Best Mother’s Day apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Best Mother's Day iOS apps to make it memorable

Looking for some unique ways to shower some well-deserved love on the moms and grandmoms in your life? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve got you covered with some of the best Mother’s Day apps for iPhone and iPad that will help you make the day more memorable.

Although these apps are not exclusively for Mother’s Day, they offer creative ways to celebrate the occasion. Whether it’s heartfelt cards and personalized and tech gifts or unique experiences and quality time together, there’s something for every kind of mom. Read on!

  1. Felt
  2. 1800Flowers
  3. Etsy
  4. Marco Polo
  5. OpenTable
  6. Uber Eats
  7. Food Network Kitchen
  8. Glamsquad
  9. Eventbrite
  10. Sweat
  11. Psych!

1. Felt: Best app for Mother’s Day cards

Felt mothers day card iPhone app

Felt, one of the top apps for Mother’s Day cards, boasts a unique concept of creating personalized cards digitally on your iPhone or iPad and then sending them out as real physical mail. It lets you add your handwriting, photos, memes, and more while picking colors and themes too.

There’s no cap on how long your message can be so that you can pour your heart out to your mom.  

It is effortless to use and especially helpful for those living away from their moms. Moreover, your handwriting remains 100% authentic, but if you feel it isn’t that good, you can simply choose to type your message in stylish fonts.

Your cards are printed on premium Mohawk paper comprising 4 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall frame and sent in Kraft envelopes. You can connect up to 4 of them together for one amazing creation!

They are mailed within 24 hrs of placing an order from Mondays to Fridays. But if you are planning in advance, it also boasts a delayed delivery option allowing you to schedule it for later.

You can also add an extra special touch by including fresh flowers, cash, or gift cards at an extra cost.

Prices start at $4 inclusive of postage, and you can also ship a card anywhere in the world for only $1 more per recipient. I loved how you can choose to send them to three recipients at once for $5.

Price: Free ($4 per card)


2. 1800Flowers – Simple gift

1800 flowers mothers day iOS app

Here’s an app to celebrate Mother’s Day in a classic style! What makes 1800 Flowers stand out is its presence across 195 countries. So whether the special woman in your life is near or far, this app is a good bet to make her day with a floral surprise.

From the classics like roses and tulips to something unique like mixed bouquets, there’s so much to choose from! Besides flowers, you can also send chocolates and gift baskets, making it an all-in-one solution for all special occasions.

You can schedule the order for same-day delivery in advance (available in many regions) or buy the last-minute Mother’s Day gift. The payment is secure, and tracking your delivery is a breeze. Moreover, the interface is minimalist and easy to navigate, which earns this app brownie points.

Lastly, you can also use the app to remind you of all special occasions, so you’re always prepared to show the people that matter how much you care. It lives up to its name to be the go-to hotline for sending high-quality fresh flowers. 

Price: Free


3. Etsy – Personalized Mother’s Day gifts

etsy mothers day gift iPhone app

If you’re looking for a unique, practical, and personalized Mother’s Day gift, Etsy is the go-to shopping app. It boasts a unique global marketplace for millions of one-of-a-kind items, including handmade products, vintage goods, custom creations, and more. 

I love the interface, search, and filter capabilities of this app that help me find something beautiful and classy each time. It’s straightforward to explore the endless collections, and my favorites are jewelry and vintage items that every mom would love.

What makes Etsy all the more attractive is how you can support independent creators and small businesses. I mean, why buy a mass-produced item from a big store when you can get something unique and of better quality from artists and creators? You can chat directly with shop owners, get suggestions, and customize your gift.

Price: Free


4. Marco Polo – Best video messaging app

Marco polo mothers day app for iPhone and iPad

Marco Polo converges texting, social media, and video chats into one fantastic experience for free.

You can create channels or groups of your favorite people and send video messages that stay securely stored on the cloud. Everyone can send and view the messages when they wish to, and you can talk as little or as much as you like. 

This makes it convenient to keep in touch with people in different time zones or with busy schedules via an internet connection. So, it’s the perfect app to connect and make mom feel special if you and your siblings are distanced. 

What makes it stand out are the privacy features. It’s designed to be only for your closest friends and family, so you can’t search and find anyone without their mobile number. It’s also ad-free and does not collect your data. (Much like WhatsApp yet different!)

There are also fun effects and filters for an extra personal touch. Further, you can opt for a paid membership that unlocks premium features, such as voice-only Polos, save functionality in HD quality, speed controls, and more.

Price: Free (Membership starts at $9.99 a month) 


5. OpenTable – Best dine out iOS app

OpenTable dine out mothers day iOS app

Eating out has not been an option over the past year. But this mother’s day, if you’re in an area where it’s safe, why not take mom out for a lovely dinner?

OpenTable is the app to help you with that. It makes it convenient to find and book a table at the most happening restaurants near you. It lets you search for dining experiences at over 52,000 restaurants worldwide.

I love the comprehensive search filters that are easy to use to find just what you’re looking for. Moreover, you can check out menus, photos from other visitors, and special promotions to take advantage. You can also send RSVPs right from the app.

Further, based on your preferences, the app gives you personalized recommendations and points to redeem for future meals, hotel discounts, and more.

Price: Free


6. Uber Eats – Best for food delivery

Uber Eats mothers day food delivery app

If you prefer to stay in, you can still take a break from cooking and enjoy a delicious meal from the best restaurants, thanks to the leading food delivery app.

Uber Eats lets you pick your food order from any menu of a place delivering to you, or you can schedule to pick it up yourself. 

This app has added unparalleled convenience to my life, and it offers reliable service each time. In case you run into issues, customer support is also great at sorting things out. 

With real-time tracking and fuss-free payments, it’s the best way to pamper your mom with her favorite comfort food. Even if you live far away from mom, you can use Uber Eats to have a surprise meal delivered to her that’s sure to make her day! 

Price: Free


7. Food Network Kitchen – Creative Mother’s Day gift

Food network kitchen mothers day cooking app

Nothing spells l-o-v-e like a delicious home-cooked meal. And cooking together makes it all the more precious. Here’s my favorite app that makes it all easy, convenient, and fun. 

It boasts over 60,000 delectable recipes. You can bookmark your favorites and cook up a storm for or with your mom! It’s also the perfect place to save and organize all your recipes, so you never run out of ideas. 

Moreover, with a premium subscription, you can also stream Food Network shows and take step-by-step cooking classes from the pro chefs. Choose from hundreds of on-demand classes from culinary masters and celebs and over 50 live classes each week. 

Once you find something to cook, you can have all the ingredients conveniently delivered to your door with the tap of a button, thanks to the clever integration with Amazon Fresh.

To sum up, there are two ways you can use this app for Mother’s Day. Check it out to find a recipe to treat your mom, or if she loves cooking, you could gift her a premium subscription that’ll surely lift her spirits. 

Price: Free (Premium subscription is $19.99 per year) 


8. Glamsquad – Best salon app for your mom

Glamsquad on demand salon mothers day app

I’ve got just the thing to pamper your mom and make her feel as appreciated as she is. Why not book her favorite salon services so that she can look and feel her very best? Glamsquad offers on-demand hair, nail, makeup, and beauty services anytime, anywhere. 

All you have to do is select your preferred date, location, and payment method to score an appointment with the squad. They’ll arrive with tools and products to ensure a relaxing, rejuvenating spa day or makeover at your convenience.

I think it would be perfect to book a joint appointment with your mom or send the team to her for a special surprise. 

What’s great about this app is the high-class service and the personalized approach that ensures customer satisfaction. It’s currently only available in select big cities, including NYC, Boston, Jersey City, San Francisco and the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Southern California, Hoboken, Miami, and South Florida, and Washington DC. 

Price: Free


9. Eventbrite – Best events app

Eventrbrite mothers day events iOS app

One of my favorite non-materialistic gifts is quality time spent together. Eventbrite helps out by letting you find and book tickets to the best events near you. Anyone can post events on this app, so you’re bound to find something unique and offbeat. 

For instance, I found many special mother’s day events such as brunches, cook-alongs, trivia events, virtual hangouts, yoga sessions, sunset mimosa parties, historical walks, and so much more. 

These sorts of experiences are perfect for one-on-one bonding with mom. Of course, be sure to check the validity of an event and make sure it’s trusted. You can easily share events with others from within the app. 

It also removes the bother of tickets, and you can get entry with just your phone number. Eventbrite is also available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish.

Price: Free 


10. Sweat – Best home workout app

Sweat mothers day fitness iOS app

Fitness should be every woman’s priority, and you can encourage your mom to keep healthy with the help of this top women’s workout app. I love the holistic approach it takes, integrating workouts of all kinds, nutrition, and diet insights into one attractive package. 

Sweat is helmed by the Australian fitness expert Kayla and based on her famous Bikini Body Guide (BBG) workout. But apart from the body-sculpting BBG workouts, you also get access to eight additional programs based on your workout goals. It’s ideal for newbies and more advanced fitness enthusiasts looking for a challenge.

I especially like this app’s community of users that helps keeps you motivated. It offers forums to connect with others and share your fitness journey. Sweat is available across various devices such as your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, so it’s convenient to work out whenever and wherever you like. 

Price: Free (Monthly subscriptions start from $13.99)


11. Psych! Outwit Your Friends – Best for a fun game night

Psych iPhone-iPad Trivia Quiz App Screenshot

You’re never too old for a game night! Here’s an app that would be perfect for wrapping up Mother’s Day, even if you’re far away from your mom. Psych is a hilarious and engaging multiplayer party game in which you have to answer questions. All the players then anonymously vote on whose answer is the best, and the winner wins points. 

It’s a way to unleash your creativity and wits and be as sassy as you can! There is a range of hilarious categories or “decks” as they are called in the game. My favorite by far is “The Truth Comes Out.” In this, you have to answer funny and bizarre questions about one another, like “What’s the last thing Maya googled?” or “What does David spend too much time thinking about?” or “What’s Angela’s hidden talent?” 

You might be surprised by the answers, and it will surely make you laugh and bond together. The best part is that it’s played online, so you don’t need to be in physical proximity to partake. It’s perfect for playing over video chats, road trips, and parties. 

Plus, the interface works smoothly, and the variety of questions keeps things exciting. All in all, an ideal blend of trivia and bluffing that’ll guarantee a good time. 

Price: Free for one card deck. ($0.99 for more decks)


With so many apps to make your mother’s day special, what are you planning to do? Let me know in the comments below.

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