How to Clear Safari Offline Reading List Cache on iPhone in iOS 14 / 13

How To Delete Safari Offline Reading List Cache on iPhone and iPad

Safari browser has a handy feature known as Reading List. With this, you can save webpages to read offline later on. But you should make it a habit to routinely delete your Safari offline Reading List cache on iPhone or iPad. This is because the Reading List is different from bookmarks, which are just saved links. All the webpages you add to Reading List are cached and stored locally on your iOS device. Hence it may consume significant internal storage. So let’s look at how you can free up this space.

How to Delete Safari Offline Reading List Cache on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on General.Open Settings and Tap on General
  3. Now, Tap on iPhone Storage.
  4. Find and tap on Safari.Tap on iPhone Storage and Select Safari
  5. Swipe right to left on Offline Reading List and tap on Delete.Delete Offline Reading List in Safari on iPhone

This will delete all safari cached offline reading lists and free up local storage of your iOS device. However, this will not delete the entries itself of the Reading List. You can still find them in Safari → tap on Book icon from the bottom bar. Open Safari and Tap on Bookmark on iPhone Now, tap on glasses icon. Here you may swipe right to left and tap on ‘Save Offline.’ If you want to delete the list item, tap on delete. Delete Item from Reading List in Safari on iPhone Note that you will not see ‘Save Offline’ above if ‘Automatically Save Offline’ is enabled under Settings app → Safari. Turn Off Automatically Save Offline in Safari Settings on iPhone

That’s all, mate!

Since Reading List is synced across iOS and macOS devices, these entries will also be deleted from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, if they have the same Apple ID, and Safari sync is enabled in iCloud.

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