Best Mother’s Day tech gift guide: Gadgets your mom will love

Best Mother’s Day tech gift guide

It’s always a good time to make the moms in your life feel special. But there is no better excuse to indulge them than on Mother’s Day! I’ve hunted down some of the best tech gifts for Mother’s Day that show how much you care while being incredibly useful and long-lasting.

These gifts will add real value to any mom’s life and bring a smile to their face. Moreover, I’ve picked something to fit every budget. So check them all out and take your pick from this Mother’s Day tech gift guide.

1. Apple iPhone 13 / 13 mini – Editor’s Choice

iPhone 13 for Mother's Day Gift

If you’re looking for the most special gift for your mom, I don’t think anything beats the beautiful new green iPhone 13 (or 13 mini). This device embodies elegance, sophistication, and of course, power. Technically, it’s the same as the iPhone 13 released last year, but the new gleaming green color makes it special.

It boasts one of the best camera setups with two 12-megapixel rear lenses, a 2x optical zoom out, and up to 5x digital zoom. This makes it an excellent choice for moms who love clicking pictures, and let’s admit it, that’s most of our moms and grandmas.

Further, it’s got a decent battery life that usually lasts through the day, depending on usage. The display is beautiful, and the latest iOS 15 update is a breeze to use. 

Starting at $799, it’s a big purchase but one that Mom will cherish for a long time to come. You can save a little bit by going for the iPhone 13 mini, starting at $699; and boasts much of the same power in a compact package. 

Well, if your mom already has an iPhone 13, get her some of the best accessories for it. 


  • Amazing camera
  • Great performance
  • Impressive battery life


  • Expensive

Check out on Amazon

Best gifts for bookworm moms

My mom gets a lot of the credit for raising me as a bookworm. She would read to me as a child and cultivated my love for books at an early age. So I know she’d love any bookish gift. If the special woman in your life is similar, here are the two best tech gifts they’re bound to enjoy: 

2. Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite mothers day gift

Physical books have their unique charm, but ebooks have unbeatable advantages such as being cheaper, portable, and not requiring storage space. The Kindle Paperwhite is the best ebook reader on the market and a mother’s day gift that will last for years to come. 

I’ve had my Kindle for almost a decade, and it still works like a charm, holding a treasure trove of thousands of books at once. Unlike an iPad or iPhone, the Paperwhite does not strain the eyes and offers a similar experience to reading from paper. Moreover, the battery lasts for weeks, and the latest model is waterproof too! 

It’s available in 8 GB and 32 GB variants and four colors: black, twilight blue, plum, and sage. It’s also one of the best gifts for travelers, making it convenient to carry tons of books with the physical weight of just one.


  • Holds thousands of books
  • Slim and lightweight
  • No eyestrain
  • Water-resistant
  • 4 colors


  • Cannot replace a tablet
  • eBooks don’t appeal to everyone

Check out on Amazon

3. Audible subscription 

audible mothers day gift

Some people love audiobooks, and others don’t. But every bibliophile needs to try them! So why not get your Mom an Audible subscription that will give her access to thousands of audiobooks and intriguing podcasts.

What I love about the audio format is the way it seamlessly fits into a busy lifestyle. So your mother will be able to enjoy books while driving, doing the chores, and more. 

You can try it free for 30 days, after which you can opt for one of two plans, namely the Plus and Premium Plus. 

Audible Plus offers more than 11,000 titles, including audiobooks, podcasts, and original content, while Audible Premium Plus gives you full access to the entire catalog of 550,000 titles.


  • Affordable subscription
  • Wide variety of content
  • Easy and convenient


  • Audiobooks don’t appeal to everyone

Check out on Amazon

Gifts for moms who love music and podcasts

As I mentioned above, audio is a versatile and convenient medium of entertainment because it conveniently fits into a busy lifestyle. If your mom enjoys being tuned in to her favorite beats and latest podcasts, here are some tech gifts she’s sure to love and get a lot of use out of: 

4. AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

The AirPods and AirPods Pro are the best in class headphones that will work seamlessly with your mum’s phone and other devices while offering superior comfort and top-notch sound.

My choice is the AirPods Pro that boasts active noise cancellation and an innovative transparency mode. They’re sweat and water-resistant, so perfect for the gym and workouts.

Plus, they come with three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a snug and super comfortable fit. The wireless charging case gives over a day’s worth of battery life, and adaptive EQ automatically tunes the music to ear shape for an unbeatable audio experience. 

If you’re on a budget, the AirPods are equally attractive earphones without noise cancellation. But they still boast great sound and a cozy fit, along with an easy setup. 


  • Best sound-quality
  • Comfortable fit
  • Siri
  • Easy to use and carry


  • Easy to lose

Check out on Amazon

5. Sonos One smart Speaker

sonos one smart speaker

A smart speaker is a timeless gift that can always add value to your mother’s life and home. It not only is handy to listen to music or podcasts but also doubles up as an assistant to help her keep track of the weather, news, her calendar, reminders, latest updates on topics of interest, and more. 

If your mom’s an iPhone user, HomePod Mini is, of course, the best choice. But there are lots of alternatives too with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support. My favorite is the Sonos One that supports both assistants and boasts a rich sound quality that fills the room loud and clear.

Moreover, it’s got a sleek design that will fit into any space. It’s got a handy companion app that’s incredibly well-designed. It can also be connected with multiple Sonos speakers to create an elaborate sound system. That’s why it makes a perfect tech gift that will last over time. 


  • Supports both Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Great sound quality
  • Minimalist design


  • Setup can be tricky and time-consuming

Check out on Amazon

6. Spotify/Apple Music/Apple Podcasts subscription

Spotify iPhone app screenshot

Almost all music and podcast streaming services are available for free, but a paid subscription gives you access to a lot more functionality and exclusive features. You can enrich your mom’s life with subscriptions to either Spotify, Apple Music, or Apple Podcasts, depending on what she enjoys most or already listens to. 

If you’re not sure, check out of Spotify vs. Apple Music comparison. While Spotify offers the best of both worlds – music and podcasts, Apple Music does not.

So if your mom loves her audio shows, go for Apple Podcasts which boasts a recently revamped experience with a ton of new and exclusive content.  However, since it’s yet to be launched, the pricing will be available later this month.

All these premium streaming services offer great features such as adjustable streaming quality, an ad-free listening experience, offline downloads, cross-device sync, and more. Any would make a great everyday companion for busy moms.


  • An endless variety of content
  • Multiple languages
  • Affordable pricing


  • Can be a bit difficult to figure out for newbies

Best presents for health-conscious moms

The old saying “health is wealth” might sound cliched, but it’s never been more accurate. This mother’s day, encourage the most important women in your life to take charge of their health and wellbeing with these health-centric gifts. 

7. Subscription to Pillow: Sleep cycle tracker

Pillow iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

As children, we all gave our moms sleepless nights and perhaps still do as they worry about us to no end. So why not ever so slightly make up for it and give her the invaluable gift of a healthier sleep cycle with a subscription to a sleep tracking app. 

My choice is Pillow. It’s an invaluable tool for easy sleep tracking and analysis. It will help your mother better understand her nightly patterns and gain insight into any potential issues. 

Further, it can be used as a smart alarm clock to wake up at the lightest possible sleep stage to start the day refreshed and relaxed. Audio recordings of activity such as snoring, sleep apnea, and sleep talking, make it the complete package. Improved sleep automatically enhances physical and mental health. So, this gift is a sure way to show how much you care.

Read the full review of Pillow: Sleep cycle tracker


  • Affordable subscription
  • In-depth sleep data
  • Works with Apple Watch or without


  • Sound recording has some kinks

Price: $39.99 for an annual subscription 


8. Sweat fitness streaming subscription

Sweat Apple Fitness+ alternative screenshot

Health and fitness should be a priority for every woman, and there’s no better way to support your mom than give her a fitness subscription. Sweat is an excellent option because it’s one of the top fitness apps for women with a vibrant community of users that’ll motivate your mom to keep going. 

It boasts a wide variety of programs with experts worldwide and focuses on different areas like cardio, legs, etc. Moreover, it’s pretty versatile since it offers nutritional guidance too for a holistic fitness journey. From gentle yoga to strength training and high-intensity cardio, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, it’s available in 8 languages, namely English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Simplified Chinese. Lastly, the integrated planner makes it easy to schedule and stick to a fitness regimen that will make a lasting difference. 


  • Variety of workouts
  • Vibrant community
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Comprehensive health guidance


  • The nutrition program could be better

Price: $119.99 for an annual subscription


9. Apple Watch SE or Series 6

Apple Watch SE mothers day gift

If your mom owns an iPhone, help her get even more out of it with an Apple Watch. This sleek gadget is a nifty health and fitness tool that will aid and transform your mom’s overall wellbeing. From encouraging her to get in her daily activity to tracking sleep, calories, and everything else – Apple Watch does it all like a charm!  

It’s like gifting mom a personal fitness coach that will measure all the ways she moves every day and offer meaningful health insights while keeping her connected to you and everyone else she cares about. It supports a range of workouts, from cycling and running to high-intensity training and evens swimming. It’s water-resistant to 50 meters! 

There are many other apps, both in-built and third-party, that will help Mom focus on her overall health and wellness. I especially appreciate the Fall Detection feature that can alert an emergency contact when the watch wearer encounters a physical fall. This can be potentially lifesaving in many instances.  

I would recommend the Apple Watch SE if you’re on a budget for most of the benefits, but if you’re ready to splurge, go for the Series 6 that boasts exclusive features like ECG and Blood Oxygen measurement, anytime, anywhere.

Apple Watch is well documented to have saved lives with its irregular heartbeat alerts, fall detection, etc., so you know it’s an investment that’ll help keep your mom safe.


  • Excellent features
  • Focus on health
  • Blend of safety and communication
  • Looks stylish


  • Only suitable for those with an iPhone

Gifts for on-the-go moms

If your mom loves to travel or just being out and about, I have the perfect mother’s day gifts that’ll brighten up her day while proving useful for a long time to come. 

10. Apple AirTag  

Apple AirTag mothers day gift

This latest little tracking device from Apple is a godsend for iPhone users. It’s perfect for keeping track of wallets, bags, keys, and other belongings. 

These tiny trackers are small and light, weighing just 11 grams. Moreover, they are dust and water-resistant, with an IP67 rating. AirTags are powered by a replaceable, inexpensive CR2032 coin cell battery that lasts up to a year.  

You can bundle up this cute gift with a beautiful AirTag case to match your mom’s style. Why not get a pack of three so she can attach one to her most prized possessions and never worry about losing stuff again? 

Moreover, AirTags can also be customized with your mom’s initials, a Memoji, etc., making it an ideal gift for Mother’s Day.


  • Cute and convenient
  • Customizable
  • Replaceable battery
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Safety concerns
  • Works best with iPhone 11 and 12 series

Check out on Amazon

11. Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid Camera

Fujifilm instax polaroid camera mothers day gift

Most of us take a ton of photos on our phones, but there’s something uniquely charming about retro polaroid prints in this digital age. I’m sure any travel-loving mom would love this cute and handy polaroid camera that offers instant prints. 

It comes with a built-in selfie mirror and a total of 60 film sheets that are credit-card-sized and easy to carry everywhere. The camera automatically chooses the perfect shutter speed depending on your lighting to avoid under or over-exposed photos. 

The ease of use and top-notch quality makes it a perfect mother’s day gift for shutterbug and travel bug moms. Choose from five beautiful colors: charcoal grey, white, blush pink, lilac, and sky blue. 


  • Great print quality
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Beautiful color options


  • Film can be expensive

Check out on Amazon

12. Ubeesize Selfie Stick/Tripod

Ubeesize tripod and selfie stick

Speaking of photography, a selfie stick or tripod is an essential travel accessory for getting all the best solo shots or even vlogging. Make travel more fun for your mum with this 2-in-1 selfie stick and tripod that’s convenient to carry around and use. 

It’s lightweight and compact yet extendable from 17.5 inches to 51.0 inches with 180° neck rotation & 360° head rotation. So, it’s flexible enough to get the ideal shooting angle every time and fit more into the frame. 

It comes with a universal phone holder that accommodates almost any smartphone, holding it securely and steadily. The pocket-sized Bluetooth remote works from up to 30 feet and doesn’t need any additional apps. So it’s easy breezy to use instantly. 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Selfie stick and tripod combined
  • Comes with remote
  • Stays steady


  • Build quality could be better

Check out on Amazon

Gifts for moms in need of pampering

13. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum cleaner

irobot roomba 675 robot vacuum

Cleaning can be a drag, so here’s something that will cheer up almost any mother. This robotic vacuum smart home device does a commendable job of cleaning up the floors of daily dirt, dust, and debris. Your mom could set a schedule for it and control it with her voice assistant, too, to minimize the effort needed to keep things spick and span. 

It boasts a pretty impressive 3-stage cleaning system & dual multi-surface brushes that grab every last speck of dirt from carpets & hard floors. Moreover, the handy edge-sweeping brush takes care of pesky corners and edges.

An arsenal of advanced sensors allows Roomba to navigate under & around furniture, while Cliff Detect keeps it from tumbling downstairs.

I especially love the Dirt Detect Sensors that alert the robot about dirtier areas of the home, like high-traffic zones such as hallways, so that they are cleaned more thoroughly. Now that sure makes it a pretty neat mother’s day gift (pun intended).


  • Efficient cleaning
  • Smart performance
  • Safe to use on multiple surfaces


  • Takes a bit of a learning curve to use

Check out on Amazon

14. Smart sleep wake up light

Philips smart sleep wake up light

A vital aspect of self-care is sound sleep, and here’s a nifty little gadget that works magic in that regard. It’s a specially designed light that helps to set and maintain healthy sleep and wake cycles that have an invaluable benefit on overall health. 

It simulates the sunset and sunrise to help create “natural” light and soothe the mind. So it gradually dims as you fall asleep and then gradually lights up to wake you up on schedule. There’s a choice of 5 different natural wake-up sounds such as birds chirping, waves crashing, and more. Further, it includes an FM radio, reading lamp, tap snooze, and an automatic dimmable display. 

It’s been proven to make waking up easy, pleasant, and energetic. I think it’s one of the most thoughtful mother’s day gifts that your mom will use every day – perfect for mothers with busy schedules and hectic routines. 


  • Helps with sleep
  • Soothing sounds
  • Multiple features like light, alarm clock, etc.
  • Convenient to use


  • Battery not replaceable

Check out on Amazon

15. MUSICOZY sleep headphones

Musicozy sleep headphones mothers day gift

Here’s another ultimate pampering gift for mom – specialized headphones that block out the noise, play mindful music, and serve as a handy sleep mask. They’re super comfortable, ergonomically desired to provide enough space, and not press onto the eyes like other eye masks. 

Moreover, the premium soft memory foam and smooth ice silk lining soothes the face muscles and helps create a relaxing sleep experience. Further, it blocks all light and fits cozily around the nose. It is helpful for sleep and yoga, meditation, long flights, listening to audiobooks, ASMR, etc. The battery lasts up to 8-10 hours on a single charge. 

Lastly, it’s super easy to maintain because the mask is hand washable. You can choose from black, grey, pink, and indigo blue colors. This also makes for a thoughtful mother’s day gift for your grandmother.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Washable
  • Color options


  • Battery life could be better

Check out on Amazon

16. Netflix subscription 

Netflix Subscription mothers day gift

What better form of pampering your mom than giving her a chance to put her feet up and enjoy unlimited home entertainment? Netflix leads the way in offering a rich catalog of movies and shows worldwide, including plenty of original content.

It covers almost any genre you can think of and supports multiple languages so that your mom never runs out of things to watch. 

It boasts an intelligent recommendation system that suggests more content based on watch history. And up to five user profiles within an account make it perfect for a family! So, maybe you could create a profile and make this subscription double up as a gift for yourself, too, wink.

You can even download stuff to watch offline later. Moreover, it syncs across devices, so you can pick up where you left off anytime. 

There are a few different plans you could choose from, starting from unlimited streaming on a single screen and going up to 4 screens. If your mom is bored of Netflix, we’ve got some alternatives too.


  • Amazing content
  • Customizable settings like subtitles, playback speed, etc.
  • Supports up to 5 user profiles


  • A bit addictive to keep watching

Check out on Netflix

That rounds up my list of the best tech gifts for Mother’s Day 2021. I hope it helped you choose something meaningful and valuable to make the mothers in your life feel extra special.

What are you planning to gift your mom? Share in the comments below.

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