For starters, Mother’s Day apps are not really a complete gift idea for Mother’s day. But it can be something really special.

When it comes to gift ideas for mom, it’s pretty hard. It’s that time of the year again when you try to express all the love that you have for the greatest woman of your life but anything that you think of falls short. A mother is the world we begin our life in and perhaps that’s why on Mother’s day, whatever we do pales in comparison to all the wonderful things our mothers have done for us.

There’s nothing more concrete than taking your mom out to dinner, buying her things that she’s been waiting to buy, bringing back the child in you just so your mother relishes the old times. Flowers, gift cards, jewelry, gadgets: that list is endless. She rejoices even if you write a simple card for her on Mother’s day.

Best Mothers Day iPhone and iPad Apps

But in case you’re looking to do something different, the tech world might come in just handy. What I’m talking about is not so much as just gifting apps. But carefully picked apps can mean a lot. That’s precisely what we tried to curate here: really good and useful apps that can help produce some really good Mother’s Day gifts.

Best Mother’s Day Apps for iPhone and iPad:

#1. Shop Savvy

Shop Savvy iPhone App LogoMoms the world over are pretty intent on saving up on every purchase. That’s something that goes with the profile of being a mom. And if technology helps, it helps really wonderfully. That’s where Shop Savvy comes in.  Along with that card and bunch of flowers you’re buying for her, download the app for her on her iPhone/iPod.

Shop Savvy is a simple QR or Barcode scanner. What it does is more than just scanning: it scans and gives you price information at various other locations. At its core, Shop Savvy will let your mom save on everyone of her purchases by telling where the cheapest prices are.

Compatibility: iPhone & iPad

Price: Free
Download Shop Savvy

#2. Cleverbug Cards app

Cleverbug Cards iPhone App LogoCleverbug Cards App isn’t for your mom’s iPhone. It’s for yours so you can print excellent, highly personalized cards for your mom and have them delivered to your mom. You can send free eCards via email, SMS or Twitter. The app comes with a Mother’s Day Category featuring a lot of templates.

Compatibility: iPhone & iPad

Price: Free for the app, shipping fees for the Prints
Download Cleverbug Cards app

#3. Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes iPhone AppIf it’s not shopping, it’s recipes. Most moms take cooking to the next level because they care for their kids’ health. And of course, appetite. is a powerful source for almost every kind of a recipe your mom is looking for. Their app, Dinner Spinner, is one of the finest recipe apps you’ll ever get to gift your mother.

Compatibility: iPhone & iPad

Price: $2.99

#4. ScrapPad Photo Journal

ScrapPad Photo Journal iPhone App LogoThese guys just added some interesting Mother’s Day theme to the app. ScrapPad is a real-time photo journal creator for the iPad. It’s relative simplicity makes creating photo journals fun and exciting and the photo journals are themselves very beautiful.

Compatibility: iPad Only

Price: Free
Download ScrapPad Photo Journal

#5. Flowerly

Flowerly iPhone App LogoJust in case you’re into virtual flowers, Flowerly will let you send them to your mom along with a note. These are really amazing especially if you’re living away from your mother and can’t send her flowers. Flowerly has a subtlety to it that I think is quite appealing.

Compatibility: iPhone & iPad

Price: Free
Download Flowerly

Bonus App

Happy Mother’s Day Video Greeting Cards

Animated Greeting Cards App for iPhoneSo how about some animated gift cards? Although the app is lacking when it comes to personalization, it does offer a set of animated cards that might make your Mom’s day special. This is a small something you can send your mom along with the usual flowers and cards.

Compatibility: iPhone & iPad

Price: $1.99
Download Happy Mother’s Day Video Greeting Cards

Alright. If you’re gifting an app, make sure you take a look at how to do that in our tutorial here.