.

If you want to check whether the browsing history is deleted or not, you can tap on vertical ellipsis. From the menu, tap on History; you won’t find your browsing history there.

That’s it!

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