Best Safari extensions for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Best Safari extensions for iPhone and iPad

Browser extensions are a great way to simplify and quicken menial tasks. And thankfully, iPhone Safari now supports an array of helpful and handy extensions. I have extensively searched the App Store to find the best Safari Extensions for the iPhone and iPad, and here are my top picks.

But before we move on to the listing, let’s see how you can enable Safari Extensions on your iPhone and iPad.

How to use Safari extensions on iPhone and iPad

There are two major types of Safari extensions currently available for iPhone and iPad:

  • Content Blocker – Extensions that run in the background to block ads, trackers, websites, etc.,
  • Share Sheet – Extensions that you’ll have to manually run from the Share Sheet, quite like clicking a Safari Extension in Mac.

For more details, check out our step-by-step guide on using Safari extension on iPhone and iPad.

  1. AdGuard
  2. Pinterest
  3. Pocket
  4. Microsoft Translator
  5. 1Password
  6. Mailo
  7. Hush Nag Blocker
  8. Block Distracting Websites
  9. Currency Converter widget app

1. AdGuard – Best Safari Extension for blocking ads

AdGuard Best Safari Extension for blocking ads

Extension Category – Content blocker

99.99% of web surfers hate ads. But if you love or enjoy those disturbing elements, feel free to skip to the next extension. However, it’s not just ads; AdGuard also offers advanced tracking protection to secure your online presence.

So if you have decided to stick around, I am happy to inform you that Adguard is a great free tool to block ads and trackers. Thanks to that, you get a faster, smoother web surfing experience.

The neat thing is that you can manage what content to block, i.e., which filters, rules, and exceptions to apply. And if you want to avail custom or advanced security filters and DNS privacy, the premium version could help.

Key features

  • Simple, intuitive  UI
  • Powerful ad filters
  • Variety of language-specific filters
  • Turn on/off filters at will
  • YouTube ad blocker in Safari

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $0.99/month)


2. Pinterest – Best for collecting inspirations

Pinterest Safari extensions for iPhone

Extension Category – Share Sheet

Pinterest is already one of the most popular mood-boarding apps. And this iPhone Safari extension further enhances its utility. You can pin any idea you spotted while surfing to a board.

Whether, it’s a tech hack, mesmerizing wallpaper, recipe or DIY project, or hairstyle, never forget an excellent idea you find on the internet.

Interestingly, the Share Sheet extension also works with the Photos app. So, you can easily upload photos and videos to Pinterest from the camera roll/gallery.

Key features

  • Quickly pin websites to Pinterest
  • Save in existing board or make a new one
  • Supports the Photos app

Price: Free


3. Pocket – A must-have Safari extension

Pocket Safari extension for iPhone and iPad

Extension Category Share Sheet

Consider Pocket as the Pinterest for news, articles, and web pages. That’s right; you can upload anything you discover online from any publisher and save it read/watch/listen to later.

The best part, the website is instantly saved on the Pocket account without moving you out of the Safari app. So, your workflow is not interrupted, and a read/refer list is prepped in the background.

Key features

  • Cloud sync across devices
  • Organize and search via content type
  • Converts text into audio
  • Find related news or articles with ease

Price: Free (Pocket Premium for $4.99)


4. Microsoft Translator – Safari extension for quick translation

Microsoft Translator Safari extensions for iPhone and iPad

Extension Category Share Sheet

While Safari finally supports webpage translation, the feature currently has limited language support. Whereas Microsoft Translator could translate text into over 70 languages.

And you can seamlessly translate the complete website in mere seconds. This one is indeed a pretty helpful tool if you routinely come across content on foreign language sites.

Furthermore, the app is excellent for someone who loves to learn new languages, as its cutting-edge technology ensures accuracy and user-friendliness.

Key features

  • Supports over 70 languages
  • Easy to use
  • A completely free app, no hidden charges involved

Price: Free


5. 1Password – Best Safari extension for password management

1Password Safari extensions for iPhone and iPad

Extension Category Share Sheet

Between so many websites, subscriptions, email IDs, etc., and their 100s of passwords, anyone can go crazy. Yes, iCloud Keychain helps a lot, but you may need a smarter password manager like 1Password’s help.

It allows you to sign in to any websites or apps securely and fast. Plus, the password generator takes the burden of coming up with a new and unique password off your shoulder.

What I absolutely adore is that you can organize your passwords under different categories for easy access. However, it no longer offers a free plan, which might be a sore point for many users.

Key features

  • One tap sign-in
  • Strong encryption
  • 30-day trial period

Price: Free (Monthly subscription for $3.99)


6. Mailo – Best note-to-self iPhone Safari extension

Mailo Safari extension app for iPhone

ExteExtension Category Share Sheet

Don’t like depending upon third-party apps for securing your inspiration or read-later list? Don’t want to share your random finds with the world? Well, mail it to yourself!

This Safari extension for iPhone makes this a breeze. You can tap a button to email yourself anything interesting you come across quickly. Moreover, there are no ads, tracking, or analytics, so you can rest assured about your privacy.

Key features

  • Smooth, minimal interface
  • Supports PDF, doc, photos as well
  • Supports Siri Shortcuts support

Price: $2.99


7. Hush Nag Blocker – Best content blocking iOS Safari extension

Hush Nag Blocker Safari extensions for iPhone and iPad

Extension Category Content Blocker

A no-nonsense, completely free, open-source, and safe content blocker for Safari. Very smartly, Hush simply instructs Safari to block ads, trackers, and more.

Thanks to which Hush doesn’t boast any third-party dependencies or behavioral tracking, i.e., it collects zero data on you. So, you and your privacy is secured from all sides.

Key features

  • Efficiently block unwanted content
  • Totally free app
  • Open-source extension

Price: Free


8. Block Distracting Websites – Best for maintaining focus

Block Distracting Websites for Safari on iPhone

Extension Category Content blocker

Do you get easily distracted or want to block some websites from your kids? Whatever the reason may be, this extension can be your bae. It helps you to block distracting websites temporarily.

You can set a timer to lift the block or unblock websites when your work is done. On top of it all, the app’s simple and minimal interface makes using the extension a breeze.

Key features

  • Block as many websites as you want
  • Clean and minimal app
  • Provides a list of potentially distracting websites

Price: $2.99


9. Currency Converter widget app – Best for money matters

Currency Converter widget app for iPhone

Extension Category Share Sheet

If currency conversions are part of your work or personal routine, getting this app is good. As the name suggests, you can quickly convert currency with accurate real-time exchange rates right from Safari.

Remarkably, it supports over 170 world currencies and precious metal rates. And sports two widgets, a currency converter, and an exchange rate monitor.

Key features

  • Converts multiple currencies simultaneously
  • Colorful themes available
  • Great for business persons, travelers, and shoppers

Price: Free (Pro version for $0.99)


Now aren’t these extensions a gem! These were some of the best Safari extensions for the iPhone that we found useful. Let us know which ones you like the most in the comments below. Or recommend any that we missed out on!

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