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Best Food Delivery Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

It takes some efforts and a lot of time to go out for dinner with your loved ones. On weekends, your favorite food joints are flooded with hungry souls. By the time you settle yourself on the dinner table, your favorite dish has run out of stock. Alas! You wish you could visit a nearby drive-through. But given the bumper-to-bumper traffic of the weekend, your idea never gets a nod. So how to douse your appetite? You can use some of the best food delivery apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. DoorDash

‎DoorDash Food Delivery iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

DoorDash has two impressive features: over 110,000 served across more than 800 locations. Whether you are celebrating your birthday in a park or only the lonely at home, DoorDash delivers food in the United States and Canada.

There is no restriction of minimum amount; you can place orders as little as much you wish. You can use your Apple Pay or other credit cards to make payment for your food.


2. Uber Eats

‎Uber Eats Food Ordering iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

After a successful ridesharing app business, Uber Eats is the logical extension from Uber Technologies. The food delivery app is available in many countries on the world map. Even if you are not in your home town or country, you can rely on the services of Uber Eats.

This app has succeeded in winning the confidence of users once again after Uber ridesharing.


3. Grubhub

‎Grubhub Food Delivery iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Unlike other food delivery apps, Grubhub doesn’t charge any hidden cost. So when you order your food, you know how much you have to pay. Thus, you can keep the cash ready (if you don’t want to use a credit card or Apple Pay) when the food is at the door.

Real-time order tracking allows you to prepare the dish for your family or guests. Grubhub makes your reorders very simple; with a tap, you can re-order your favorite meals.


4. Seamless

‎Seamless Food Ordering iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

A notable feature that sets Seamless apart from others is pre-order. Yes, you can pre-order your next meal up to four days in advance. This feature allows you to make all preparations for a birthday bash in your family.

Express Reorder helps you reorder your favorite meals faster. Get order delivery updates on your phone to track your food.


5. Yelp

‎Yelp Food Delivery iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Yelp is your perfect partner to eat, drink, shop, and relax in your city. When a new restaurant opens up in your area, Yelp adds it in the list, so that you can try something new.

The app provides you various filters to search restaurants by price, locations, open now, and others. Apart from restaurants, you can also find spas, massage therapists, and salons near your area.


6. Favor

‎Favor Food Delivery iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Good food and good wine delivered at your doorstep. And if this is not enough for you, Favor can also deliver groceries. On top of this, you get everything delivered under an hour.

Based in Texas, the app delivers the best selection of beer and wine from H-E-B without any delivery charge. To give you more personalized service, Favor allows you to send text messages to the runners for paper towel or ketchup.


7. Postmates

‎Postmates Food Delivery iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Postmates is active in more than 2900 cities of the United States and Mexico. For the fastest delivery of food, the app takes time and distance into account, and then assign the task to the best possible Postmate.

A glaring feature of this app is Postmates Unlimited. Once you join this plan, you can enjoy free delivery on orders over $15. Upon sign up for an annual plan, you can claim a 20% discount.


8. BeyondMenu

‎BeyondMenu Food Ordering iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

BeyondMenu has spread its wings across the country, and therefore, you can use this app wherever you go. Thousands of different restaurants are listed on BeyondMenu, and this impressive list offers a variety of food.


9. Food Ordering iPhone and iPad App Screenshot goes beyond the menu. You can place orders for food, wine, groceries, and even for laundry. It is surprising to know that the app sends its runners for laundry pick-up; anything for customers.

Like Grubhub and Seamless, doesn’t charge any fee for its services. With every food delivery, you can earn delivery points.


10. Ritual

‎ Food Delivery iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Ritual never keeps you waiting for food. When you are hungry, you need quick food delivery service, and Ritual does just the job. With every food order, you can win rewards, which you can use at the best restaurants and coffee shops.

For takeout, Ritual allows you to place orders from the app and pick up fresh food and beverages. The app informs you when to leave for pick-up.


That’s all folks!

Wrapping up…

As more and more people dislike to dine out, food delivery apps are working overtime to meet the rising requirements. However, they are not making any compromise with this increasing workload. You can use any of the above-listed apps to place orders for sumptuous food delivered at your door.

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Which food delivery app would you like to use on your iPhone or iPad? Share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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