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Best Self Timer Camera Apps for iPhone in 2024

Of all the iPhone camera apps, those with a self-timer are all the more useful. They make it easy to capture self-portraits and group photos with optimal ease. Just set a countdown, press the shutter button, and strike a pose! Further, you can perfect your shots with filters and additional settings such as low-light mode, flash, burst, and more. So ‘say cheese’ and try these best self-timer camera apps for iPhone.

1. Retrica

retrica iphone self timer camera app screenshot

Don’t settle with just a timer when it comes to using a third-party camera app. Give Retrica a try, and you’ll be surprised to see what the camera app can do. It has 100+ filters that you can try instantly. You can also create GIFs and videos that are humorous and entertaining.

On top of that, it also has an instant collage option, stickers, stamps, doodle, and more. And yes, it’s not just a camera app, it’s a community where you can send private messages right from the app. Lastly, the app is free with limited features, and there are a couple of subscription options to choose from.

Price: Free (Limited Offer, Premium Monthly – $1.99)


2. ProCam 7

procam 7 iphone self timer camera app screenshot

This is by far one of the absolute best self-timer camera apps out there. Moreover, there are a ton of features and functions to capture beautiful photos and videos. You can easily control the resolution and size of media too, which adds to the convenience.

The anti-shake shutter and ability to set intervals further adds to its capabilities. For editing, there are an impressive library of filters and as many as 19 adjustment tools to help make your images look just right.

Price: $11.99


3. ProCamera

procamera iphone self timer camera app screenshot

If you’re looking for a comprehensive camera app that’s easy to use in everyday situations, try ProCamera. It’s multifunctional and boasts a ton of features that make it a breeze to capture pro-level photos.

It brings pro-level DSLR camera features to your iPhone camera, with a self-timer and an intervalometer to capture the perfect moment. Moreover, it also doubles up as a comprehensive photo editing app with free filters and corrective tools.

Price: $14.99


4. PhotoTimer +

phototimer iphone self timer camera app screenshot

Photo Timer+ offers plenty of flexibility when it comes to capturing multiple photos on multiple delays. You can adjust the setting to take up to 10 images automatically. As for the timer, the app lets you fine-tune the duration from 3 seconds to 3 minutes.

Thanks to the countdown audio, you can stay in the loop and be able to snap cool selfies. That’s not all. It also offers a handy flash control and lets you select what album to save photos to rather than directly in the primary camera roll. This helps you stay organized.

Price: Free (Remove Ads – Photo Timer+ – $0.99)


5. Camera+ 2

camera 2 iphone self timer camera app screenshot

This is the latest offering from the creators of the popular Camera + Legacy app. Enable the Timer or Burst whenever you need to and use the Stabilizer to keep your iPhone steady enough to produce a sharp picture.

Further, the Auto preset feature uses the best camera lens of your phone for each shot. It also doubles up as a manual camera app to give you full control. Other options include the Slow Shutter for long exposures, Macro for close subjects, and Action to shoot moving objects.

Price: Free (In-app purchase $3.99)


6. Slow Shutter Cam

slow shutter cam iphone self timer camera app screenshot

Take your iPhone camera to a whole new level with the variety of slow shutter speed effects of this app. It has received plenty of recognition as one of the best camera and photo apps on the App Store.

There’s a hand timer that makes it easy to capture precise shots, and it supports Apple Watch too. Take advantage of real-time live preview that lets you see the result of your photography in an instant.

Price: $2.99


7. Timer Auto Camera

timer auto camera iphone app screenshot

Set a timer of up to 60 seconds duration before taking a photo to ensure that you strike the best pose. Plus, this app will let you save captured photos & videos to your photo library through Settings.

Further, you can also manage your photos & videos separately to stay organized and on track. Additional features like flash and grid selection make this app a handy tool for your selfie time!

Price: Free (Unlock New Features – $3.99)


8. TimerCam

timercam iphone self timer camera app screenshot

For a free self-timer camera app that works with perfect timing, look no further. The controls are simple and effective to make it easy to grab the shots you need. There’s a three-second countdown sound effect to keep you informed.

You can choose from 5, 10, 15, or 30-second delays, and it works with both the rear and front cameras. Be sure to adjust the focal point by touching the screen and review your shot before saving it.

Price: Free


Summing Up!

Try out these self-timer camera apps on your iPhone and never miss a beat when it comes to capturing amazing photos of your precious moments. Share in the comments below which one works best for you.

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