Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Food Photography

For any foodie, taking a photograph of their favorite dish is a must. The reason is simple: they want to upload their food photos on social media. They want to show the world what they eat. But before they share their delicious dishes on Facebook or Instagram, they use some filters to adjust the brightness and colors of pictures. For this purpose, they need food photography apps on their iPhone and iPad.

If you are a real connoisseur of good food, you would always like to use the best iPhone and iPad apps for food photography. With the right apps on your iOS device, your food photography equals professional photography. At times, your photos will have no equal.

10 Best iOS Apps for Food Photography in 2020

A common user always relies on popular names like Instagram or Adobe Photoshop Express to capture and edit food photos. However, this list of iPhone and iPad food photography apps also includes apps popular among food bloggers. If you are blogging on food and kitchen, you will find excellent iOS apps.

#1. VSCO

‎VSCO iPhone and iPad Food Photography App Screenshot

One of the best things about using VSCO is you can connect yourself with a creative community. Express yourself by taking food photos and video, next edit your content by a variety of tools.

Give your best and you can stand a chance to be curated by VSCO. Use Discover to browse more photos and style, so that you can improve your food photography in the future. This app offers in-app purchases; by using its membership, you can access VSCO’s complete preset library.

Price: Free/In-App Purchases

#2. Snapseed

Snapseed iPhone and iPad Food Photography App Screenshot

The brand Google is associated with this app, which is a complete and professional photo editor for any foodie. Snapseed boasts 29 tools and filters, including Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective, etc.

You can open your photos in JPG and RAW files. Moreover, the app allows you to save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later.

Price: Free

#3. Foodie – Camera for life

‎Foodie iPhone and iPad Food Photography App Screenshot

A sociable foodie always takes pictures of meals and dinner before they consume. If you fall into this category, Foodie has to be there on your iPhone or iPad. Packed with more than 30 filters, Foodie is your essential companion to make your every meal memorable.

Even if your food is bland, the filters can help you edit photos into delectable masterpieces. You would love to use a timer to capture a perfect picture or a selfie with your food.

Price: Free

#4. Cymera

‎Cymera iPhone and iPad Food Photography App Screenshot

When you visit any blogging event or food festival, use Cymera to capture food photos. This app supports a variety of camera lenses and silent mode. Without disturbing others, you can shoot or capture images wherever you are.

With seven different camera lenses, you can take perfect shots without shaking or blurring photos. Bluetooth connection allows you to use selfie sticks.

Price: Free/In-App Purchases

#5. Food Photo Editor

‎Food Photo Editor iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Food Photo Editor helps you edit your food photos with excellent filters and tools. The app frequently optimizes its filters and effects, which are easy to use. So even if you are not a food blogger, you can use filters to create eye-catching photos.

You can edit your food photo with amazing filters and tools. Once you capture pictures of food, you can adjust brightness and contrast; additionally, you can rotate, crop, and resize your photos to make it fit for multiple websites.

Price: Free

#6. Gourmet Camera – Photo Food

‎Gourmet Camera Photo Food iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Celebrating food is celebrating life. Savor your experience with Gourmet Camera, which has magic filters to make your food look delicious. Gourmet Camera has approximately 30 real-time filters for food design.

The app gives you fitting filters for cocktail drinks, milk tea, coffee, barbecue, fresh fruits, cakes, and other foods.

Price: Free/ Pro Version $1.99

#7. SnapDish AI Food Camera

SnapDish iPhone and iPad Food Photography App Screenshot

Before you share your food photos, how about the app predicting the photo quality of your snap? SnapDish AI works on this principle; this app tells you how photogenic your photo is! Downloaded by more than 2 million users and equipped with 20 million dishes and recipes, this app is your perfect partner in your food photography adventure.

One of the notable features of this app is its ability to find new cooking ideas. You can bring innovation to your culinary skills.

Price: Free

#8. Food Picture Camera PRO

‎Food Picture Camera PRO iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

It’s bloggers’ delight! Food Picture Camera PRO is easy to use, and therefore, bloggers like to use this app to post blogs. One-touch filters turn your photo into a vividly delicious image. Editing tools of this app work excellently with high-quality camera lenses.

To add fun to your food photography, this app provides you with stickers. You can add special notes to your photos and then share them with friends or on social media.

Price: Free

#9. Food Pix

‎Food Pix iPhone and iPad Food Photography App Screenshot

Whether you are eating in a restaurant or at any outdoor location, brightness can make or spoil your food photos. Food Pix can give you amazing results with its tools to adjust brightness and opacity.

The app has more than 40 stickers and 150 fun emoticons; you can add them to your photos to create humor. Torn curve feature of this app imparts a retro element to your photos of luncheons and dinner.

Price: Free

#10. Food Photographer PRO

‎Food Photographer PRO iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Instagram is a favorite destination for all foodies as they quickly upload their food pictures there. Probably, for this reason, Food Photographer PRO has come up with a dedicated filter, which adjusts your photos’ size for Instagram.

This app is for both – professional and novice photographers. For amateurs, Food Photographer PRO gives a ‘Random Filter Function’ which can be used when you don’t have time to select any filter.

Price: Free

That’s all foodies!

Burping up…

Food photography is gaining momentum in the digital world. It’s a new opportunity bloggers and photographers have explored to showcase their creative side. Since Apple has improved its smartphone cameras, people have begun to use the iPhone and iPad for food photography.

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