Over the times, we have seen that Apple is quite late in introducing the new features for its iOS. Due to which various Cydia tweaks were introduced and they meet the user requirements up to great extent.

And this time it was camera self-timer apps. Although Apple introduced them late, but the features of these apps were way better than the tweaks introduced well before Apple did. Now let’s see the best camera self-timer apps for iPhone by which you can capture the memorable moments of your life!

Best iPhone Camera Self-timer Apps

Best iPhone Camera Self-timer Apps

#1. Self Timer

Self Timer iPhone App IconWant to capture a group photo but cannot hold your phone in the right way? Self timer is the best app for iPhone to take snapshots by adjusting the time from 1 sec to 60 seconds. Multiple shots can be taken at a glance and the interesting feature about this app is it beeps a sound before (5 seconds) the photo is captured. It supports both front and rear camera. The digital zoom option in Self Timer lets you capture the distant objects with clarity.

Price: $0.99
Download Self Timer

#2. iTimerCam

iTimerCam iPhone App IconiTimerCam is not just a self-timer app for iPhone, but it has many more additional features. You can create a time lapse video from the multiple shots taken by the app. But the video can be created only if 12 or more shots are taken. It has a video for a countdown of 10 seconds when you set the self timer to capture the funniest moments of your time. You can use the app for front and rear camera with flash as well. Multiple shots (up to 500) can be taken with a single click.

Price: $0.99
Download iTimerCam

#3. Camera+

Camera Plus iPhone App IconCamera+ offers a wide range of features which include different shooting modes, digital zoom, scene modes, lightbox, border and crop adjustments, add captions and much more. Gain control over the focus to make sure that the output is as per your needs. Moreover, the app itself adjusts the clarity of the photo by making some changes in it to make the photo look awesome! Just install the app on your iPhone and shoot like a pro!

Price: $2.99
Download Camera+

#4. GorillaCam

GorillaCam iPhone App IconGorillaCam would get our vote for the best self-time camera app built for the iPhone. It has a wonderful interface, playful at its best and perfect for the quick user who doesn’t bother with manuals. It also has a burst mode. The shutter speed can be set between 1-120 seconds.

Price: Free
Download GorillaCam

#5. Camera Timer!

Camera Timer iPhone App IconNothing vastly different from other apps, Camera Timer! is another wonderful app that gives you the ability to delay the shutter. It’s generally considered a decent app.

Price: Free
Download Camera Timer!

#6. TimerCam

TimerCam iPhone App IconTimerCam is another awesome self-timer for the iPhone. It has a wonderful interface and the self-timer gives delays of 5 to 30 seconds (5, 10, 15, 30). It supports the front-camera too. It’s pretty good by the way because it has a similar ease-of-use as the GorillaCam.

Price: Free
Download TimerCam


  • vetersnila

    Camera+ is really the best one. But… It’s expensive. If you are thinking over about the best free app, I think that GorillaCam is the best one from this list.