Best Safari Alternatives for iPhone and iPad

I thought you would like to check out the top Safari alternatives for iPhone and iPad to have more options or try out something new. Whether it's offering a more personalized web browsing experience or keeping your data secure, these web browsers have got plenty to appeal you. Let's find what makes them worth a consideration!

Safari is a feature-rich and more secure web browser. But it’s not perfect! If you no longer find it appealing, you have quite a few best Safari alternatives for iPhone and iPad to try.

We have chosen web browsers based on three most important things. Seamless experience, fast web browsing, and personalization. And these apps have lived up to the set parameters with great effect!

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Best Safari Alternative Browsers for iPhone and iPad

Top Safari Alternatives for iPhone and iPad

#1. Chrome

Google Chrome iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Chrome, obviously, needs no introduction. Google’s browser is ruling the across the platforms. The app lets you browse fast and allows you to quickly access previously visited pages. You can also search using your voice if you aren’t comfortable with typing.

It lets sync your tabs and bookmarks with all of your devices. Read web pages in any language thanks to the smart translation feature. Want to have more privacy? There is also an Incognito mode to let you browse without saving your history.

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Price: Free

#2. Dolphin

Dolphin iPhone and iPad Browser Screenshot

If you wish to have a more personalized experience, Dolphin would be a better option. Apart from letting you browse web fast and securely, the app lets you tweet web pages, post them to Facebook and even share them via email.

Tabbed browsing enables you open to switching between web pages a lot faster. Take the full advantage of Chrome/Firefox/Safari extensions to easily send links, maps, phone numbers and more from your desktop to your phone and vice versa. Moreover, you can sync your history, bookmarks, and passwords across your devices.

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Price: Free
Download [For iPhone]

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#3. Opera Mini

Opera Mini Web browser iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Concerned about the rapid data consumption on your iOS device? Use Opera Mini to not just browse faster but also cut down on the unnecessary data usage.

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The app lets you block ads to enhance your reading experience. Use private tabs to browse web discreetly. It has a video boost feature to save data while watching videos. There is also a night mode to let you browse the web more comfortably at night. Moreover, you can get the trending news and also access the news that you like reading.

Price: Free

#4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Microsoft Edge provides a more seamless web browsing experience. One of the features that I have liked a lot in this app is “Hub” that allows you to organize the web to suit your workflow.

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The app not just removes the clutter but also makes it more convenient to find, view and manage your web pages. It automatically syncs your favorites, passwords and reading lists across the devices for a more personalized experience.

With the built-in QR code reader, it’s much easier to read QR codes with just a touch of a button. Additionally, you can also use your voice to search fast.

Price: Free

#5. Firefox

Firefox iPhone and iPad Web Browser Screenshot

Firefox is highly appreciated for a couple of main features: more privacy and fast browsing. The app suggests results based on your previously searched results across your favorite search engines. Hence, you are able to browse faster. Intuitive visual and numbered tabs enable you to conveniently access contents for future reference.

It lets you synchronize history and bookmarks across your devices. The private browsing mode ensures you have additional privacy to browse web.

Price: Free

#6. Puffin

Puffin iPhone and iPad Web Browser Screenshot

I have found Puffin to be very fast. It offers the best web gaming experience in the cloud. You can play games with the visual gamepad and features an optimized video player to enhance your media watching experience.

The app uses the proprietary compression algorithm to transmit web data to your device. Hence, it can save up to whopping 90% of your bandwidth. Incognito tabs allow you to browse the web privately. Moreover, it lets you automatically synchronize Chrome bookmarks automatically.

Price: Free

That’s all!

I guess you have liked these web browsers. They are easily the most favored and offer a more streamlined experience. Have any feedback? Shoot it in the comments below.

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